WildeSexual.com: Schoolgirl Anal (2019)

by - August 01, 2019

Starring: Jane Wilde // Jessy Jones
Directed by: Jane Wilde
Runtime: 31 mins

Scene Rating: 7


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene from WILDE SEXUAL, Jane Wilde is a a schoolgirl who was once a good student.  However, in recent times, she has taken a turn for the naughty. The scene begins on a Saturday afternoon, when teacher Jessy Jones is planning to relax on his day off.  But, just as he is set to sit down on the couch to watch some TV, his doorbell rings. When answers, he finds a wide-eyed Jane Wilde at his door. This, as he is a little confused as to why she has shown up at his home on his day off.  However, Jane assures him that he had told her to come talk to him on Saturday, and so she has. Nonetheless Jessy welcomes her inside, despite not remembering such. Jane and Jessy begin discussing Jane's failing grades.
Of course, Jessy comes to mention that Jane used to excel in class, but over the last few weeks, he has noticed that her focus has begun to decline. Jane owns up to this notion, saying that in fact, she has been distracted by something most recently. She says as she goes on to explain that a few weeks ago she tried something for the first time, and it has since taken over her focus, and essentially taken over her life. Jane then shyly confesses to Jones that she has recently had anal sex for the very first time, and ever since, she has not been able to stop thinking about it. In fact, she has become obsessed with it. It is all that she thinks about, and it is getting in the way of her school work, as well as other aspects of her young life. She has come to Jessy today to see if he may help her fix her problem. Jessy is understandably, initially a little hesitant when approaching this subject, however it does not take him long to agree to Jane to Jane's demands, as he agrees to fuck her ass hard, if only it will be beneficial to her academic achievements.

This development makes things very happy, as she next approach things with a big smile on her face. Jessy first asks Jane she would like to go upstairs with him, however, Jane wants to do something else. This is then when she gets on her knees, and readies to pull his cock out to suck it.  Things begin with Jane handling Jessy's cock with both hands as she stroke and suck it nice and slow, as we the viewer are treated with a nice overhead POV view of the proceedings. This continues on for some time, as Jane eventually improves her stroke as well as her speed in sucking the cock, at one point targeting the cock's head. Following the blowjob, they then head upstairs. This, as the camera watches as Jane slowly ascend up the stairs. They make it up one set of stairs prior to Jesse stopping Jane in order to have her resume sucking his cock.  However, this is only briefly, as they go up one other set of stairs and round the corner into the bedroom. It is here that Jane removes her little skirt. She has nothing underneath it, as she briefly goes onto twerk her ass. However, it is an act that is interrupted, as Jessy goes on to penetrate Jane's pussy from behind, as Jane props her right leg up on the bed.  Here, Jessy fucks Jane's pussy at a steady pace.  However, it's brief.  This is because next, we see the action take to Jessy's bed, as Jane eagerly joins him, crawling between his legs to gladly, and again suck his cock, this time also taking time to tongue at his asshole.  From here, the camera briefly takes a close focus, before going back to the front-facing POV, as Jane continues to worship her teacher's cock.  All while giving us her ever-so glowing, and infectious smile.  Immediately following this, Jane is positioned on her back, as Jessy pulls her to the edge of the bed, as he proceeds to slowly insert his cock into her ass, and begin to fuck it. Slow pacing becomes steady, as he continues on. This, as he also soon simultaneously rubs her clit as well, which is much to her pleasure. The position being mostly overhead, as we get views of both, the penetration, as well as Jane's reaction. There is also a brief moment, during which Jessy take the camera at the side for a side view. Next up, Jesse has Jane position herself on her knees so that he can get a look at her ass. This being shortly before she is face down and ass up at the edge of the bed, as Jesse takes her from behind, to resume his fucking of her ass. Again, he takes the camera at a side angle, getting a semi-view of the underneath as well, as he steadily, and  deeply fucks Jane's asshole. Following a view of Jane's gape, we have a stationary view from the camera, as it is sat down at a distance from the bed. It's from here that Jessy climbs on top, as the action goes to missionary, as he is in between Jane's it's from here that he goes on to steadily pound her pussy for a time. Following this however, the view changes as Jane's back faces the camera, as she straddle Jessy's cock for cowgirl. It is here that Jessy continues to pound the pussy consistently for a time, until Jane also goes on to bounce on the cock as well. It is after this that things go on to transition to reverse cowgirl, as Jane changes her position. With her legs spread for the camera as we have a close view. It's from this position that her ass in one again fucked, as she slam down on the dick. This is shortly before the action goes to spoon as the action continues. They position the camera for us, as we initially have a close up view, before Jessy gives us an interesting view from behind, as he takes the camera. This is followed up by a return to missionary. Jessy again pulls Jane to the bed's edge, as he again fuck her pussy. From here, it is an increasing pace, as Jessy continue to hammer his cock in, and it is during this that Jane mentions that she wants her teacher to cum inside of her. With this said Jessy's pace of fucking continues, only harder, as Jane then surprisingly says that she wants Jessy to get her pregnant, much to his bewilderment. Nevertheless, Jessy continues from here, until he does blow a load inside of Janes's pussy.  This, of course which signifies the end of the action. The story then ends with the teacher Jessy cautiously asking Jane if she is on birth control. It is again to his surprise that she says with a smile on her face, that she is not. To the shock of her teacher, this puts Jessy in panic, as he tells Jane that this is blackmail material. Jane however assures Jessy that he has nothing to worry about, just as long as he keeps this big cock around at her disposal.

