Sexy Skater Girl Gets a Creampie (2019)

by - October 25, 2019

Starring: Skylar Vox // Tony Rubino
Directed by: Big J
Runtime: 39 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open our scene with Skylar Vox riding in on a mini skateboard.  While she displays that she is a rather skilled rider of the board, she admits to having difficulty on this board in particular, one of a cheaper variety.  Big J, the director wants Skylar to demonstrate some tricks.  She tries, but has difficulty, as the wheels keep getting stuck on the bricked pavement, underneath them.  Big J still wants her to try her best, in an attempt to get the braless Skylar's big tits to pop out of her teal tanktop.  They basically then abandon the idea of the board eventually however, as Big J offers up $20 to Skylar if she can get a titty to pop out of the side of her shirt, just by shaking.  She is successful in doing so with not only the right, but the left as well.  Tony Rubino then steps in to give her a hand in getting her tits out.  Other instances of tit play occur, including Tony attempting to soak down Skylar's shirt with a bottle of water.  All of which before they move inside, because Skylar is ready to get naked.  We then are taken to a bedroom, as Skylar is on the bed and on her back, as Tony helps her get out of her tight shorts.  Tony goes on to oil up and massage her tits, prior to finger-banging her pussy from doggy, before getting his cock out for Skylar to suck.  We see Skylar get to work, sucking, and stoking with a one handed approach.  During this, the camera also gives us a look at Skylar's pussy from behind.  This is then followed up by things going to spoon, as Tony goes on to fuck the pussy at an increasing pace.  Here, as Tony's pace improves, he proceeds to rub Skylar's extra sensitive clit.  Reverse cowgirl soon follows after, which sees Skylar bounce upright on the cock, before leaning back.  It's then that tony takes charge with a consistent pace.  It's a pace that carries over to the next position, which is doggy.  Here, Tony plugs away deep, as there is a moment as he pound her as he hold her in a full nelson lock.  It's back again before we go to side fuck.  Things soon however, come to on end in the position, as Skylar has her legs closed tightly.  Here Tony continues as things end with a creampie.

The Review //
For today's review, I choose a scene from BANG BROS.  A scene featuring the ever so stacked newcomer, Skylar Vox(here credited under her former name, Dylann Vox)  The beginning attempts to display some of Skylar's obvious skill for skateboarding.  Unfortunately though, the producers sort of set Skylar up for failure, when they gave her a cheap toy board to use.  It was basically useless for any tricks, seeing that the wheels became easily stuck.  However, with this said, the opening isn't a complete bust for two reasons.  One it revealed to us that Skylar herself is quite knowledgeable about skateboards.  Hearing her spit out all the technical lingo is quite hot.  And two, the fact that her scene partner Tony Rubino also busts his ass, attempting tricks on the board on his own, is also funny.

After this beginning that sees much made of Skylar's beautiful 36D sized tits.  Much play, including a rather failed attempt an effective wet t shirt showing, is followed by a sexual encounter, which happens once Skylar and Tony find themselves inside, as things take to a bedroom setting.  Of course, the initial focus of Tony is Skylar's tits as he oil down and massage them good.  It's soon repaid, as Skylar gets down to some dick sucking, but then we also have some very nice titty fucking, as Tony straddle her chest.  I really liked how Tony sandwiched his cock in between the two flesh biscuits.  It looked get on camera.  The rest of the action that we see following this is also decent throughout.  Tony Rubino is a reliable talent, and he shows why.  Here, he remains consistent in his work as he penetrates Skylar's young hole.  Another thing that I liked here is that Tony often rubs Skylar's clit.  I just loved how she jumped, due to her clit being very sensitive.  It's also a hot little quirk.  This action soon, and finally comes to an end, and it aims to do so in a big way.  With a creampie.  Well, if you know me, then you know that I love a creampie finish, if it is done right.  One of my dislikes about porn is that I hate faked creampies, and unfortunately, this has become a trend recently.  I do mention this now, because I have a strong belief that the creampie filling here, just may be fake.  Or at least it does to me.  To me, here there is just too much volume.  Too much spillage.  Spillage seems way too dense.  Anyway, whatever the case may be, some people don't mind this.  They just like the visual.  But me personally I don't.  I feel that if you have to fake it.  Just don't do it.  Whether the creampie was indeed faked here or not, I can't answer, but I still found myself put off by the ending of the scene.  But aside from this, prior to, we do have some fairly decent action.  I just love Skylar, and her perfectly natural tits bouncing around during every instance.

While this scene isn't great per se.  It is decent enough I suppose.  I say the choice is yours when it comes to a recommendation.

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