Adriana Chechik (2019)

by - August 13, 2019

Starring: Adriana Chechik // Rob Piper// Isiah Maxwell

Directed by: Gia Paloma
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Rating: 8.75


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with our 2 parties driving.  Rob Piper and Isiah Maxwell together in one black car, and Adriana driving solo in a white vehicle.  The cars make a stop, and it's at that moment that Adriana, Rob, and Isiah, all make eye contact, and it's a glace that is all that it takes.  There is an immediate attraction, and soon, the boys exit the car, to come over to meet Adriana.  They lead Adriana out of the car, as she all proceed to kiss passionately, right then, and there.  The camera switches to an underneath POV view of things, as Rob and Isiah caress Adriana's body, lifting up her white tank top.  Rob, also reaches into Adriana's tight denim shorts to steadfastly, and deeply finger her pussy.  This action then breaks as a relocation happens, as not to cause a scene.

We then cut to another location - one with of course a couch.  Rob and Isiah lead Adriana in on a leash.  This,while Adriana is wearing a bright, yellow green jumper.  She begins things by opening her mouth,  This, as the camera zooms in, to show that Adriana has letter-shaped candies on her tongue, with these letters spelling out, "BBC SLUT".  It's after said reveal, that Adriana has the candy dissolve in her mouth, prior to getting down to business, and sucking cock.  She takes both cocks into her mouth, as she trades off on sucking them deep,  This, as the spit piles on.  Adriana, also doesn't miss a beat as she also does things, such as suck on Isiah's balls.  It's during this time, that the camera ago goes to underneath POV to capture the action.  Briefly, Isiah leaves Adriana and Rob to go at it.  Rob again going after Adriana's pussy,  Isiah then returns into frame, before we find Adriana on all fours on the couch.  This, as Rob takes her from behind, and as Adriana sucks Isiah's cock.  Here, Rob plunges deep into Adriana's pussy at a steady pace, as she begs him to fuck her hole.  It's from there that he goes deeper.  Soon, the guys switch it up, with Isiah turning Adriana around to first take her pussy, and then her asshole, all while she gags and slobbers on Rob's cock as she throat it.  However, next, Rob Again resumes doggy, this them, putting it in her ass, as she tastes herself off of Isiah.  This lasts until Isiah has Adriana sit on his cock from reverse cowgirl.  It's here that Isiah has a time with both holes, before Adriana lies back, as Rob goes on to also fill Adriana's pussy as she is effectively double stuffed.  This lasts until she goes on to ride Rob's cock in cowgirl, until Isiah again joins them to plug Adriana's ass as he fuck it.  After, she and Rob go at it again, with she begging Rob to go harder, this, with the end result being she squirting all over Rob.  The next position sees Adriana in a side saddle position, as she again work on Isiah's cock, shortly before she goes on to work on the cocks of both men from her knees next.  It's brief however, because next up, Adriana is lifted up by Isiah for standing cowgirl, taking Adriana's pussy, as Rob takes her ass.  Isiah then fucks her in standard cowgirl from the couch, as she bounce on his cock.  Of course Rob soon joins for a time, fucking Adriana's ass, before leaving Isiah to fuck the pussy and make her squirt.  Next however, it's all Rob, who pounds Adriana's pussy fast and hard from cowgirl, as Isiah watches.  It'd after this that Rob passes Adriana to Isiah, who first fucks the ass, and then the pussy from reverse cowgirl.  Adriana is again passed back to Rob, who has a time with Adriana's pussy in reverse cowgirl.  This lasting until Rob creampies Adriana, unloading into her pussy.  It's an occurrence that his so hot, that makes Adriana squirt all over Rob's cock.  She the goes on to clean Rob's cock, before, also sucking up the remains of his cum.  This before going on to catch Isiah's load in her mouth  It's after, that we find that Adriana is not quite done, as she lies back to have Rob put it back in, as she squirts one last time.  The action comes to an end as the camera zooms in as Adriana plays with Isiah's jizz.  There is also a conclusion to the storyline to reveal that the previous sex scene had all been in Adriana's head.  It was all a dream.

