Kenzie Reeves Gets Drilled By Dick In Her Asshole (2019)

by - September 09, 2019

Starring: Kenzie Reeves // Steve Holmes
Directed by:
Runtime: 32 mins.

Scene Rating: 9.5


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Kenzie Reeves is a rebellious girl with a problem.  Her father has just married someone new, and additionally, it's for some reason that she too has invited her own father to stay.  And unfortunately, as Kenzie would find, he's a dirty old man.  He always seems to spy on her as she does things such as prep for her daily workout, and sunbathes.  However, things then reach their boiling point, as Kenzie is gearing up to go to a music festival.  She's provocatively dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, as she just so happens to drop her sunglasses. When she bends over to pick them up, that is when Steve gets an eyeful, as her puffy pussy peeks out from under her panties.  It's then that Kenzie has had enough.  This, as she jumps up on the couch, moving her white panties aside, and shoving her pussy into Steve's face - thus giving the old man what he wants.  Steve buries his face in between Kenzie's fat pussy lips, as he tongue her clit.  This occurs for a time, after which Kenzie jumps off, denying him anymore. However, Steve is quick to distract her, as he pull out his cock.  Kenzie is amazed, and is soon drawn in.  This as she goes down on Steve to suck. She does so before Steve goes on to roughly fuck her face.  The blowjob then continues with Steve seated on the couch.  This as Kenzie slobbers on the cock good. Kenzie is then on her back with her legs held high, and spread, as Steve tongue her pussy and ass. Following a brief moment of Steve straddling Kenzie's face and fucking it, he then inserts the cock into her pussy to fuck it steadily. After Kenzie goes on to taste herself on Steve's cock, prior to the action going to cowgirl.  Kenzie initially straddles, prior to planting her feet.  This, as Steve goes on to slam her down hard.  Next following some brief 69, we then graduate to anal sex, as the action goes to reverse cowgirl.  It's a position, that Steve continues by hoisting Kenzie up in the air, as things go to the standing variation.  Following this, the action goes down on the couch, as Kenzie next bounces on the dick from a sidesaddle position as anal continues.  Steve still on her ass next, as we go into a piledriver position.  It's here at Kenzie's request that Steve fingers her pussy while fucking her asshole.  Following this, Steve makes Kenzie smell, and suck his cock before we see her on all fours on the opposite couch.  From here, Steve fucks the ass, half straddling from a side mount.  He then fucks her straight away however, as Kenzie encourages Steve to alternate between her holes.  Sidefuck is seen next, as Steve once again fills both holes.  Cock in ass, and fingers in pussy.  He goes on to again, switch between holes, prior to settling on the ass, pounding it hard, as Kenzie's legs are held tightly.  This lasts until Steve must cum. The scene comes to an end, as Kenzie goes on to eat Steve's ass, as he jerks his cock.  This until sprouting a big load that rains down on Kenzie's eager young face.

The Review //
For this review I once again visit BANG!, and their original series "Surprise!"  In the scene, popular spinner, Kenzie Reeves is a teen with an annoyance in the form of Steve Holmes as her new Stepmom's perverted father.  The keyword here, is indeed "perverted".  Steven is always trying to get a peek.  It's so bad that Kenzie finally gives in - and gives it up.  However, much to her surprise, it happens to be an anal "surprise" that the youngster will never forget!

Wow, what a great fucking scene this was!  This is a scene where the two performers really bring it.  Yes, Kenzie Reeves, and the veteran, Steve Holmes were definitely on their "A game" here.  From the very beginning of  the sex, this 32 minute scene is full-on energy.  From the moment that Kenzie puts her pussy in Steve's face, it's carried on until the fucking, which includes both vaginal and anal sex.  The action in question is really passionate between them.  There is much interaction throughout.  I just loved Kenzie's slutty dirty talk, as she begged Holmes to give it to her.  This as she tells him to "pump his cock" in, to "make her take it", and to go "balls deep" into her.  She even says that she is Steve's "fuck doll".  All of it resulting in hard hitting action, some of which sees Steve switching holes, and also double penetrating Kenzie with both dick and fingers.  This, in addition to leading Kenzie to several hard, convulsing orgasms.  Simply put, it's great stuff from start to finish.  As I said, Kenzie and Steve were on it.  Great action, featuring multiple positions, as Steve, not only fucks Kenzie's pretty pussy, but also her tight puckering asshole.  This, as she eagerly awaits it.  For this scene, I guess my only complaint would be that I didn't want it to end!  Steve has a great, educated cock, and here, it's clear that Kenzie's character's dumb holes want to learn!  This crash course in Dickology 101, is both fast paced an intense!

When it comes to this particular scene, it's one that I can honestly say that I pretty much enjoyed from start to finish,  What great energy bought forth here by this pair.  From the start of the sex, I truly was hooked.  I really enjoy both of these performers, who I believe, to both respectively be among the best.  Kenzie is magnetic, cute, and nasty and has a beautiful vagina(asshole too!).  While Steve Holmes is an ultra talented cocksman, whom is basically already a legend in the industry.  He definitely shows us why here.  So, with all of the above in mind, this is a scene that I definitely cannot recommend to you enough.  It's a true "must see", and is surely one of the best scenes that I have seen this year.  Be sure to not let this gem of a scene pass you by!

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