Rip It Up (2019)

by - September 26, 2019

Starring: Nina Rivera // Oliver Flynn
Directed by:
Runtime: 31 mins.

Scene Rating: 8


Scene Breakdown //
We open the scene with Nina Rivera outdoors, as she tease for the camera.  She is wearing a black and checkered hoodie, ripped jeans, with black fishnets underneath, along with black heels.  This, as she displays her bounce from the front and the back, bouncing her tits and ass, with the latter getting splashed with oil during this segment.

We then move inside to find Nina on the bed, peacefully reading, as she suck on a cherry lollipop.  This, as she is interrupted by the director, who wants to see a little further teasing.  It's during this that he says that he has a treat for Nina.  It is then shortly after that we have the director introduce Oliver Flynn to the scene.  The director asks Oliver if he would be able to help Nina out today, and he believes that he is capable.  He begins to get his cock out, however, he is interrupted by the director, who thinks that Nina should do it.  She quickly does so, however not as quickly as she puts it in her mouth,  Nina sucks it deep, swapping between cock and lollipop, as she cannot decide which taste she prefers.  Soon, she has a mouthful of cock and candy, however.  But soon she decides that cock tastes better, as she throats Oliver, as the camera gives an overhead view.  It's during that Nina also asks for her face to be fucked.  Following this, Nina teases with her ass, pulling down her jeans midway,  However she pulls them back up saying that Oliver will have to get it, if he wants it.  He then follows up by starling Nina has he rips open the back of her jeans.  He then gets out the oil to oil up her brown buns.  After, he places his cock in between Nina's crack, and also in between the fishnets, as he moves in and out.  After some teasing and twerking, the action soon goes to doggy, as Oliver slips his cock in.  It's from here, that Oliver pounds at an increasing pace from behind, as Nina encourages it.  Following this, the pants are removed, as Oliver positions Nina on her back for missionary.  It's her that we switch between POV, and a side camera view as Nina encourages Oliver to pound her.  He does so hard, and fast.  Nina then climbs on more cowgirl.  Initially she's upright to bounce, but soon leans forward to be fucked by Oliver.  The action then carries over to reverse cowgirl, as Oliver maintains fucking Nina steady, going on to eventually fuck hard, before bringing things to spoon next.  Following spoon, Oliver places his hard cock in between Nina's big tits to fuck them, with the end result being that Oliver must cum.  The action then comes to a close with Oliver jerking off to shoot a load onto Nina's face from POV.  After which, Nina has a taste and says that it definitely tastes better than her lollipop.  The scene itself then ends with Nina kicking us, Oliver, and the cameraman out of her bedroom.

The Review //
In this scene titled "Rip it Up" from REALITY KINGS, we find Nina Rivera on a hot summer day, first as she treat us to an outdoor tease, and then as she treat herself with a lollipop, and with some cock.  The cameraman finds Nina in her bedroom, shortly before introducing her to scene partner, Oliver, Flynn.  Here, there really is no storyline to set things up, we simply go into the sex scene, and as we would find the action that follows is as fast-paced as the beginning of the scene itself. This is the fact that I found be a good thing. The action here is high-spirited from beginning to end, displaying much energy from both performers. From the beginning of the sex itself, I have to say that I really liked how the director incorporated the use of Nina's cherry lollipop. She begins the scene sucking on the candy, yet is soon sucking on cock. So what does the do? He soon has her sucking on both. First, switching between the two, and then having them both in her mouth simultaneously.  However, soon the cock wins out, as Nina declares it the better tasting.  We then go into some ass teasing, before, in show of strength, Oliver rips open Nina's pants.  I loved this.  Nina challenges Oliver to get that ass, and so he does.  After, we are given nice POV work, as Oliver further toys with Nina's plump brown booty, via her fishnets, prior to the real action beginning.  For the most part, the action here consists of hard pounding, and I must say that this was enjoyed by me.  Oliver was consistent in fucking the pussy, with flare of deep and hard pounding throughout.  Much of which, was so aided by encouraging dirty talk by Nina herself, who encouraged Oliver to "fuck her black pussy!".  There were also other great instances such as when Oliver slips his cock in between Nina's fishnets from behind, to move in and out.  Nina tells him that he's fucking "every hole but the right one"(how great is that!), and also the times that she mentions Oliver's "white cock".  I just really enjoyed the straightforwardness of the scene, no sugar coating, just hard banging.  The energy comes across very well on screen

When it comes to Nina Rivera, before this scene, I had been very aware of here via social media, yet I had not yet seen here perform in a scene.  So yes, this was my first experience seeing her.  Based on this scene, I do have to say that I am impressed.  Not only does she look great, she's a passionate and aware performer.  I mentioned her dirty talk.  However, I say aware due to her awareness of things during a scene.  She knows that we are watching her, and so she makes sure to make eye contact with the camera, as if she is making eye contact with us, the viewer.  A great example of this is during the scene when Nina goes on to ride in cowgirl.  From this position, as she bounces on the dick, she looks right at the camera, almost as though she is making love to it.  It's so hot.  I just love it when girls are so aware of what it is that they shooting.  Both Nina and Oliver here, work well well together to keep things engaging, and especially hot.  It's good stuff.

So with that said, this scene from REALITY KINGS, is one that I would definitely recommend seeing.

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