Gorgeous Babes Chloe Cherry and Charlotte Sartre LIVE (2019)

by - August 10, 2019

Starring: Charlotte Sartre // Chloe Cherry 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 59 min.

Scene Rating: 9.25

Scene Breakdown //
This live show featuring Charlotte Sartre and Chloe Cherry opens up with both of the girls saying that they are excited to work with each other finally. One of the viewers in the chat room asks Charlotte just how Chloe's feet smell. Charlotte replies that they actually smell really good, that she was actually smelling them earlier before the show. Likewise, Chloe is next, and has same question about Charlotte. It is then that Chloe goes on to smell Charlotte's foot. This prompts Chloe to reply that Charlotte's feet also smell really good. Chloe compares them to baby wipes. Following this, both of the girls go on to suck on each other's toes, starting with Charlotte first,and then Chloe to she. This is then followed by the two of them licking each others armpits.

The audience also asks them if they have any toys on hand. They say that they have a dildo an Hitachi, and even a Sybian. However, Charlotte says that her favorite toy is indeed Chloe. This, as the two girls cuddle with each other. The girls eventually go on to show off their feet to the camera, as requested by one of the viewers in the chat room. This, prior to a make out session, which soon leads Charlotte to peel off Chloe's panties, while she is on all fours. It is then that Charlotte goes on to briefly tongue at Chloe's butthole. However, they are then making out once again, prior to Chloe's bra coming off, as Charlotte goes on to suck on her nipples. Charlotte is then next to receive the same treatment, as she peels her suit down from her breasts. Chloe goes on to do the same to Charlotte - suck on her tits. However that is brief, because next Chloe unsnaps Charlotte's suit of lingerie at the crotch, prior to she going down on her with her tongue, and her fingers, as the camera soon zooms in. However, Charlotte goes on to treat Chloe next, as she has Chloe remove her panties. Panties which Charlotte goes on to playfully place on her face, prior to taking them off and smelling them. Charlotte then goes down on Chloe for a brief moment. However, it is next that we see both of the girls enjoy 69 with each of them on top for a time respectively. Next up, Chloe is on her back, as Charlotte happens to get out the Hitachi vibrator, to use on Chloe's pussy. She does so, however soon enough, she herself straddles Chloe, while simultaneously continuing to train the vibrator on Chloe's clit. After some time, the girls eventually ditch the vibrator and go at it alone, as the two scissor with Charlotte taking the dominant position on top. This lasts for some time prior to they getting a request. A viewer would like to see Charlotte suck on Chloe's toes, so that she does briefly. They then get another request to show off their asses to the camera. However, Charlotte soon takes charge going on to plant her tongue into Chloe's asshole briefly. Next of course, Chloe returns the favor, as Charlotte is then bent over on all fours. From here, Chloe goes to work on her asshole with her pink tongue. As she rapidly licks and slurps Charlotte ass, Charlotte also proceeds to put the Hitachi on her own pussy. This continues on for some time as Chloe also additionally fingers Charlotte's hole. This resulting in her climax. Following this, Charlotte is on her back, as Chloe continues her work going down on her, sucking and tongue at her clit in a very fast manner. Like the other times, Charlotte also brings out the Hitachi to use on herself, as Chloe continues. However, Chloe soon brings out a small dildo vibrator herself, and proceeds to penetrate Charlotte with the toy. It is an action which increases in speed over time, thus bringing Charlotte to an eventual raging orgasm. Following this the two begin to kiss with passion for the viewers. However, things soon take an interesting turn. Next, we Charlotte bring out the Sybian for the two of them to play with. After they get the machine set up, each of the girls have their time with it. Chloe is first to straddle the Sybian. Inserting the dildo into her pussy as Charlotte turns the machine on to a moderate speed. Chloe goes on to ride the machine as Charlotte increases the speed over time, soon getting Chloe off. Next, it's Charlotte's turn, as she straddles the machine in the opposite direction. Instead of riding the machine, she merely turn the machine on to a high speed, which is quick to get herself to climax. Next though, they move the machine out of the way as Chloe is on her back with her legs spread wide. It is then that we see Charlotte go at Chloe'e pussy with the the small vibrator, while Chloe uses the Hitachi on herself simultaneously. As Charlotte increases her pace with the in and out of the dildo, Chloe is soon taken to her own climax. Following this we see Charlotte once again suck on Chloe's toes briefly at the request of the viewers. This however, is before Chloe suggests that they once again scissor. That they do as Charlotte once more takes the dominant position on top, leaning forward as she rock against Chloe's pussy. However, as things continue, Charlotte sits upright, and then later leans back, as the two rub each other's genitals together, soon to dual orgasm. It's following this that another make out session occurs, which just so happens to be one that soon brings the webcast to an end.

