Jamie Marleigh Fucked In The Woods (2019)

by - September 10, 2019

Starring: Jamie Marleigh // Pressure
Directed by: Big J
Runtime: 31 mins.

Scene Rating: 6


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, we find ourselves in the rural country backwoods, where we find Pressure, who is a country boy, who is minding his own business, as he calmly fixes his tractor. This is until Pressure finds himself approached by an attractive, farmer's daughter in Jamie Marleigh. Despite desperately attempting to get his attention, Jamie is initially unsuccessful in doing so as Pressure has his mind set on his work duties alone. This is where my lollipop-sucking minx playfully skips away, only to then purposely drop her lollipop to the ground, thus causing her to have to bend over to pick it up.  However, it is during, that Jamie's plump ass, protrudes from her denim shorts. It is a sight that definitely gets the attention of Pressure. It is a fact that Jamie knows all too well. This, as she runs off into the woods while challenging Pressure to give chase, and should he catch her, then he shall be rewarded with pussy. It's a challenge that pressure is surely up for ass he goes on the hunt.  Jamie is at first able to avoid being caught by Pressure, however soon he does catch up with her in a center area, where a blanket has already been strangely positioned on the ground, as if Jamie had planned this all along. However, nonetheless, we see Pressure and Jamie soon go at it in the middle of the woods.

The sexual encounter begins with some ass worship by Pressure, as Jamie's ass faces the camera. However it isn't long before Jamie returns the favor going on to suck Pressure's hardening cock.  Jamie begins to suck it deep, as pressure encourages her to make it sloppier. After an extended period here, Pressure positions Jamie on all fours, with her ass pointed up as he takes her from behind for doggy. It is here that Pressure maintains a steady pace, while momentarily quickening it. This is then followed up by pressure asking Jamie if she can ride dick.  And as it turns out is something that she is eager to do. This as she next climbs on for cowgirl. Initially Jamie sits up right as she bounces.  However, things truly pick up whenever she leans forward to quickly pop her ass on it, giving the camera a very nice view of the proceedings. Next up, the position of course reverses.  Here, Jamie leans forward to bounce, before taking an upright position where Pressure pounds her deep, and hard for a time.  This, until the not-so-innocent farmer's daughter says that she wants to show Pressure a position.  A position that she promises to be "nasty".  It's the position of spoon, as they quickly go into things.  Like the previous position, Pressure maintains the deep, and hard pacing, this lasting until he must cum.  The scene then concludes with Pressure jerking off to cum, aimed at Jamie's mouth.

The Review //
Here, I review a scene from BANG BROS, and their series called "Brown Bunnies", as is directed by Big J for brand. the scene titled, "Jamie Marleigh Fucked In The Woods" features the titular starlet alongside BANG BROS contract star, Pressure. The scene is set up via storyline, and it is such a storyline which finds our two performers acting out a pair of countrified characters,  Pressure, a "good 'ol boy", who is simply fixing his tractor, and Jamie Marleigh, as a not-so-innocent daughter of a farmer, who is determined to seduce him.  Long story short, she does just that rather easily, and soon enough, they are off to the races, and they quickly get into sexual shenanigans in the middle of the woods.

I first heard about this scene on twitter because a fan had posted it advertising it as an upcoming scene for members on BANG BROS. nonetheless and needless to say, I really liked what I saw from the  preview.  I actually thought that it was quite hilarious, and after seeing it, and indeed it's just that. In fact, the storyline here plays out brilliantly. Both Jamie Marleigh and Pressure to an equally great job in portraying their respective characters here. They often would also improvise in order to keep the character up to story. I really liked the setup.  I also liked how Pressure ran after Jamie like a live-action cartoon character.  Pressure is definitely good at portraying characters.

However, it is when it comes to the sex scene, that is where I found the most problems. First of all, it's a scene which mostly relies on it's storyline alone. Most of the time spent here, is indeed spent on telling the story. Now I have no problem with that, but extend the time allowed for the sex if you are going to do that. However as a result, what we have here is a very quick sexual encounter. One that I didn't "feel" all of the way, to be honest. There was no real chemistry built between the two performers. Simply put it seems as though the two performers are just going through a set of positions, until they reach a finish. However, I will say that the final two positions; reverse cowgirl, and spoon, were indeed the scene's best. It was here that Pressure really upped his pacing, and fucked Jamie hard. This, at least giving the sex a stronger finish.  Don't get me wrong, I really like both of these performers.  However, this was just not their standout scene, sexually. And to be honest, I do not feel that it is any fault of their own. The scene itself is a little rushed I felt, and edits are choppy as well.

Overall I really liked the storyline portion here.  However, when it got to the sex scene, the main course of the scene, if you will, it's surely lacking in a number of areas, and again, honestly, it just isn't that interesting, up until the very end of it. This is truly a classic case of the storyline outdoing the sex itself.

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