The Review //
For today's review, I do something a little bit differently. This is because today's scene, is not one that is commercially available, and it is not one that was shot by a pornography studio. In fact the scene that I look at today happens to be the latest offering from rising female performer Jane Wilde, and her OnlyFans powered website, WILDE SEXUAL.COM. For this review I want it to be known that I was not compensated, meaning that I was not given access by Jane to her site for the purpose of reviewing. I did in fact, reach out to her asking her about such, but failed to get a response. At the time of asking, I felt that the content which she provides on her website, is quality enough to get the word out on, and so I wanted to take on a few of her scenes. Since I failed to get an initial response regarding reviews, I decided to subscribe on my own to take a look at something, because I believe that Jane has something to offer her fans. So with that said, I take a look at this scene which features Jane and male performer/Director, Jessy Jones.

With this, Jane presents to us a scene which runs about 31 minutes in length. It happens be scripted scenario. Yes it is one that begins with a story, in which Jessy portrays a teacher, to Jane Wilde's schoolgirl character. In the story Jane was once a promising student in Jessy Jones' class. However, in recent times, her concentration has been a little distracted. It is something that Jessy has indeed noticed. Taking place on a Saturday, the story sees Jane come over to her teacher's place in order to talk over her grades. It is also at that time that Jane goes on to detail just what has been distracting her from excelling. Long story short, Jane goes on to explain that she recently experienced anal sex, and it is something that she just cannot get enough of. In fact she is quite obsessed with it, and it has taken over all of her concentration. This is very surprising to her teacher, however it isn't long before Jane is able to successfully convince him, that what she needs to cure her academic slump, is for her to fuck her in the ass. When it comes to the storyline, I felt that it was a brief, but yet fun set up things to come, as one thing leads to another as teacher fucks student in his bedroom.

The majority of the action here is captured via POV style shooting, with focus on both action and penetration. A benefit here to the scene is that most of the positioning here is in fact, handled Jessy Jones, who is of course, a Director for EVIL ANGEL. Admittedly, most POV shot content is a little hit and miss. It is basically that box chocolates that "Forrest Gump" mentioned. As you do indeed, never know what you're gonna get. Well, what we get here, is some decent work, I would say. Though it isn't perfect, we do get some good stuff as part of this offering from Wilde and Jones. I guess what would make it easiest, is to mention some pros and cons. First with the Pros. One has already been stated when talking about Jones, and his experience with direction. What comes with this is some very nice close-up action. We get some nice penetration shots, as well as timely reaction shots which accompany them. Also, when it comes to positioning, for the most part they are beneficial to the camera's view. Another pro is the fact that the the action comes to a close with a great creampie finish.  One, which Jane encourages, by continuously telling Jessy to "get her pregnant".  Jane looks so innocent when she says this.  It's just so damn hot. And then lastly, the bow on the story if you will, is the shockingly surprising conclusion when Jane looks teacher Jessy Jones dead in the face and tells him that she is not on birth control. It is just devilishly good stuff. An ending that will leave you with a grin on your face, equaling that of Jane Wilde's when it comes to the cons In my honest opinion, there are not many to speak of. The major one is that there is a moment during the action which Jessy takes things into missionary on the bed. Unfortunately, during this time the camera just so happens to be positioned in a way that is not the greatest when it comes to the view for the viewer, as the camera is position far too right of the action, which is occurring on the bed at a distance. During this time, we are unable to see the whole scope of what is happening, so this is indeed a negative point. Another minor complaint would be that in some positions, the view is but slightly limited by the POV style. For instance, there are just times that the viewer wishes that they could see the look on Jane's face as she is plunged by Jessy's cock. These are the pros and cons of this scene in my opinion. As you can see, I did not find too many faults here. I felt that the scene was decent for what it is, and is definitely one that should raise expectations for those who have yet to see the content that Jane offers via her site. With this in mind I will confirm that WILDE SEXUAL is not your average OnlyFans site. It is apparent that Jane is going out of her way to offer the fans, which she obviously appreciates, quality content.

Before I close this review, it is also worth noting that when it comes to this particular scene, it is one being offered in two parts on the website by Wilde. As Wilde attempted to upload it to the website she found herself having a problem with OnlyFans' uploading system. It was a problem that rendered part 2 unplayable in its entirety, upon it's first upload. Because of this, the version with which she replaced it, isn't' one that is cut to perfection.  In fact, it repeats the first several minutes of part 1 in it's beginning. Also when it comes to visual quality it seems as though the OnlyFans uploading process, also unfortunately crushed it. Because this is of course no fault of Jane's herself, one should not count this against her.

So with this said. Yes I did not have to review this scene, as I was not meant to. However, I'm really glad that I did, as I now recognize just how dedicated that some performers such as Jane Wilde are to their fans. When it comes to Jane herself, she is definitely one of my favorites.

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