The Review //
 For this review, I'm back, and I'm taking a look at yet another live show, as presented by CHERRY PIMPS. Now, if you have read my previous reviews, then you should know that I happen to really enjoy these live shows. It is one thing to see performers participate in scripted scenarios, or a gonzo setting. Yet it is a completely different element when we get to see them in a live setting as they interactively take instructions from a live audience. I really enjoy that. So with that said, I look at this scene, and it is one which features two of my very favorite ladies is in the business. In fact, I was very excited that I would have the opportunity to see this scene and offer my opinion on it. The two girls in question are of course, Charlotte Sartre and Chloe Cherry.

If you look at both Chloe and Charlotte side-by-side, appearance-wise it is obvious that one of them would appear to be the good girl, and then the other course, the dark and gothy bad girl. Of course, I am talking about Chloe and Charlotte respectively. Chloe the bubbly blonde with long legs, and Charlotte the dark-haired beauty, with a body which is decorated by multiple tattoos. It would would be easy to draw this assumption of the two, especially Charlotte. However, it just might surprise you however to know that both of these ladies have a heart of gold. But it is aside from this, that when it comes to sex, the two of them can get downright dirty no matter what their appearances may tell you. Yes for me this was an absolutely perfect on-screen pairing. From the start of the scene, these two ladies make it known that each of them have wanted each other for long time. This just simply sets the stage. It sets the stage for a scene that gets hot and heavy rather quickly. I really enjoyed watching things unfold here. In fact, I had to keep my hand on my lap the entire time, because my "little friend" kept getting excited as Chloe and Charlotte continued to go at each other. The action here was an equal playing field between both of them. One would go on to service one well, and in turn the other would reciprocate with the very same action, matching their counterpart. These two were on each other the entire time. I particularly liked the moments in which they ate each other's asses, along with additional fingering to take them each to climax. There are other times, such as when Chloe goes down on Charlotte. Charlotte's sexy feet are in full view of the camera during this time. This, as Chloe goes down on her with her mouth and tongue. Her tongue, lashing across Charlotte's pink pussy and clit, at a vigorous speed, as Charlotte goes on to use the vibrator on herself at the same time. It's a great sight to see for the viewer. Charlotte also gets her due, as she on a couple of occasions finds herself on top and dominant in the scissor position, as she rides Chloe hard as the two bump pussies, and share in tandem orgasms. However, I am getting ahead of myself a bit. That's because I forgot to include that, utilized here in the scene is not only a dildo and an Hitachi vibrator, but also a Sybian machine. Yes, for a time here, we get to enjoy the view as Chloe and Charlotte both have their turn as they straddle and ride the Sybian, during which they set a fast pace which soon has their respective clits tingling in delight. So in other words, this live scene features two ladies pleasuring themselves in a variety of ways, all while keeping an aware mind that they have an audience watching them. Throughout the scene, no matter what is happening Charlotte and Chloe make sure to include their audience as they give them some jerk off encouragement. Personally. I felt that this dirty talk helped keep things that much more sexy throughout. With all of this said there's not too much more that can say. But I will say that both Charlotte Sartre and Chloe, both looked absolutely stunning here. I mean they look incredible, both of them. Along with this, coupled with raw passion, and an obvious attraction between one another, everything comes together here to create a sexual encounter that is absolutely drool-worthy. With those last words comes my recommendation. I definitely recommend checking out this scene. The end result here leaves one feeling that Charlotte and Chloe are some sort of match made in heaven.

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