Teeny Tiny Teen (2019)

by - August 30, 2019

Starring: Megan Marx // Alex Legend
Directed by:
Runtime: 27 mins.

Scene Rating: 7


Scene Breakdown //
At the beginning of the scene, the director catches up with a then-18 year old Megan Marx, who says that she has happy to be there, as she is ready to be a little slut.  The director then quizzes Megan a little, in order for the MOFOs members to get to know her better.  She says that she is 100 pounds and stands 5'3".  Megan is from small town West Virginia, spending her time, growing up on, of all things, a goat farm - saying that yes, she has milked a goat.  However with that said, she much more prefers the city, and confesses that, despite she living in a small town, that she just so happens to have been the biggest slut among her high school.  Megan continues to spill more details about herself, including the fact that she loves to be complemented, that she is quite the attention whore she says.  The director then has Megan climb up on a reclining chair.  This, nicely displaying Megan's ass, from under her sort red dress.  She them goes on to show off her bikini underneath her dress.  This being just prior to we seeing her strip down,  Megan then goes on to explain that, when it comes to sex, she likes to be thrown around.  She likes it rough.  The director then asks if she has ever heard of a French baguette, or if there are many French men in West Virginia.  For the latter, Megan says unfortunately not.  It is then that Megan finds herself joined by a genuine Frenchman in one Alex Legend, who comes up behind her, soon lifting her up, as Megan says that Alex is cute.  It's from there that Alex mimics a couple sexual positions, including raising her up to his eye level, prior to placing her back down.  It's after, that, thst Megan then takes note of the bulge in Alex's shorts, as she questions her ability to take it, saying that she hopes that Alex doesn't "break her".  It's then that she pulls Alex's shorts down, as his cock is unleashed for Megan to see.  Megan is of course, impressed by the sight of it.  Especially by the thickness, to which she compare to her arm, and finds that it is nearly the same size.  However, nevertheless, Megan is quick to have it in her mouth, as she quickly deep throats and sucks it.  This is then followed up by Alex wanting to try something, as he the lifts her up for a brief round of standing 69  But next up, Megan is on all fours, as things begin in doggy.  Initially, things are slow and steady, before Megan finds herself, face down, and ass up, as Alex increases his pace going deeper and harder, as Megan dirty talks him.  It's after this, that the next position is standing cowgirl as Alex once again lifts Megan up.  At first, Alex bounces Megan on his cock.  It's just prior to he slamming his cock in for a time.  Alex is then on his back as he then gets his cocked sucked by Megan, as she slurps it.  This leads the action to side fuck, and missionary next.  Alex begins by teasing Megan's hole, prior to he going  on to pound her, as he soon pins her legs back to go deep.    Megan is next on her back on the ground, as she is bent backward for piledriver.  It's here that Alex maintains his steady pacing, as he drives his dick in deep and hard.  Next up, we see doggy, followed by both reverse cowgirl, and standard cowgirl.  This, as things go to missionary. as things soon finish up.  This, as Alex plows into Megan until he must cum.  The scene comes to a close soon after, as Alex jerks off, to bust onto Megan's pretty smiling face.

The Review //
For today's review I take another scene from MOFOS. This time from their series titled, "Don't Break Me". If you are unfamiliar with the "Don't Break Me Series" the short description, is that it is a series in particular, which features petite starlets taking the rather big cocks of their male counterparts. In this scene titled "Teeny Tiny Teen", We have fresh-faced teen Megan Marx, who is an absolute joy, as we are introduced to her on a hot summer day.  From the very beginning, she is very bubbly and likable, as she is very happy to be there, and in turn, happy for what is to come.  This gives everything a very chilled, and fun vibe from the start. I really did enjoy the beginning portion of this scene.  One that sees Megan interviewed by the director, who is behind the camera and unseen by the viewer. It is here that we get to know the smiling Megan. It is thid during this time that we get her stats as well as the details, as to where she grew up, and her high school sexual activities(she says that she slept with like 20 guys before graduating high school!). It's a brief, but very fun introduction.  This girl is something else. I really, really like her, and find her to be absolutely adorable. I did not mention this above, however, during the interview, she does a hand gesture in which she forms a heart with both of her hands. The director is right she looks very cute while doing it.  Of course, when the introduction is out of the way, we have yet another one,as Alex Legend is then introduced,as he joins the scene. We first have Alex trying things on for size, so to speak, as he playfully lifts Megan up in the air, prior to the action getting underway between the both of them.  It's from there, that things from standing 69 to doggy, as Alex goes on to test Megan's pretty love hole, to find it both capable, and eager to swallow his thick cock.  This, as Megan encourages with the sexy "daddy" talk that she had stated that she enjoys.  The action then goes on to include various positions, including piledriver, and standing cowgirl. When it comes to the sex seen here, I did enjoy the fact that, for the majority of it, we see Alex simply manhandling Megan, commanding her as he ram his cock in. Megan's overall enjoyment of being on the receiving end, is simply one of the true positives found in the scene.

 Yes these are my positives for the scene.  But for as many positives that I found. I did find that the scene is also hindered a great deal. I really enjoyed the scene, however the unfortunate thing is that it only runs about 28 minutes in length. And on top of that it is one that is edited in a breezy fashion, making things move rather quickly.  Way too quickly, in my honest opinion. both the action, as well as the performers here are great.  I liked what I saw.  However, with any given position, just as you are finding yourself invested and what is occurring, it seems as though it's then off to yet another position we go. We are not given enough time to allow the sexual positions to take full hold of us.  There were indeed several position here  I really would've liked to have seen extended.  Megan's face is just gorgeous, so why not allow it to stay awhile, and let it simmer in our minds?  Instead, it's basically the ADD mentality here, as we jump from one position to the next.  So with this in mind, we do have some great stuff here.  Just not enough of it.

This scene is definitely one that is difficult to judge, because I liked the content.  It's just that it happens to be edited in a way that really limits it's potential.  The action could be so much better if it were more drawn out.  To let it flow more fluidly.  But instead, the premature ejaculators are in mind.  Again, an unfortunate thing.

So, with this said, the setting, as well as the performers, especially Megan Marx, are all great here.  Unfortunately though for the scene itself, it is far too short, limiting it's full potential in the end as is.  The scene is good, but could have been better.

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