An Extra Thick Invitation (2019)

by - August 01, 2019

Starring: Kenzie Madison // Damon Dice
Directed By:
Runtime: 28 mins.

Scene Rating: 7


Scene Breakdown //
We begin the scene with the thick Kenzie Madison, lounging about the pool in a bright yellow one-piece bathing suit, as she listens to some tunes on her headphones. It is during this that we see Kenzie oil up her body -  this including her thick juicy ass. This, occurring, as Kenzie believes that she is alone. However, initially unknown to her, watching on via a pair of binoculars is a nerdy Damon Dice, who of course is getting an eyeful.
It is a short time later that Kenzie begins to head inside, when she stops to sit on the fence. It is then that she spots Damon in the distance, and surprisingly invites him inside with her.  Once inside, they take to a bathroom, as she tells Damon that she saw him looking, and thought that she would give him a closer look.  It is then that Kenzie doesn't hesitate, as she tells Damon not to be nervous.

Kenzie and Damon first kiss passionately, before Kenzie pushes Damon back on the edge of the bathtub.  It is then that she draws some water, and proceeds to soap up Damon's cock and stroke it.  After, they then stand in the tub, as they kiss.  Damon also during this time, also soaps up Kenzie's ass.  Kenzie then goes on to rinse off Damon's cock, before sucking it.  As Kenzie goes to work on Damon's cock, we see Damon finger at Kenzie's pussy.  Following this up, we see Damon bend over Kenzie, and take her from behind in doggy.  Kenzie has her right leg propped up and her legs open as Damon initially hits the pussy steadily.  However, soon he goes deeper, as  Damon pulls Kenzie in. Next up, the two step out of the bathtub, as Damon positions himself on the floor. From here Kenzie climbs on as the action goes to cowgirl. Here we see Kenzie, pop her ass, and grind on the cock for a time, as the camera, puts nice emphasis on Kenzie's ample ass as it bounces. It is here that we also see Damon, fuck the pussy at a quick pace. Following this, the action sees a brief moment of 69, before thing then go to reverse cowgirl. Here, we see a combination of Kenzie bouncing once again, and Damon fucking fast and hard. This, as Kenzie is positioned both upright, and as she lean back for the pounding. After this, Kenzie asks Damon if he wants to fuck her in the shower, and that is where they go next.  First, we Damon takes Mandy from behind in doggy, as her tits are pressed against the glass. However, soon Damon opens the door to the shower, as we then get a side view of the action. Action, that goes from doggy, to standing side fuck, and then back again. This being prior to Kenzie saying that she wants Damon's cum. It is after this that we see the two of them step out of the shower as Kenzie drops to her knees to suck and stroke Damon off. This lasting for an extended time, until Damon finally pulls out of Kenzie's mouth to jerk and cum.

The Review //
For this review, I review a scene from TEAM SKEET and their "Teen Curves" series. This scene, which is a celebration of the curves of one Kenzie Madison, sees Kenzie relaxing on a hot summer day by the pool. She is wearing a tight yellow, one-piece, as she listens to music on a pair of over-the-ear, smiley face headphones which match her bathing suit. Kenzie, eventually oils up her young voluptuous body, it's a show that Damon Dice(NOT Zac Wild, as it is credited on TEAM SKEET'S site) gets a close view of, via some trusty binoculars. In the end, it's lucky for Damon that he is not very good at being incognito, because soon Kenzie spots him, and invites him inside for a moment destined to be memorable for him. The two of them end up in the bathroom, as things between them are quick to go down.

The first thing that I must say is, that my main reason for seeing this scene is because I really wanted to finally see Kenzie Madison. I am a big presence on Twitter and so I have happened see to a lot of Kenzie in recent months.  Yes, this including, her beautiful, giant ass.  I just had to see it in action. Here, we have a fairly fun storyline which sets the stage for the sexual action to follow. It is the typical set up, right out of a teen sex comedy or something. A hot girl in a bathing suit, is lounging by the pool and oiling herself up, at the same time, a horny boy lurks about, hoping to catch a glimpse. In this case, it is Damon Dice, and he's got binoculars! But when it comes to this story, Kenzie Madison is a little different when it comes to the type of girl that she is. Because she soon invites Damon inside for a little unexpected fun.

This of course leads us to the sexual encounter between Kenzie and Damon. Now why the two of them end up in the confines of a small bathroom beats me. In fact I find it be a rather odd shooting location. This, because not only did there need to be room for the performers, but also the crew as well. In fact there is a lot of background noise, as you can hear that the cameras were crowded at times.  However, with this said, somehow Kenzie and Damon still manage, for a generally solid scene. The action first begins in the bathtub, then spilling onto the floor, and even into a small shower, located next to the bath. Although in the story, Damon was meant to be the one caught red-handed, and the one initially nervous, luckily this did not play into his resulting performance. Damon is both consistent and heavy in his pounding virtually throughout. In addition to this, fortunately, he has very nice energy and enthusiasm from Kenzie to play off of. With this in mind both Kenzie and Damon work well together here. I love the way in which Kenzie vigorously pops her ass on, and rides the cock, and likewise seeing Damon bang her good and hard.

To sum things up, this is a decently solid scene. It began very nicely with the old school teen comedy type set up, but then takes an interesting turn, as the sex itself ends up in a small space. This admittedly can be a little bit of a distraction. However though once you can look past it, we have to very nice chemistry, as well as some very nice action between these two, as well. Check it out especially if you have yet to see or discover Kenzie Madison.

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