Kendra Lynn Films: Palms Springs Fling (2019)

by - August 01, 2019

Starring: Kendra Lynn // Jay Crew
Directed by: Kendra Lynn.
Runtime: 27 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.25


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, we join Kendra Lynn and Jay Crew in the kitchen.  It is about the time for Kendra to prepare some dinner for the two of them.  However, Kendra says that she is in the mood to be lazy, She says.  But cooking seems too be the only option.  Kendra then survey's the options of having soups, or steaks.  This, as Jay, who behind her, just can't help himself when checking out Kendra's ass, as it peeks out from underneath her tight denim skirt.  This, as she bend over to check the kitchen cabinets.  Jay then diverts Kendra's attention to the pots and pans located high in the overhead cabinets, as a way to purposely get a better peek of her ass.  It's a look that Jay can't resist acting upon, as he quickly goes on to bury his face in pussy and ass, while he suck and tongue.
  However, Kendra's skirt soon comes off, as Jay takes notice of, and changes his attention to Kendra's luscious bush, as he proceed to briefly eat her pussy.    But, it's after this that Kendra returns the favor, by getting on her knees to suck Jay's cock. From here Kendra gets to work; licking, sucking and slurping on Jay's cock.  This as she momentarily concentrate on his head of the cock, as well as the balls. It is during this that Jay decides to capture the moment on his cell phone camera, and it is after some time that, we the viewer are also treated to this view of the action.  The action next sees Jay on his back, as Kendra straddles him to ride the cock in cowgirl.  It's from this position that we see Kendra bounce and grind, before Jay slams her down.  The camera view then changes to a closer view, shortly after we see Kendra plant her feet.  Following this, Kendra slams herself down hard for a time, before returning to work  on the cock and balls.  Kendra sucks along the shaft, prior to making her way down to Jay's balls.  During this, things briefly go to 69. Next, Kendra is back on the cock, this time in reverse cowgirl.  She leans forward, as Jay pounds her good.  This, before sitting upright, as she take control of Jay's camera phone, and the viewer gets a nice view of Kendra's bush, as the pussy pounding continues. We then switch to another alternate angle, as we view the reverse cowgirl once again, this time from a straightaway view. It's from this angle that we of course also see again, the blowjob, and go into 69, and then the reverse cowgirl. It is this view, in my opinion, which offers the best look of the action from the positions. Following this, we had yet another alternate angle. It is the view from the phone's camera, and it is from Kendra's view point of view as she hold it. This particular view of the action is fairly interesting, as we see the action from reverse cowgirl once again play out up close and personal. It is then that we finally move on to a different position. This being as Kendra and Jay make it to their feet. This is when Jay shove Kendra against the steel refrigerator that he takes her from behind and proceeds to fuck her is doggy.  Jay gets right to the hard pounding from here, prior to he pulling Kendra in, as things become sensual between the two of them briefly. It is brief because Jay then once again resumes the consistent pace of fucking. However next, Jay takes Kendra down to the floor before making his way between her legs, as he insert himself, as things go to missionary. It's here that Jay goes on to consistently drill Kendra deep and hard, before he must pull out to cum. The scene comes to an end with Jay jerking his cock with both hands to produce a load, which he deposits onto Kendra's stomach.  The storyline then concludes with Jay saying that the sex has made him both work up an appetite, as well as have a desire for a nap. Kendra the agrees cook, as Jay cuts in, saying that maybe they should do so after that nap.

The Review //
Today, I am back with another review, this time taking a look at a scene from porn performer, and independent porn producer, Kendra Lynn. This scene from Kendra Lynn, which features veteran male performer, Jay Crew titled "Palm Springs Fling", is one that is somewhat of a vignette scene. I say "somewhat" because, there is truly not a fully formed storyline here, but rather more of an idea. In this scene there is an idea that both Kendra and Jay Crew are getting hungry, and they are in the kitchen and Kendra is looking for something for the two of them have for dinner. It is a time in which the hunt for dinner turns into a full-blown kitchen sex. Because, who needs food, when you have sex??!!. It all begins, when Kendra's panty-less, and short skirted appearance, teases poor Jay until he just can't resist anymore. This, as his hard cock throbs underneath his gray sweatpants.  After Jay eats her out from behind, the clothes come off, and what results, and what is in my opinion,decent round of kitchen fornication. As we would find the sex begins with a view from the camera, which is at a distance. To me this kind of felt, "voyeuristic", I'd call it. Initially, I expected it to be our one and only camera view for the entire time of the scene which is at about 27 minutes in length. However, this would not be true, as to my surprise, not only do we have multiple angle changes here, we also have multiple angles for several of the positions seem within the scene.  Yes, once we see   a position displayed at a particular angle, it is after, that we again see the very same position, yet at a different viewpoint. This being sometimes at the viewpoint of a camera phone. This manner of replaying certain positions, immediately reminded me of what director Bryan Gozzing does during his scenes for HOOKUP HOTSHOT. I know that he does so to make it easier for EVIL ANGEL to easily remove material deemed too graphic for commercial DVD release. In the case of this scene from Kendra Lynn, this seems to be more of a stylistic choice over anything else.  However, I personally found it to be a unique touch an unexpected one, even. As for the quality of the sex at hand between Kendra and Jay, these two have a very nice chemistry between one another, here capture to nice effect. This as Jay Crew, a male performer who I feel is greatly underrated, provides very nice, consistent work. Throughout the scenes entirety, Jay is fairly consistent in his pacing. I just loved the way that he pounded away at Kendra's pussy virtually without letting up. The sex between the two is at it's peak near the end of the scene. I really took notice in the way that Jay chose to take Kendra from behind. Usually....well most of the time, the guys start off with a slow and even pace as they plug away in doggy. But not Jay Crew. In this instance Jay goes right at it, going deep and fast. I really liked it, however that is not all. This is because Jay continues it, as he is essentially spreadeagled on the floor, as he drills Kendra's fuzzy pussy balls deep in missionary for the finish. Overall, here Kendra Lynn offers you a scene of high-spirited sex with nice chemistry.  It offers a unique approach, showing alternate angles, that are sometimes even better than before.  This, not to mention, the aforementioned, hard-banging finish to the scene.  For what it is, I say that the scene is nicely realized.  Could it have been better?  Yeah - it could have had maybe some more shot choices in between, such as close ups and the like.  But as is.  Being and independently produced clip, it is actually well presented.  So, If you happen to be a fan of especially Kendra Lynn, or Jay Crew, then you just might want to have a look.hard-banging finish to the scene.  Foe what it is, I say that the scene is nicely realized.  Could have been better?  Yeah - it could have had maybe some more shot choices in between such as close ups and the like.  But as is.  Being and independently produced clip, it is actually well presented.  If you happen to be a fan of especially Kendra Lynn, or Jay Crew, than you just might want to have a look.

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