You're SO Boring! (2019)

by - August 27, 2019

Starring: Kenzie Madison // Duncan Saint
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 min.

Scene Rating: 7.75


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Kenzie Madison is in a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend, Gia.  With hopes of spicing up their relationship, Kenzie looks to introduce a very special gift.  A strap-on dildo.  To Kenzie, it is the ideal tool to add an extra spark to the couple's happenings in the bedroom.  Unfortunately though for Kenzie, Gia is having none of it, despite Kenzie saying that Gia can use it only on she.  Gia just just doesn't think that they need a fake cock in their lives.  Disappointed, Kenzie is still however determined to change Gia's mind when she says that if she won't let her have the dildo, she will go and find dick elsewhere.  And where does she find it?  Well, in the next room of course - the bedroom belonging to Gia's brother, Duncan Saint.  Kenzie proceeds to come on to Duncan when Gia storms into the room.  However, despite wishing that Gia might change her mind about the sex toy, Gia instead decides to break it off with her lover, leaving Kenzie, seemingly high and dry.  Seemingly, because next, Kenzie makes the best of still having Duncan all alone.  This as she persuades him to give her what she needs.

Things begin with Kenzie going on to discover cock, as she unleashes Duncan's uncut cock from underneath his shorts, much to her amazement. It is here that Kenzie, strokes, sucks and deepthroats Duncan balls deep, handling the cock with skill.  It's after this however, that Kenzie is on her back, on the bed.  This, as Duncan spreads her legs in order to move her panties aside, and go after her pussy with his mouth and tongue, tonguing at her clit.  Shortly after removing her denim skirt and panties, Duncan goes on to insert himself into Kenzie's pussy, as the action goes to missionary.  It's from here that things last for an extended period as Duncan continues at a consistent speed, picking up speed over time.  Next up however, Kenzie is on all fours with her ass up.  Duncan then can't resist to both spank, as well as to bury his face into it.  It's then next that the action continue in doggy.  After maintaining a steady pace for a time, Duncan plunges deeper is Kenzie then has her right leg propped on the bed, spreading her wide open for the taking.  After this, Duncan is on his back for first cowgirl.  It's here that we see Kenzie grind and bounce on the cock.  This including planting her feet to slam down hard.  After briefly sucking cock after this, reverse cowgirl is seen next, as Kenzie continues to grind.  It's then again back to cocksucking as the two position themselves as Kenzie first to do it herself by bouncing back on the cock.  Duncan does then take over briefly by fucking Kenzie at a quick pace.  Missionary is seen again next, this time, as Kenzie shows off her flexibility as she bends her legs behind her head as she allows Duncan to drill her pussy.  Following this, Duncan stands as he is sucked off, shortly before one last return to doggy is made.  It's here that Duncan hits the pussy steady and hard until he must cum.  This, as the scene soon comes to an end with Duncan sprinkling a load unto Kenzie's mouth and face.

The Review //
In this vignette scene from BRAZZERS, Kenzie Madison is featured as a young woman who just so happens to be in a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend, Gia. Kenzie sees absolutely no problem when she suggests to Gia that the two of them had a little something into the mix this like up a little in the bedroom. That little something being a strap-on dildo. For Kenzie, it's a harmless offering.  Unfortunately, however her plan backfires when her girlfriend will have nothing to do with it. This of course disappoints Kenzie as she has had a distinct craving for dick lately - and this was of course her solution to the problem without straying. It's from there that we see Kenzie sort of attempt to call Gia's bluff if you will, as she tells Gia that she cannot have the dildo, that she will get the dickly pleasures elsewhere. It's then that she goes to the next room and proceeds to attempt to entice Gia's brother Duncan. Of course it was Kenzie's plan to lure Gia from the room, hopefully persuading her to change her mind on the use of the toy. However, things once again do not goes Kenzie way as Gia goes on to break up with her right on the spot. Kenzie is quite disappointed.  However, at the same time, as we see she is determined to get what she wants and craves, as from there it doesn't take her long to get into Duncan's shorts, and get her mouth on what he is packing.

It's then that we move on from the high-spirited storyline and into  a sexual encounter between Kenzie Madison and Duncan Saint. As I always am, I will be honest with you when I say that after a relatively fun opening to the scene, it did take me a little bit of time to warm up to the sex.  However, I'm not sure why that is. Fortunately though, the good news however, is that I finally caught on to it, once we were in the middle of the proceedings.  The turning point? It was for sure the moment during the doggy position during which Kenzie props her right leg up on the bed, as Duncan resumes fucking her pussy from behind. It was at this moment that I felt that the action just had a higher energy to it. Only getting better as things progressed from here.  That's because, after the doggy, we go on to see Kenzie work her "ass magic", in not only cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, but also in a position which sees she rocking her fat ass back on Duncan's cock. As you can see Kenzie is one that has a very nice backside. A phenomenal ass. Not only does she begin the scene in a really short denim skirt, along with a red thong, that just, oh so perfectly complement her voluptuous curves, when it comes to the sex, she really knows how to pop that ass on a cock, as she ride and grind on it. It just adds to the overall feel and the energy.  Not only does it give the viewer an eyeful, Duncan himself was of course getting a first-hand view of the ass, thus compelling him to fuck even faster and harder. In the end this resulting in a fast paced and an eventful finish to the action.

You know that old saying? Good things come to those who wait. Well this is a scene to which that particular saying does so aptly apply. This is a scene that I watched become increasingly better as it progressed over time, with the action becoming more raw and uninhibited. To tell you the truth once again, at the beginning of the scene I did not expect that it would be one that I would be praising so highly in the end, but indeed it is. Like the action within it, the scene itself eventually picks up the pace all leading to a conclusion that I personally found to be very satisfying.  As it turns out, it is a scene that is worthy of recommendation. Especially for fans of the big booty!

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