My Step Sister Is A Little Nympho (2019)

by - August 20, 2019

Starring: Jane Wilde // Pressure
Directed by: Miles Long
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.65


Scene Breakdown //
This scene comes about as a horny teen, Jane Wilde lounges about on a hot day.  Noticing that it is a nice day out, Jane decides to go hang out outside.  Meanwhile, it's at that very same time, that her stepbrother, Pressure comes through the front door.  Pressure has just arrived home from college after a long time away.  He is quick to unpack.  Equally as quick is Jane to notice his arrival.  This as she peeks in on him from the back sliding glass door.  She definitely is excited, and she definitely likes what she sees.  This as she eases her way inside, as not to be noticed.  As Pressure searches for his phone, Jane, avoids being seen by hiding behind the couch.  This, being while she still steadily suck on a cherry lollipop.  Jane soon however, would pop up on the couch joining her brother.  She is quick to ask him about all of the happenings at college, including if he had hooked up with some hot girls along the way.  The topic of Jane's 18 birthday comes up - an occasion which Pressure missed.  He says that he will make it up to her.  However, that is when Jane lets it be known that she isn't one for kiddie parties anymore, as it would seem that a lot has changed since Pressure has been away.  That's because, as it turns out, it seems as though Jane's favorite thing to think about now is hooking up with older guys.  It's then that Jane, of course wastes no time, in lifting up her crop top to reveal her hard nipples, much to step brother Pressure's surprise.  Jane rubs her nipples with her cherry lollipop, in order to make them "sweet".  This is prior to getting a lick of the candy from Pressure, and continuing - however, continuing even further.  That's because, soon, down come Jane's panties as well, as she proceeds to rub the lollipop on her pussy next.  This before asking her brother if he wants another taste.  Of course Pressure's answer is yes.  This, as Jane spreads her legs wide for he to go down  on her.

Things begin with Pressure going in between Jane's legs to tongue at her pussy. Here we see Pressure lap his tongue on Jane's clit, as she toys her pussy with the lollipop, as well as spread it with her fingers. It's after this that Jane says that she wants to show Pressure something else that she has been practicing, this, as she goes on to suck his cock, after being taken aback by it's size.  It's here that she works the cock in tandem of sucking her lollipop.  Pressure also fucks her face, utilizing her pigtails and not.  It's then that Pressure next briefly lifts Jane up to eye level to tongue at her pussy. This before placing Jane on the couch on her back. From here he briefly goes down again with his tongue, prior to the action going to missionary. Initially from here pressure teases Jane's pussy, prior to going all in. However soon, he digs deep, as he penetrates Jane at a steady pace. The next position we see is Jane is on all fours. From this position, Pressure maintains his pace, before we also see Jane bounce back on the cock as well. Next up, Pressure has a seat on the couch as Jane goes on to straddle him to ride the cock in cowgirl. First, Pressure slams her down. But soon Jane takes control to bounce hard on the cock, as she plants her feet, watching it as it goes in and out of her. After sometime Jane goes on to spin on the dick, reversing her position as things next go to reverse cowgirl. It is here that we see Pressure fuck Jane hard, as well as she grind on the cock.  Following this, things go to 69, as Jane returns to working Pressure's cock.  This as he eats her pussy, and also tongues at her as, as she requests.  We also from here she Jane briefly go into handstand.  For the last position, the action returns to missionary, as Pressure maintains an increasing pace, one that gets faster as things continue, this lasting until we cut to Pressure jerking off to cum into Jane's mouth for the finish.

The Review //
In this scene for BANG BROS, which was directed by Miles Long, we have a storyline set up, which sees Jane Wilde as a horny teenager who is more than a little excited to show her stepbrother Pressure, a few of the things that she has learned seen he has been away at college. The setup to this scene is simple, as Jane is one day lounging about and touching herself, while enjoying a big cherry lollipop(something that clearly gives us the hint that she has a healthy oral fixation). When noticing that it is a pretty day outside, she decides to step out, taking a bit of sun. This just as her brother, portrayed by Pressure, returns home  from college. It is a fact that, as soon as Jane notices, it is obvious that she has only but one thing on her mind. And you know what that is! Soon young Jane seduces her big black stepbrother Pressure, and of course one thing leads to another, as our sex scene between them gets underway.

As far as the storyline goes here, it is simple and to the point, yet at the same time, it is well executed, performed and styled. On this, I must give it to Jane Wilde, as she fully embraces her 18 year old, pre-collegiate character. Clad in a white top, with panties, Jane works on a cherry lollipop, while wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. This as the sunglasses alone give the character a total LOLITA vibe. To me it is obvious that this is what they were going for, and I have to say that I really liked it. Jane pulled it off well.  Her performance itself is well played, as she additionally seems a little naive.  However, it is soon revealed that it was nothing but a front, as she lures Pressure in.

When it comes to the sex itself, here we have a fun scene for the most part.  In the initial half of the scene, things warm up with Jane first working over Pressure's cock as she suck it. I love here how she both sucked on it, as well as her lollipop, often trading off on both of them.  There is even a time where she toys around with Pressure's dick while using the lollipop. This is of course followed by our first round of missionary, this as Pressure consistently maintains a steady pace, as he goes deep, also having a time for fun as he uses Jane's pigtails for leverage. Pressure continued to muscle the petite Jane around, leading to doggy, and then to cowgirl. It is here that I felt that the sex took a turn for the better, as the action itself became faster, and harder, as Jane's tight pussy swallowed Pressure's long cock with ease, as it is fucked hard.  Following that was the reverse of the position, during which we see Jane keep things up, by grinding on the cock. It's indeed sexy. But then again, I have to say that when it comes to this scene, the standard cowgirl position is where it's at. I just loved how Jane's ass looked, as her feet were planted, and as she was able to look down at the penetration, as it happened. In my opinion, is just a really hot visual. After a time 69, one during which Jane asks Pressure, not only lick her pussy, but her ass as well, a return to missionary finally bring Pressure to climax, following another round of consistent, and deep plugging.  Pressure, lets his load go, in and around Jane's mouth to conclude things. However not without a footnote to our story. This is because shortly following the cumshot, Jane has a question for her stepbrother. This is when she asks him, if the two of them may continue practicing before she herself heads to college in 2 months. This itself was a very humorous, and yes fun way to end things, offering a very fitting end to the story itself.

Overall, and taking in consideration both story and sex.  "My Step Sister Is A Little Nympho" from BANG BROS, is a scene that I pretty much enjoyed. As I said, the setup to the scene is a fairly simple one.  However, it is all in the execution. I really enjoyed the way that Jane Wilde handled her character. This, as she handled it naturally was a bit of humor, thus adding to the overall entertainment of things.  The sex itself is also well executed. It is a scene that I did feel took a bit too warm up, yet in the end all was well and good. I would recommend this scene. Especially if you happen to be a fan of Jane Wilde like I am. I personally think that she is great, and a wonderful talent, as she definitely proves that here via both her acting performance, as well as her sexual performance as well.

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