Evil Angel.com: Anal Princesses - Scene 1 (2019)

by - July 30, 2019

Starring: Whitney Wright // Sean Michaels
Directed by: Aiden Riley
Runtime: 1 hr. 1 min.

Scene Rating: 9.25

Scene Breakdown //
Whitney Wright is a dark-haired succubus, with dark angel wings.  The camera zooms in and slowly pans down her body, as she licks a single red rose. We follow the rose, until Whitney brings it down between her legs. She then turns, where we get a nice look at her black wings, as well as the remains of several other roses and petals on the floor. Whitney goes on to then tease with the rose as she burns it over a candlelit flame, prior to pour some hot wax onto it.  All of this accompanied by a dramatic, ambient score.

Following this, we then move on to the next segment, as Whitney is positioned on the couch with her legs spread wide. From here Whitney goes on to remove her red and black bra, to briefly caress her tits, prior to the camera going down, as we see her move her panties aside to finger her pussy, and rub her clit. Eventually, she grabs a long black double ended dildo from the couch, this as she goes on to penetrate her butthole as the camera tightly zooms in on her orifice as she moves in and out soon, revealing a gaping hole once removing it. However, Whitney does not end there, as she next introduces yet another identical black double ended dildo. It is with the second dildo that she goes on to plug up her pussy while using the previous one to again puncture her asshole. This, as she effectively double penetrates herself. Whitney soon changes her position as she of face down and ass up.  However, she ultimately ends up in piledriver position, as she is bent over backwards, while plugging her holes. As things continue, Whitney at one point focuses on her ass, before once again going on to occupy both holes with the dildo. This continues as the camera does brilliantly to capture it all. Soon, Whitney is however joined by Sean Michaels, as the big black dildos are then replaced by the real thing soon enough.

Things begin with Whitney continuing to plug her asshole briefly, while stroking Sean's cock.  However, it isn't long before Sean removes the dildo to follow up by spitting into Whitney's gaping asshole, as well as tonguing it.  Whitney goes on to return the favor next as she suck on his cock. Whitney slurps and sucks him deep prior to Sean removing his pants, as Whitney then goes on to try to deep throat his big cock. Following this, Whitney asks Sean which holes that he would like to have first?  Without hesitation, he choose the asshole, while Whitney goes on to sit on his cock. It's from here that we see Whitney bounce on the cock, as well as Sean slam her down, as he spread her ass cheeks, this as the camera keeps a watchful eye on the penetration. After some time in this position, Whitney goes on to taste her ass on the cock, and then let Sean taste as well, as they exchange passionate kisses. Sean then says that he wants Whitney's tight pussy next. This, as she straddle him, and the camera has an view from underneath. Whitney is then impaled on the cock, as she goes on to ride, and be fucked by it. For the next position Whitney is on her back, as she pins her legs behind her head.  This gives Sean a wide-open view to go at her holes. He tongues the ass, while also spitting in it. Initially he works the asshole with one of the black double ended dildos. However, it is not long before his cock goes in. The action is first in side fuck before it ends up in spoon. It is here that Sean eventually builds up a pace that is both fast and hard, as he pounds away at Whitney's butthole. It is following this that Sean goes on to work Whitney's ass with a black double ended dildo, prior to replacing it with his cock once again. However, this time he then goes to insert said dildo into Whitney's pussy as he simultaneously plugs both of her holes, as Whitney finds herself double penetrated. This lasts for a brief time, until Sean has Whitney tease him briefly as well. This sees Whitney face down and ass up, as she fuck her ass with the dildo. Following this, Whitney goes on to once again suck on Sean's cock as well as spit on it, while also continuing to plunge the dildo into her ass. However, once more Sean eventually occupies the butt, as he goes on to fuck Whitney in doggy going deep at a steady pace, as he half-straddles her. It is after this though, that Sean asks Whitney to remove her vinyl boots. After, Whitney goes on to administer a brief footjob, slipping Sean's cock between her feet to stroke it. Things then quickly change as Whitney is on her back, and Sean takes a side position, that things go to side fuck.  Here, Sean goes on to once again fill up Whitney's ass with his cock. This continuing on for an extended period.  One that sees Sean fuck harder at Whitney's request, while also pausing for a moment to survey the size of Whitney's ass gape, prior to continuing. The action then goes to reverse cowgirl, as the camera once again maintains a low position underneath, Sean first wants the pussy. This has Whitney goes on to bounce on the cock, and Sean also slam her down. Of course Sean then goes on to switch holes giving the asshole the same treatment. Reverse cowgirl is followed up by another brief return to spoon/side fuck. This lasts before Sean must pull out to cum. The action finally comes to an end with Sean jerking off to spray Whitney's face with his load. Following this comes an unexpected conclusion, this as Whitney seems to be awakened after receiving Sean's load. The camera changes it's aspect ratio, as it goes on to zoom in on Whitney's face.  This while she takes a rose and begins to eat it. This, along with smearing rose petals on her face, where the cum now lie. This occurring until Whitney ducks out of camera range, only to reemerge in the shot, donning a pair of long devilish horns, revealing her to be something out of the ordinary. The scene then comes to a close with things being colorized a red hue, prior to ultimately fading to black.

