Master Debater (2019)

by - August 14, 2019

Starring: Abella Danger // Kit Mercer // Alex Legend
Directed by: 
Runtime: 44 mins

Scene Rating: 7


Scene Breakdown //
In this comedy-fueled scene, which kicks off at the scene of a collegiate debate, which sees Abella Danger and Alex Legend going head-to-head Abella is first, and she is someone who obviously has done a lot of studying, as she delivers quite the compelling speech, arguing the long-term effects of capitalism on society. Following Abella, is of course Alex Legend, who delivers a speech of his own, that is quite the opposite of his colleague. On the contrary of what Abella had argued, Alex brings up the benefit of capitalism on our society. He argues that big corporations have done us good, so arguing that we have the fine things, such as fast cars, fast food and porn. For the common man, it is obvious as to why Abella's more thoughtful speech is no match for that of Legend's. And so accordingly he is in the end awarded the winning trophy by the sexy bespectacled professor, Kit Mercer.  As Alex celebrates his victory we find Abella, absolutely beside herself and  distraught. So much so that, she runs back to the dressing room in a puddle of tears. It is quick that the good meaning professor Mercer, follows behind her, as she tries her best to console her. Kit continues to assure Abella that she did a fine job in her presentation. However Abella isn't quite sure as she says that, if she did in fact, do so well, then why had she not she come out on top? As things continue, Kit further attempts to calm her student, as she gives her a peck on the cheek. However, things do not end with just an innocent kiss. As things play out, student and teacher begin to kiss passionately in the dressing room, as things get underway between them.  They exchange a few kisses, as Kit caresses, Abella including running her hand up Abella's pantyhose clad leg.  This leads to Kit having Abella turn around and bend over the counter, as she raises up her skirt.  It's then that she worships Abella's nice round ass.  First rubbing it over her tight pantyhose, and then after peeling the hose away.  From there, it's full on worship, as Kit goes on to spread and tongue fuck Abella's asshole, as well as spank her ass.  However, Kit then positions herself for Abella to return the favor.  This as Kit spreads her legs wide.  Kit asks Abella is she has ever licked pussy before, and she replies, that she had once at a slumber party.  This goes on for a time, until the girls find themselves interrupted by one Alex Legend.  But instead of packing it in, the two of them go on to corner Alex in the auditorium.

It's here that Abella says that she wants something far better than a trophy.  She wants Alex's cock.  This, as she unzips him, and pulls it out.  She first feeds it to Kit, before they go on to tag team it, with one of them on the cock, the other on Alex's balls.  We also see Alex suck on Abella's tits, before she goes on to rip of his dress shirt. Following this Abella is on all fours as Alex goes on to lift up her skirt, and with her pantyhose from her ass. This before going on to tongue at her pussy from behind. This is somewhat brief however because next Abella is on her back with her legs spread. It is the first appearance of her beautiful bush, as Alex inserts himself to fuck her in missionary. Alex goes on to maintain a quick, and steady pace.  This, as Abella instructs Kit to remove her dress and bra. It's from there that Abella goes on to bury her face into Kit's chest, and suck on her nipples.  This continues on until it is Kit's turn to get some dick in her next.  Alex take kit from behind, as she props her right leg up on the table to open herself up for him. It's from here that he continues on with a quick and steady pace, this as Abella, on occasion lends a helping hand. Things eventually progress however, when the action goes to standing side fuck for a time. However next up, things continue on with Abella taking it also in standing side fuck, with Kit rubbing Abella's clit. This is short because Abella goes on to ride Alex's cock as he positions himself on his back. It's from here that Abella bounces her ass steadily on the cock, as her pussy takes it. Meanwhile, Kit is busy, as she goes on to straddle Alex's face to allow him to eat her pussy. Eventually, though, Kit has a turn as well from reverse cowgirl, as she plants her feet to bounce down on the hard cock. She does so, for an extended period, as Abella soon goes on to lick at her clit.  However, Abella is again the focus, as she goes on to prop her leg up on the table, just as Kit had done previously.  It is here that Alex continues at a steady pace, before going on to fuck Abella in a side fuck position. This position eventually see the Abella on her side with ass pointing toward the camera.  Here, Alex continues until he builds himself up to climax, which leads him to then pull out, and shoot his load onto Abella's plump ass to finish up. The scene then comes to an end with the girls swapping cum between one another, prior to Kit going on to eventually reassign the a trophy to Abella, much to Alex's surprise.

