Locker Cocker (2019)

by - September 16, 2019

Starring: Megan Marx // Oliver Flynn
Directed by:
Runtime: 39 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.75


Scene Breakdown //
This scene sees Megan Marx still longing for Lacrosse player, Oliver Flynn ever since meeting him at a frat party.  She is so taken by Oliver that we find her sneaking into the Lacross locker room.  She is quick to locate Oliver's locker, which  just so happens to have been left open.  Megan makes her way inside, and is quick to shuffle through the locker's contents.  This including trying on Oliver's pinnie(or jersey), while snapping various selfies with his phone.  Megan is surprised when Oliver and a teammate make a ruckus, as they make their way into the locker room.  It's a disturbance that has Megan quickly hide in a locker.  While in there, she hears Oliver and his teammate talking about her, and the fact that Megan wants Oliver, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend.  It's after this conversation however that the both prepare to head to the field for practice.  Unfortunately though, there's a problem.  Oliver can't seem to find his pinnie - the pinnie that Megan is wearing.  When Oliver's teammate leaves him unattended, it isn't long before the jig is up, and Oliver discovers Megan.  Oliver is kind of annoyed as he doesn't want to find himself cut from the team.  He wants to go to practice.  But Megan, she just wants to fuck.  Oliver, despite his determination to get to the field, it doesn't take Megan much to persuade him, as Megan is quick to proceed to suck Oliver's large cock. 

Megan does so with skill, slurping and sucking,and deep throating him for a time.  However, Oliver soon turns the tables, peeling off Megan's red thong, and then eating her ass.  Next up, Oliver had Megan lie back on the bench, as he eats her pussy and then takes things to missionary.  Here, he fucks steady, while increasing his pace.  Following this, it's to cowgirl as Megan climbs on to ride.  Initially, Megan sits upright to bounce, prior to Oliver taking over to slam her down.  Next is 69 for a time, as Megan again sucks cock and Oliver eats pussy.  This is shortly followed by reverse cowgirl, as Megan plants her feet on Oliver's legs to bounce on the cock. Following this after more brief cocksucking, it's to doggy as Megan props her right leg up on the bench, as Oliver takes her from behind, fucking hard and fast.  This is then followed by standing side fuck, as Oliver maintains his pace, which soon makes Megan cum.  After this, it's to standing 69, as Olivier lifts Megan up to eat her pussy, while she sucks his cock.  However following this, they go to the floor, as Megan once again climbs on for cowgirl, this time planting her feet to slam down deep.  This, before Oliver again takes over to fuck hard and fast.  Following a return to 69 from here, it's then back to doggy just as before.  Here as Oliver fucks steady and deep until he must cum.  The scene then comes to a conclusion with Oliver jerking off to spray Megan's face with a big load.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at another scene from REALITY KINGS. This scene from the "Teens Love Big Cock" series titled, "Locker Cocker" is a comedy infused vignette scene, featuring real life teen, 19 year old Megan Marx, as a teenage nympho on the quest for cock, as she desperately wants to bang Oliver Flynn, who is a Lacrosse player that she happened to meet at a Frat party recently.  Although Oliver has a girlfriend Megan, is more than determined to get his cock anyway.  She will seemingly do anything to do so, even if it means sneaking into the Lacrosse locker room before practice. Megan does just that, and as it turns out, it's in the end, that the teen gets exactly what she desires, as the end result, is fever-pitched locker room romp.

With this review, it is now the third time that I am reviewing the lovely Megan Marx. However, after seeing her this scene I can't help but believe that the role that she portrayed here is one that is much more closer to her true life than I have seen thus far. I don't know what it is. I can just picture Megan doing something like this in real life.  Seducing the jock of her desires, by sneaking into the locker room and seducing them when no one else is around.  I could see her doing it, and I'm sure that Megan herself would agree. When it comes to the storyline of this scene I enjoyed it for its laid back comedic approach. It's none too serious, rather it's something straight out of a teen sex comedy or something. Yes it's silly, but you just have fun with it.

When it comes to the sex scene between Megan and Oliver, for the most part it is pretty straightforward and to the point.  However, one would be surprised to find that a position such as standing 69 is also thrown into the mix here. Although the rest of the sex is kept fairly simple, I found that it flowed fairly well, as much credit should be given to Oliver Flynn, who proves how good a performer he is, keeping his pacing consistent, and fucking hard when need be.  I really enjoyed the times in doggy, as Oliver bangs Megan hard from behind,  This also carrying on into standing side fuck as Oliver hits it deep and hard, until Megan is driven to climax.  Megan cumming so hard, that Oliver basically must hold her up as she quivers.  It's good stuff.  It's of  course after this, that we see Megan put her hair up(she's cute as hell!) as things then go to standing 69.  It is brief but it looks great, as during this scene, Megan as we would find would take every opportunity to slobber on that cock. When it comes to the action on display during this scene, if it had any cons to point out, I would say that some of the positions can feel a little bit repetitive, such as the 69 and cowgirl.  However still, it is not enough not make this scene a fun one to take in.

As I said above, this is my third time reviewing Megan Marx, I have to admit that I had the most fun with this particular scene. It's fun and silly, but you get the impression that Megan, as did Oliver, had fun portraying their given roles. Not only that, you can sense that the two also enjoyed each other as well. I just love the way the Oliver shoved Megan against the locker, pulled down her panties, and ate her ass at the beginning.  That was so damn hot!

Overall this scene from REALITY KINGS is just mindless entertainment. The kind of silly comedy scene that you just sit back, relax and enjoy, as you enjoy the story, and hopefully the sex as well.  Luckily, here that is indeed the case, as in my opinion the sex that follows the storyline is even better.  Yes even in the environment of a locker room things still work out in the scene's favor. While the sex here is nothing truly special, you do have consistent work from the male talent Oliver Flynn, and the youthful beauty of Megan Marx, both of which manage to keep things interesting throughout.

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