Not What She Expected (2019)

by - September 20, 2019

Starring: Chloe Cherry // Kyle Mason
Directed by:

Runtime: 39 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.85


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Chloe Cherry is a young woman, who is expecting a child. She is also a young woman who is late for her birthing class which is being taught by Kyle Mason. When Chloe arrives in class she explains that her boyfriend was supposed to give her a ride, but he decided to go to a frat party instead. Nonetheless, Kyle welcome her into the class which includes another expecting mother. Kyle has Chloe take a seat on an exercise ball, and it is during this that he get a glance of Chloe's round ass, which has been squeezed into a pair of tight, rainbow decorated yoga pants.  He definitely likes what he sees.  When the class ends for the day, and the other mother leaves, Chloe asks Kyle to stick around, so that she can catch up on what she missed. It is without hesitation that he agrees to stay a while.
First, the two of them go over stretches, as dictated by Kyle, and it is with each, that the two of them come closer to one another. One such position see Chloe on all fours, during which, Kyle is within reaching distance of Chloe's ass. It is when the two of them are sitting on the exercise ball together, that Chloe decides to open up about something that she thinks is rather embarrassing. She tells Kyle that, ever since becoming pregnant, she had been more and more increasingly horny.  She also goes on to say that since her pregnancy, her boyfriend will not participate in sex. Saying that he is embarrassed by her baby bump.  This even after saying that he can fuck her ass.  Kyle then consoles her, by telling her that her belly is beautiful. Chloe then finally adding to this saying that if she doesn't get laid soon, then she is afraid that it's going to be far too stressful for her unborn child. It's then that she hints around that Kyle, just may be able to help. It's at that point with sexual tension already at a high, that it does not take Kyle long to oblige.

Things begin with Chloe on all fours, Kyle goes on to massage her ass from over her yoga pants.  However soon, he goes on to rip them open revealing Chloe's ass and pussy, prior to burying his face in.  Here, we see him tongue at, and slurp Chloe's ass making it nice and wet, before he put his cock in to fuck at a steady pace, eventually fully straddling the ass to pound it.  It's then after some brief sucking by Chloe that things go to reverse cowgirl.  From here, Kyle continues to fuck Chloe's ass, as she lean back with her feet planted on his legs, and also held free in the air.  After this, Kyle lies flat on his back, as it is ass to mouth, as Chloe goes on to suck, and work to cock with both hands for a time, before see she then on her back, as anal goes to side fuck.  Chloe here, pulls back on the hole in her yoga pants so that view of her holes are wide open for the camera, as Kyle's plugging becomes increasingly faster and deeper.  Following this, the two take to the floor as the action next go to cowgirl, as Chloe first climbs on the bounce on the dick.  However, soon, Kyle takes over to fuck at a quick, even pace, running in and out of Chloe's ass.  After once again cleaning Kyle's cock with her mouth, Chloe is back on, except for this time, her feet are planted.  Again, Kyle fucks fast, before anal next takes up in spoon.  In this position, Kyle continues the buttfucking at a fast hard pace,until he must cum.  This followed by he jerking off, to shoot a load across Chloe's mouth and face.

The Review //
In the storyline driven-scene, "Not What She Expected" from BRAZZERS, Chloe Cherry is a young woman who is pregnant, or so we think. It all starts when Chloe arrives late for her birthing class, which is overseen by Kyle Mason. Chloe convinces Kyle to stay behind in order to catch her up on what she had missed by being late.  However, it is during this time that sexual attraction boils over between them, once Chloe mentions that she is horny, and also the fact that her boyfriend will not give her any, even though she offered up just her ass. It is from there that a sexual encounter between the two kicks off, and this is one that is exclusively anal. As for the storyline itself, it's one that I really enjoyed, as it is vividly realized and portrayed. Not only this, it also has a wraparound conclusion that brings the storyline itself to an end, once the sexual content concludes. It's a conclusion that reveals that Chloe had not only been lying to Kyle her teacher but also her boyfriend Jared as well. And what she was lying about it? – She was not in fact pregnant at all. It was all just a ploy to get attention and in the case of Kyle, to get fucked in the ass!

When it comes to BRAZZERS, their storylines are usually well-realized. When it comes to this one, I did have some fun with it.  Chloe is one of my favorite people in general and seeing her, "with child" so to speak, was so cute!  Even if it did turn out to be fabricated in the end.

When it comes to the sexual encounter, as I said, it's all anal from start to finish.  As in the story, Chloe says that if she can't have vaginal sex, then anal is ok.  It's great.  It all begins with Chloe on all fours as Kyle rips open Chloe's Yoga pants, to go and tongue, at her ass.  This was so hot to start with.  Not to mention that it left Chloe's bubble butt to stick out for the entirety of the scene, especially looking best when pounded in cowgirl.  However, not before it is drilled in doggy, as Kyle straddles it f om behind  For the most part, the action here is steady and fast paced throughout. Kyle is consistent, as he plugs away at Chloe's tight butthole, which stretches around his cock. Chloe's asshole takes the dick nicely, no matter how hard Kyle dished it out.  Though this scene isn't heavily focused on anal gaping, there are indeed some very nice reveals, displaying the progress, and grow of Chloe's pretty butthole, as it happens. The action which includes anal sex from positions such as reverse cowgirl, and standard cowgirl, ends nice hard as things finish up in the spoon position.  But of course, it's after this that Chloe is not only awarded with cum.  It's also when her story falls apart as not only does the secret of her fake belly emerge, her boyfriend also shows up to find Chloe with Kyle's jizz on her face.

As a whole I found this one to be a fairly solid scene both in story, and in the sexual content. When it comes to the sex between Chloe Cherry and Kyle Mason, for an all anal encounter, I found it to be effective in a straightforward manner, as opposed to a descriptive one. It is just a round of solid butt-pounding  While I enjoyed it for the sex for sure, for me what brought it all together was also the storyline, and especially how it played out in the end.  An ending with a pinch of comedy.  So, with this in mind, it's a scene that I would for sure recommend.

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