Kate Kennedy Gets A Sex Robot Online That Turns Out To Be Real! (2019)

by - September 03, 2019

Starring: Kate Kennedy // Jay Romero
Directed by:
Runtime: 18 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.6


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Kate Kennedy, doing some shopping on her phone.  When scrolling through items, she comes across an item that happens to catch her interest, a life-like robot.  The product promises to be extremely lifelike, as well as voice activated, as Wifi capable.  It seems to be just too good to pass up, so Kate decides to give it a try - and with prime shipping, it should be there in no time.  This turns out to be very true, as strangely, Kate gets a knock at her door in a matter of seconds.  When Kate answers, standing in the doorway, is what appears to be her very life-like robot.  A robot, who introduces himself as "Jay".  A surprised Kate invites Jay in, and she's quick to call up her friend Lauren, to give her the news on Jay's arrival.  The girls quiz the robot, having him to do such things as doing "the robot", report the weather, or giving them the current time in London.  Kate is amazed.  But then, it's Lauren who decides to get a little kinky, when she has Kate to ask her robot to remove his pants.  It is after this that Kate finds herself even more impressed by her robot.  This is because, staring her right in the face is none other than a big penis!  Kate is amazed.  So much so that she abruptly ends her phone call with Lauren to get a closer look. Kate does not hesitate to ask for robot if she may suck his cock. Of course the robots says that as it is ok, and so Kate wastes no time in getting to work on it.

Kate takes the cock into her mouth sucking it nice and slow, as deeply penetrates her throat.  However, it is during this that Jay is unable to keep his composure, as the jig is soon up.  It is then that Kate realizes that her robot is no robot at all.  Jay is in fact a real man.  Kate is indeed disappointed yet at the same time, gives Jay the benefit of the dour, as she decides to take full advantage of the situation as things continue.  Kate then continues to suck Jay off as he is then seated on the couch.  It's following this that Kate wants to ride the dick.  This as she straddles it, as she climbs on for cowgirl.  Here, the petite Kate, pins her legs back, as we see her bounce, as well as grind on the cock.  The next position is missionary with Kate on her back, as we see Jay employ a pace that is steady. becoming increasingly harder, as he momentarily apply a choke, as he drive it in.  Kate next again rides the dick, this time in reverse cowgirl.  Initially her legs are pinned, until she plants her feet briefly as she is slammed down.  Lastly is doggy, as Kate is bent over and fucked from behind, until Jay must cum.  The scene comes to and end when Jay jerks is cock, until shooting a load onto an eager Kate's chest.

The Review //
 For today's review I visit the Bang series called "Trickery", a series that truly harkens back to the feel of old school, plot-driven porno, as it presents various scenarios in which a subject unsuspectingly finds themselves tricked into a sexual situation almost always as the result of some rather humorous shenanigans. In this case we have Kate Kennedy who believes that she is ordering a robot online, only to be "delivered" the real thing in Jay Romero, who soon arrives at her doorstep. Of course Jay's charade does not last long, as we soon have a sexual encounter upon us.

This is a scene that runs just a little over 18 minutes in length, with about five, or so of that attributed storytelling. So with the remaining time, what we have is a relatively shot sex scene. However, with that said, it is a scene that I would call "short but sweet". Although it is a quick scene, it is one that I feel flows very well, as I felt that position there were, were handled effectively. There is a tinge passion here in each of the positions. For one I really enjoyed watching Kate Kennedy enthusiastically ride Jay Romero's cock with much spunk, and vigor. I particularly enjoyed the standard cowgirl positions seeing as during, Kate's legs were behind her giving us a nice view of the petite performer's bare feet. I would not consider myself as someone having a foot fetish. However, there are just those who have feet that drive me nuts. Consider Kate Kennedy as part of that list. Also adding to the flame here if you will, is additionally Kate's continuous dirty talk during the scene.  It's not necessarily always "dirty talk", but more so impulsive(you know, the "oh fucks!"). I don't know what it is about it, but I just find it to be really hot.

So yes, chemistry between Kate Kennedy, and Jay Romero is definitely apparent throughout the scene. As I have stated the positives of the scene. This is a scene that is not without its flaws. I do appreciate the fact that for the entirety of the scene, for the most part, the visuals are in full frame giving us a full view of the action at hand. However, with this in mind, what the scene is lacking is the inclusion of closeups. During the scene we do have a closeup during the blowjob at the start. However, elsewhere during the scene's various positions, there virtually are none to be seen. Honestly speaking, with Kate beautiful body, and her pretty pussy, I would have loved to have seen some views that were close to each. This would be my only real complaint about the scene itself, as I feel at all else is handled well.

So to sum things up, I enjoyed this scene. I felt that the storyline element was silly, yet fun. It seems as though the performers had fun with it, with Jay, a couple of times, nearly cracking, yet managing to hold it together. Kate Kennedy is here and impresses with both her performances, acting and sexual, as well as with her looks. She has a very beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, and a very sexy petite body. This was my second time seeing her perform, and I have to say that I really like her. This is a scene that I was for sure recommend seeing especially if you happen to enjoy quirky porn storylines.

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