The Review //
For this review, I take a scene from REALITY KINGS, titled "Master Debater. It is a scene that is strongly driven by story, as it takes an obvious influence from films such as MEAN GIRLS and the like. The scene tells us a story of a highly competitive debate between Abella Danger, and her colleague Alex Legend, as they battle it out over the topic of capitalism in America. During the debate which is overseen by their professors Kit Mercer. The two of them get down to business, as they argue their two opposing opinions on the topic at hand. Abella's argument is one that is more logical and cautious, while on the other hand Alex's outlook is more laid back, and carefree. Of course the majority embraces the excesses which everyone likes, as they are for more accessible and attainable, as well as easy to indulge in. After the fact, is an easy win for Alex, who has been awarded a trophy. Of course as the story goes Abella is extremely upset at her loss, when she goes to the back crying. Of course our sex in the matter, comes about when the concerned professor goes to check on her, when innocent consoling turns to fucking. However when it comes to the sex scene in this scene we essentially have a two part showing. One that begins with a girl/girl encounter, that soon goes the way of the three-way, when the  girls seduce Alex Legend, who comes upon their private time.

When it comes to this scene this is one that REALITY KINGS is touting fairly heavily on social media, and and elsewhere online. It is one that is a very high-end production compared to some of their other scenes.  This as we begin with a finely crafted storyline setup. One that I felt is quite  funny, I admit. It is one of comedy, and it is well played by all three of our featured performers. While watching this story play out I could not help but think of movies such as MEAN GIRLS, and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. It is nicely done. In fact I have to say that I was a bit surprised by the story's overall sharp execution. It is vividly clever. You just have ti love Abella Danger as the nerdy debater who is an absolute emotional wreck after losing to the nerdy, but obviously horny Alex Legend  Alongside of them is Kit Mercer, as their well-to-do Professor. Although it appears that she is straight-laced, as we would find is soon revealed that she has a kinky side of her, as she begins things with Abella in the dressing room.

When it comes to the sexual encounter at the center of the scene, as I said, it is essentially a two-parter. One part girl/girl the other girl/girl/boy, as Alex Legend has the luxury of going at it with both Abella Danger and Kit Mercer. When it comes to the sex, it is all vaginal.  It is to be quite honest, really nothing out of the ordinary, matter-of-factly. We begin with Abella and Kit, tag teaming Alex's cock and balls, prior to he having a turn with both. When it comes to featuring, Abella Danger, is of course the featured female performer as she has the most face time. She is of course deserving of this. I love both of the girls equally. However, I would not be honest if I did not say that I wish that Kit Mercer would at least got a little bit more of the spotlight during the sex. Though it is in my opinion that the girls here do not have equal time in sharing Alex's cock. I understand that Kit is still relatively new to the industry and that Abella is a bona fide superstar.  But as a fan of Mercer, I would've liked to have see more of her.  Especially with me knowing that she could definitely hold her own. To me it just felt like at times during the scene that she was just pushed to the back while the other performers had center stage. It is just my opinion however. With that said, the majority of the scene is still fairly decent in the way that it plays out. I like the fact that at one point that the girls both were fucked in standing side fuck by Alex consecutively. I also enjoyed the many closeups of Abella's ass as it ripple while bouncing off of the cock.

When taking the scene as a whole in consideration I would call this one a mixed assortment. The best part of "Master Debater was indeed the storyline itself, which is exceptionally well executed by all involved.  It is well polished, and the comedy is definitely there. In the scene, all three participants wear glasses. Yes this means that both Abella Danger, and Kit Mercer, look extremely sexy in them. For me though, unfortunately things for me just became a little too common for me when it came to the sex scene. It is a decent enough three-way with some key moments, however it does leave things which are left to be desired. I just wanted more than your average sex scene such as the aforementioned balance in performance.

In closing for the most part I did enjoy this scene, don't get me wrong. It is one of very high production values, and I really like all of the performers that are involved, however, the sex itself eventually settled into a zone becoming A bit routine, and one-sided. Hopefully some of you out there may agree with me after seeing it. So with me saying that, do see it to support these talented performers - especially the ladies involved.

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