EvilAngel.com: Fucked Up Anal Fantasies - Scene 2 - Vienna Rose

by - September 12, 2019

Starring: Vienna Rose // Ramon Nomar
Directed by: Aiden Riley
Runtime: 48 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.76


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Vienna Rose, who's patiently waiting around for her boyfriend Ramon Nomar, as they prepare to go out to a Halloween party for the night. Vienna herself is dressed as a sexy Native American girl, while Ramon is to complement her as a Native American chief.  Unfortunately however, things take a crazy turn, when out steps Ramon, in full costume, minus loin cloth. In fact he approaches Vienna with a raging hard cock for good measure. Vienna is obviously confused by Ramon's lack of pants, as she questions him. Ramon answers that he thought that they were going to a swingers Halloween party.  Vienna then corrects him, saying that it is just your standard bash.  The couple is indeed faced with a problem.  Ramon, of course didn't purchase a loin cloth as part of his get up.  He actually sees no problem with gallivanting in the bare, but of course Vienna just can't have it.  It's just indecent.  So therefore to save her the embarrassment, so ultimately decides that the two should just stay in for now, and maybe go to the party later - after a lion garment is purchased.  In the mean time, they need to do something about Chief Ramon's hard cock that remains standing at attention.  Ramon knows just the thing as the two begin to kiss passionately, and feel each other up.

Vienna is then undressed, as Ramon has her position herself on the couch on all fours, as Ramon first spanks her with her tomahawk, prior to going in on Vienna's ass with his tongue.  He licks both pussy and ass here, before punching hid tongue in.  He follows it up, by going on to double penetrate Vienna with 4 fingers - 2 in each tight hole.  After this, Ramon has Vienna then straddle his face as he sit on the floor against the couch,  Vienna stands over him from here, as Ramon slurps on Vienna's fat pussy.  This, as she go on to also ride his face, as the camera gives us a view from overhead.  The action then quickly goes into blowjob and face fuck, all of which much spit is spent on the cock.  Next, Ramon takes things to spoon in the couch. Here we see the Ramon fuck at a steady pace, driving his cock in deep.  It's a round of spoon that drives Ramon to convulsing orgasm, shortly before Ramon increases his speed, hammering her pink pussy good.  following Ramon has a seat on the couch, as he has Vienna suck his cock deep, this while grabbing her pigtails and slams her head down on his cock, as her eyes roll back and her mouth attacks the dick.  The next position is cowgirl, as Vienna straddles he cock.  First Ramon bounces her up and down, but soon repositions to allow Vienna to fuck him herself.  She takes herself to orgasm, prior to Ramon fucking back.  Next however, the focus is then the ass, as things go anal, as Ramon switches holes.  It's then that Ramon fucks at his quick pace, before we see, Vienna once again, straddle to bounce like before.  During this, we see Ramon play with Vienna's pussy as well.  It's then ass to mouth, before reverse cowgirl, as Vienna has her ass pushed out toward the camera.  Ramon fucks the ass steadily, as her hole stretches around the dick.  This is followed by Ramon once more  having Vienna take over the duties, as he ensure that she spread her cheeks.  During this, the camera captures Vienna's magnificent gape.  Ramon fucks her some more briefly here, before shoving Vienna in a back position as his butt plunging continues, during which, he also plugs Vienna's pussy with fingers.  Vienna after this sits upright, and bounces her ass on the cock for a brief time, prior to Ramon once again fucking the ass fast and hard, driving Vienna to another hard orgasm.  Vienna however is next, again leaned back as we return to reverse cowgirl, with both Vienna's legs open, and held tightly together.  This as the camera reveals that Vienna's ass asshole is dripping of creamy ass juice.  Ass juice that Ramon has her taste.  The action then sees Vienna take a sidesaddle position, as she bounce and grind, before taking a half straddle position.  Ramon then fucks the ass from behind with Vienna face down, and ass up, prior to having her stand in a one legged stance.  It's here that Ramon hit it until building himself up to cum.  The sex then comes to a close with Ramon jerking is cock to shoot his load, into Vienna's mouth.  It's a load that she of course swallows.

The Review //
Here, I extract a scene from a release from director Aiden Riley for this review.  From the release, "Fucked Up Anal Fantasies", this the second scene of four.  It features, young, bubbly starlet, Vienna Rose, and award winning male talent, Ramon Nomar. Like the other scenes in the release, this  particular scene features a stort storyline set up, which  get things started. When Ramon fails to grasp the protocol of the Halloween party which the Vienna are meant to attend - when he forgets to buy the loin cloth to cover his cock, and seeing as it is already hard, Vienna figures that she might as well take care of it first. This, as they go into a sexual encounter that includes both vaginal and anal sex.

When it comes to this scene, I thought that the storyline itself was humorous. Girl waits for her boyfriend to get ready to go to a party. Guy comes out naked with a hard on, as he believes they are going to a swingers Halloween party where of course everyone will have their dicks out, just as he does currently.  It's funny and well played by the performers, and adding to the humor, is the fact that Ramon Nomar of course, speaks with such, a heavy, pronounced accent.  After our couple in this story decide to rectify Ramon's boner problem, we of course move into the sex.  It's a sexual encounter that of course prominently features, as the title of the release hints, anal sex.  However, it's not without first some quality pussy fucking.  Yes, at the beginning of the scene we see Vienna Rose have her beautiful, plump and pink pussy pounded good by Ramon, who gives it to her so good, that there are times that we see Vienna's eyes roll back, as she basically convulses with orgasm.  It's a beautiful sight. It is during a round of cowgir;\l that we first go into anal sex.  It's anal sex that director Aiden Riley captures nicely, for me the highlight of the majority of it was how he filled the screen with Vienna's fat bubble butt, as Ramon's cock stretched her hole,  It's just beautiful - and then the gape reveals? Glorious.  Someone on the EVIL ANGEL members comments for the scene said that Vienna needs an asshole bleaching.  No she fucking does not, I would not hesitate to bury my face deep into that ass!  For the record.  Anyway.  It's sporadically, fast paced action, as a result of the skilled, hard fucking skills of Nomar, who here is consistent in his work.  I give it to him for fucking Vienna so hard that, not only did she talk dirty, she at one point blurted out that she's a "dirty double stuffed whore".  This as Ramon's cock was in her ass, and his fingers in her pussy.  Just amazing right?! And speaking of amazing, amazing is Vienna Rose herself.  Not only is she amazing personally, she is a great performer as well.  Personally, she is one of the sweetest people with whom you'll ever communicate.  As a performer, she is also great, as she also seemingly loses herself during sex.  For instance, there are moments here where she is practically speechless and out of breath.  When it comes to Vienna Rose highlights here, I loved the moment in the scene where she straddles the cock in cowgirl, as the camera gives us a view from the front, it's a view where we have a full view of Vienna's beautiful blonde bush.  I love it!  Also another moment, is something that I observed near the end, and during the scene's final position.  As Vienna is sprawled out, and essentially on one leg, while being fucked deep from behind, if you pay close attention then you will see that Vienna is actually biting the pillow on the couch! It's kind of funny, but it's great.

Overall, this is a solid scene from Aiden Riley and EVIL ANGEL.  Though it is a lot less artistic, and more straight forward in approach.  There are some great shot choices as per usual from Aiden Riley.  Especially when it comes to the butt sex,  That's because Aiden's camera puts us right into the anal, which is right where we want to, and should be as a viewer.  When it comes to the other scenes featured in "Fucked Up Anal Fantasies", they appear to be well worthwhile, especially seeing as the first scene features none other than the queen of Alt porn herself, Joanna Angel!

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