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at one of the latest scenes from the DOGFART network's, "Blacks on Blondes" series. Recently. DOGFART Made a change in directors, making once performer, Miss Gia Paloma, the network's new primary director.  With this change, it's already a sign a of the changes in comparison, in the way that scenes had been approached in the past.  And I mention this, thinking that what Paloma brings to the table is brilliant.  Proof of this being in the way that this scene begins.  The scene begins with a storyline wraparound, which see two cars at a stop, while commuting.  In one car, Adriana Chechik, and in the other Rob Piper and Isiah Maxwell.  They get one look at each other, and it's sexual attraction from there, as things begin right there.  This storyline would pick up following the sex, to again brilliantly reveal that the escapades were merely just a figment of Adriana's imagination.  However, the creativeness doesn't end there, as from the kickoff of the sex, we also have some brilliant touches in the wardrobe, and also a very creative spot, which we see Adriana's tongue decorated with letter candy which let us know that she is indeed a "BBC Slut", indeed a nice addition. And then we move on to the sexual encounter between the three itself, as we move indoors. First of course, we see Adriana administer sloppy blowjobs on both of the men as only Adriana Chechik can, taking them deep, until she is blue the face, and as lots of spit piles on those cocks and balls. The men begin by fucking her pussy, however it is not long until they graduate to her asshole as well, and then following up, by going on to give her what she wants is a double penetrating her, filling up both of her greedy holes.  It is  pussy and ass fucking, that eventually sees her squirting also. It's action which Adriana literally finds herself passed around by the muscular men, as they have their way with her. The thing about Adriana however, is that she would not have it any other way. In fact the look on their face for the entire runtime of the scene which runs about 34 minutes is one of being overjoyed. It is obvious that she enjoyed every minute of what she was getting here, as each of her holes were stretched and pulverized by these two big black, and talented cocks.

As you can tell by my description this was a really fun and eventful scene. There is a lot that goes on here, and yes it is indeed messy. I mean would you expect any less from the nasty girl that is Adriana Chechick? She is beyond sexy, and on top of that when it comes to this scene she brings her trademark dirty talk along with her, making this scene that much better than it already is without it. I just love the fact that she beg the guys to fuck her holes, and when they were sort of cooling off, begging them to give her more. When it comes to Adriana's dirty talk she is in the moment for sure as she never fails to tell the guys exactly what she wants from them, even acknowledging what is going on in the present. An memorable moment in the scene, comes when Adriana is being passed around by both men. It is then that Adriana, playfully acknowledges that she is sort of playing a game of "musical dicks", as she calls it. It's a rather humorous moment that stands out. But of course we have Adriana here. There are always moments which stand out. Not only this, but for example, there is of course the squirting, which she has become known for these days. I also noticed. In these moments as she let out a squirt, also could be seen is her rosebud, poking out from her puckering butthole.  I have to say that it is kind of sexy, if you ask me. And if that wasn't enough, the scene comes to an end, not only with a creampie finish courtesy of Rob Piper, but also another moment of squirting from Adriana, shortly after Isaiah deposits his load into Adriana's mouth. It is truly a fitting finish to this wet and sticky sexual outing. Following some parting cum play, as mentioned, wet of course wrap up the story as well.

When it comes to this scene Gia Paloma, has crafted a very solid display of storytelling, creativity, and sexual activity. Not only is the narrative creativity there, Paloma, also gets style points due to her approach to things. The way in which the scene was shot, from beginning to end was very nice.  This including positioning, as well as camera angles. We have very nice closeups, including moments in POV that I felt that were outstanding to tell you the truth. I really enjoyed Gia's use of underneath POV during the scene.  First at the beginning of the story when they are on the side of the road, and during the action indoors, as Adriana pack on the slobber, as she treat the cocks to a thorough sucking. Altogether this scene is just great, on both levels of technicality as pilot execution. When it comes to the performers on hand, they here work well together to pull off the scene, making the scene what it is.

This scene is just another example of just why it is that Adriana Chechik is a fan favorite, and a reigning queen in our industry.  In her scenes, she demands attention, as she commands and essentially controls the action.  This scene is no different, as Adriana, rules the roost, getting things exactly how she wants them.  It is during the scene that she lets us know this, too as there is a time which she says that she is getting fucked "as she deserves". Just another reason to love her.

Ok, so with that said, yes this is a scene that I enjoyed very much it's dirty, nasty and sloppy, just as it should be when in comes to a BBC double penetration cream pie. Not to mention one that includes a little bit of squirting as well. Adriana Chechik, and interracial fans are definitely going to want to see this one. Also on a final side note, I felt that the big storyline reveal at the end which showed that it was all a product of Adriana's curious imagination was a very clever way of ending things, and likewise was handled, and delivered quite well.

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