The Review //
Today, I am back with a review for a scene from Director Aiden Riley. It is the very first scene of one of his newest releases titled "Anal Princesses".  "Anal Princesses, is a release that I have been waiting for, for some time now. And so this scene involving Whitney Wright and Sean Michaels, is one that I was very much looking forward to seeing and reviewing. Going into this scene I had very high expectations, seeing as Aiden previewed each of the scenes on his Twitter page, to very nice effect. The scene that I felt came across most strongly out of 4 presented for this release just so happens to have been this one. This scene itself has a very interesting, and creative premise so to speak. In this scene Whitney Wright is a devilish, sort of anti-Angel if you will. She has dark hair, smokey makeup, along with blood red lips, and a pair of black angel wings. This as she initially teases us to open up the scene. She seems to have a fascination with roses as she uses them to tease the camera, as well as us as we look on.  This being before she heads into the scene with Sean Michaels.  She also has on her mind a little foreplay with a candle and hot wax, as well as 2 double ended dildos, as she goes on to double penetrate herself. It is following this that life imitates art, as the black dildo is soon replaced by a big black cock, as Sean steps into frame, and things officially get underway. What follows is a detailed sexual encounter, one that includes all things dildo play, vaginal. anal, as well as double penetration. It is all captured via some very brilliant camerawork by Riley. When it comes to this camerawork, I felt that the close-up work was especially great. Aiden shows is here that he knows exactly how to get right in there on the action, giving us all the details of the hole stretching, and penetration that we could want. Things get off to a very nice start during the solo dildo play from Whitney, as she plugs one of the black double ended dildos into her tight asshole. It is during this that Aiden's camera gives us a very nice close-up view, of Whitney's anus as it stretches around the toy. It is great stuff, and likewise we see similar during the action at hand with Michaels. This, as he hammers his cock deep into both of Whitney's holes during several moments over the course of the scene, which runs just over an hour in length. Aside from the close-up views, style is found throughout the scene as it continues with several nicely chosen shots and angles during the action. Sometimes Riley would do something as simple as turning his camera at an angle. While that might be a simple move, what we see here is that it offers us some fairly stylish shot transitions. Over the last couple of years I myself have reviewed a handful of releases from Aiden Riley and I have to say that this scene in particular just might be the most impressive scene that I have seen from the Director. This scene finds himself without a distraction, and fully into his creativity, as he presents to us a concept that is cinematic when speaking of the beginning and ending of the scene. I was really impressed with this sort of story, if you want to call it that. We are introduced to Whitney as this mysterious being with black angel wings. This introduction itself is accompanied by musical scoring, that could not have been more perfectly chosen to set the stage. We then go into the tease segment as mentioned above, without an explanation of who, or what Whitney is in terms of character. Little did we know that we would be in for quite the surprise at the scene's conclusion. I really enjoyed how it played out, as it is quite unexpected. Also with that I will say that it was nicely executed given the film's seemingly modest budget, I am guessing. This collectively with the scene work makes for a excellent presentation in my honest opinion. As I mentioned, the camerawork here is top-notch overall. In fact personally, I think that this is Aiden Riley, at his best when it comes to technical presentation. He captures every insertion, every gape, every reaction, every kiss, every moment of spit play, and etc. in vivid detail and attention. Again, I will say it. I leave the scene viewing it as being pretty impressive work by this anal connoisseur. With that said, I do not hesitate to recommend this scene scene to you. In fact, I would say that it is a must-see scene. If you are a fan of anal, Whitney Wright, Sean Michaels, or Aiden Riley himself. You will definitely want to see this scene as soon as possible. Not only is it is well captured sex scene.  It is one that is very nicely packaged alongside a brilliant visual narrative. It's a lot of fun.

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