Under The Bed - Within (2019)

by - October 15, 2019

Starring: Emma Hix // Emily Willis // Michael Vegas
Directed by: Fred August
Runtime: 50 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Scene 1:
The girls gather on the couch in front of the fire during a raging storm. During which, the two of them begin to get closer to one another, especially when the loud clap of thunder, puts Emma right into the waiting, and embracing arms of Emily.  Of course, Emma does her best to shy away from any form of intimacy.  However, soon, it's just to much to bare, as innocent kissing, of course leads to more.  Shirts come off, as Emily goes on to suck on Emma's tits. However, next, Emma returns the favor.  She sucks on Emily's nipples shortly before sitting spread, as Emma then rubs her clit, while the two again kiss passionately.  It's with this, that Emily makes Emma reach climax.  It's from there, that the two take turns going down on each other as they lie back.  The action sees Emily make another return to in between Emma's legs.  However, it's shortly after that the ladies are then interrupted by a mysterious, blood covered man.  This signifying the end of scene.

Scene 2:
Michael wastes no time in attacking Emma's pussy, as she ends up seated, and spread on the bathroom counter.  Michael here goes after her clit with his tongue, and then his fingers, as he insert them to fuck her hole.  After some time, Emma reverses herself as Michael continues from behind.  It's followed up by again Emma facing the front.  After this, Michael lifts, and carries Emma into a bedroom.  He places her on the bed, however, Emma counters, flipping Michal on his back, where she then proceeds to suck his cock.  This eventually to a brief round of 69, as Emma immediately springs on top for reverse cowgirl.  Emma plants her feet, as Michael hammers it in deep for a time.  We also see Emma grind, and the bounce.  Brief cocksucking is then followed by standard
cowgirl next.  Following that position, the action goes to missionary, side fuck, and back again, as Michael proceeds to plant his feet, in order slam his dick in deep and hard.  Next up, the action goes to doggy, as Michael takes Emma from behind.  Initially Michael goes nice and steady, at an even pace.  However, soon Emma takes over to rock back on the dick for a time, prior to Michael once more taking over.  First he half straddles Emma, before going to a full straddle, fucking deep and hard.  The action then returns to missionary as Michael continues ferociously until he must cum.  The action comes to an end with Michael pulling out to stroke and pop onto Emma's stomach, producing a big load.

The Review //
In this, the premiere episode of the ADULT TIME original series, the horror anthology, UNDER THE BED, "Within", from director Fred August, tells the ominous story of two gal pals, who take a little weekend getaway at a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere.

In the story, Emma Hix has just recently broken up with her boyfriend John.  It's obvious to her best friend, and neighbor that the change has taken a toll on Emma, so she takes it upon herself to arrange a getaway for them at a log cabin.  Surrounded only by woods, at the cabin, would be just the two of them - or so they thought.  That's because, lurking in the woods is a hunter.  A scavenger.  A killer. ....someone with a beast WITHIN.

When a heavy storm finds Emma and Emily cozied up conformable on the couch with some popcorn and a movie, one thing leads to another, as Emma has her first experience with a woman, despite some initial jitters.  Unfortunately for them however, just as things become ultra passionate, they turn to dread as the two sides of the story collide, when the ladies find themselves face to face with the mysterious man who lives in the woods.  But is all what to be expected?  A twist is in store.



Unfortunately, there will be spoilers in this review, as there is no other way around it.

Like the classic horror anthologies of the mainstream, ADULT TIME's UNDER THE BED, produced by Bree Mills, will present a series of short films, each in their own styles, with each debuting about a week apart leading up until Halloween it seems.

The series opens with this take on the camping/cabin in the woods sub-genre, as written by Fistopher Nolan.  One with a supernatural twist.  The story begins just like any other of the type, when two unsuspecting young people, go camping, only to eventually somehow run afoul of evil.  However. first before that happens, the story attempts to flesh out the characters via dialogue,  It's via such dialogue that we learn things about each character.  The reason for the cabin trip id because Emma has just gone through a breakup.  According to her friend Emily, she's arranged the getaway to get her mind off of things.  However,the script does a nice job of segueing into introducing the fact that Emily is gay. After Emily gets a bit turned on when rubbing her friend down with  suntan lotion, Emma begins to believe that the only reason for the trip was so that Emily could seize the opportunity to get into her pants.  A little bit later. this would turn out to be true.  Unfortunately however, for at least one of them, things would not end well when in the middle of their sexual tryst,they are met by the intruder.

However this is when the story has a surprise for us this is when it is revealed that for Emma this has been her plan all along, in fact she has done it many times before. We are a witness to Emma brutally killing and devouring the woman who was supposed to be her best friend, and it is after the fact, that she is approached by the mysterious man from the woods.  He knows exactly "what" she is. That's because she is exactly like him.  Something that the man did not believe existed.  For he is believed that he was the only one like him. Unable to live among society due to his thirst to hunt and kill to satisfy a hunger inside, the man has lived. and breathed in the woods alone.  Killing and gutting animals to survive.  He had no idea that there were indeed others of his make.  But Emma indeed is.  As she says that she has the same urge.  the same hunger.  When Michael asks, Emma says that she has been able to live among people, keeping the feedings at bay, due to weekend getaways like this one.  Of course, the like minds hit it off fast, as they too quickly throw themselves into a fast paced sexual encounter.  And it's after this, that the story comes to a charging end, as tables turn, showing that one beast is no match for the other, no matter how compatible they may seem.

When speaking of the story here, I felt that the storyline overall was fairly decent.  In my experience with horror, I found the story to be a bit simple, spare for it's surprise twist. I felt that this in particular was handled quite well. Unfortunately not much in terms of story follows once this is revealed to us, other than one final "shock" event.  Ab event that comes at us rather predictably. Again, I just felt that the story, and how it played out was just decent.

When speaking of the technical side of things. I did quite like the buildup, or even more so, the little hints and things dropped in there.  Like this. Emma has just broken up with her boyfriend. Could it be because Emma has killed him, just as she would her best friend? Also during the sexual encounter between Emma and Emily, Emily makes note of the fact that, despite saying that she has never been with a woman, that Emma seems to be quite the experienced. Is this because Emma has been with many women previously, who would go on to be her "food", shortly after?  I also liked a moment added in, which saw Michael sniff the air, shortly after the girls arrive. He could smell something, and later we learn, that he could sense that someone just like him was somewhere near.  At the time it happened, we weren't sure what it was he was smelling.  Maybe an animal for killing.  But no, it actually had a key part in the story, little did we know.  It's a nice touch.  I felt that this was implemented into the story well. Other things that I enjoyed here about this episode were the cinematography, as well as the acting by all. This was shot really well, taking the style of an old grindhouse film, with some minimal dust and scratches here and there appearance-wise. The look of the film definitely adds atmospheric mood to the proceedings, as for the acting everyone does well here as noted. This is especially true when talking about the acting performances of both Emma Hix and Michael Vegas, our two individuals who are beasts in the flesh. Both of them do very nice getting in character, in addition to the evil side of things.  I do have to say that Emma does look great with blood on her. As for Michael Vegas I seem to say this every week about Mike, but I'll be damned if he does not impress once again in this outing. Here Mike plays an individual uncivilized.  A man who has been living in the woods for quite some time, away from population. This is the notion that we do pick up on via his performance, characteristics and mannerisms. These are things that even carry over into the sex scene between he and Emma, serving as the film's finale. The scene gives the phrase "fuck you like an animal", true meaning. The action between them is rough and inhibited.  I like the way that the director seemingly this lets them go as they would.  Michael her, fucks Emma rough, and ruggedly, and it's hot, to say the least. This scene is definitely the best of two scenes presented here in "Within".

So to sum things up, I really do enjoy this idea from ADULT TIME and Bree Mills of presenting to us, an anthology of short films for the Halloween holiday season. I feel that this is a good start for things that are to follow, and I can't wait to check out more, and to see what the other directors bring to the table, as well as what styles that they choose to utilize.

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