Dirty Double Dare (2019)

by - October 29, 2019

Starring: Kira Noir // Xander Corvus
Directed by:
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
For this scene we are taken to the halls of ZZ High School. Our focus is on Kira Noir, a quiet student, who is considered a "nerd", by seemingly everyone.  This including two of the cool girls, who Kira hears spilling details about a happening party going down tonight.  Kira listens with a keen interest, as she wishes that she was only cool enough to be invited. It's a short time later that Kira's desire becomes strong. Strong enough to give her the courage to turn around and ask the girls if she may come to the party. But of course, unfortunately for her, they just laugh in her face, and tell her just how cool that she isn't. Of course, Kira is overcome with disappointment, however these mean girls have a plan. They make a deal with Kira, telling her that if she is able to steal a varsity Sweater belonging to Xander Corvus, and then wear it to said party, then she is surely invited.  of course, Kira is initially hesitant for a second, but ultimately agrees to the dare.  Here, Kira finds herself in the boys locker room, where Xander is at his locker. She wastes no time to attempt to snatch the sweater, however, she's unsuccessful when Xander catches Kira in the act, and thus confronts her.  But suddenly it is like an invisible switch is pulled, as her inner slut emerges. She clearly wants Xander, as she touches her body, and she removes her sweater, and then unbuttons her white blouse, to reveal a black bra underneath, which she soon removes.  Xander is quick to then participate, as he sucks on Kira's nipples, and grabs her ass.  Passionate kissing soon leads Kira to pull down Xander's sweatpants.  Kira is amazed by the size of Xander's cock, nonetheless, she gets to work on it, as she administers a blowjob, as the two mean girls look on, as they record every moment on their phones.  Kira is next up on the bench, on her knees, as Xander takes her from behind.  He steadily fucks in half straddle, prior to he full straddling the ass to pound deep and back again.  It next continues in missionary, as we see Xander half straddle, to drill deep.  The next position is cowgirl, as Xander is on the bench, positioning himself on his back, as Kira climbs on, after once again sucking Xander.  Here, Kira pops her ass quickly, with her plaid skirt still on, but eventually she removes it, as well as ripping off her panties.  After, she plants her feet, as Xander drills her pussy fast and hard for a time, before she again wets the cock with her mouth, as the position changes to reverse cowgirl.  It's here that Kira rides hard, as she continues to be recorded.  Xander however, next changes things up, as he shoves Kira up against the locker, as the action next go to standing side fuck.  He plunges into the pussy deep, at a quick pace from here, as the two's momentum, almost knocks over the locker.  Xander then leads Kira, as she crawls over to the bench, where Xander continues to fuck her deep, as they first get experimental in a wheelbarrow position, and then doggy.  It's then side fuck before they back to the lockers.  Kira has her face fucked, prior to having her pussy again fucked.  Here from reverse standing side fuck, and standard standing side fuck.  It's there that they open a locker, where Kira props her foot, leaving her wide open for the pounding.  It lasting until Xander comes to climax, as he unloads into Kira's pussy, as the scene has a creampie finish.  After this, Kira asks for Xander's Brazzers varsity sweater, which of course sees her the victor in terms of the dare.  This, as she flaunts her newfound coolness in the faces of her doubters on the way out.

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at another scene from BRAZZERS.  This time, they present a story-driven scene. featuring Kira Noir. In this scene, titled, "Dirty Double Dare, takes us back to high school, as Kira Noir is your typical nerdy student.  Quiet and isolated, Kira struggles hard to just fit in among her peers. In the scene, we find Kira desperately wanting to attend the cool party happening that night. However, she is just not cool enough in the eyes of the hosts to attend. However, soon opportunity comes her way, when she finds herself dared by the two mean girls to do the seemingly unthinkable. The dare?  To somehow steal the sweater of hot jock, Xander Corvus. The story progresses to show Kira, not only doing that, but also a whole lot more, as she ends up in a sexual encounter with the boy of her dreams, right in the locker room.  This showing a side of her that no one(but she) ever knew existed.

The storyline here is just great. It is basically the classic tale of a nerd getting their just due.  Coming out of the nerd zone, and into the world of all that is cool, as they finally receive the validation that they desired for so long. We have seen this type of story many times, and in many different ways. Here, Brazzers offers their own take on this, and it results in a high-spirited story, starring one Kira Noir, who absolutely shines in her role as the nerd, with the inner-slut tucked inside.  I loved the way that Kira handled her transformation.  It felt believable to me.  Just imagine little nerdy Kira, being nerdy and shy by day, but then masturbating at home to pictures of Xander.  It just felt natural.  I loved how it played out.

We then move on to the sexual encounter between Kira and Xander, and it is one that moves rather quickly. Here they waste no time in getting into the action.  As Kira quickly strips down, and is soon on her knees sucking cock.  This, is the girls from the storyline are off to the side, recording everything on their phones as it happens. The opening blow job from Kira is great.  Nice and wet. Nice and sloppy, all in one.  This, being as the spit piles on the cock. It is after this, that the real action begins, and it is basically fast-paced throughout the entire scene. It is here that I have to really hand it to Xander Corvus, who continues to prove himself as one of the industry's top male performers. He's just impressive to watch as a performer still. It's here, that we see various positions throughout, however the pace never really dies down, staying consistent.  The action here is fast-paced and hard, from beginning to end.  It is a lot of fun to watch, as the two performers set figurative fire to the locker room set.  The action in question gets extra points also. seeing as Kira and Xander try out some rather crazy positions, in addition to Kira's great dirty talk, such as she saying that she wants Xander to "fuck the nerd out of her", and for he to make her his "creampie slut".  It's such a turn on, in my opinion.

When it comes to this scene, it is definitely one that I would highly recommend to you. It all begins with a storyline that is fully fleshed, and nicely executed, due to a great leading performance by Kira Noir, who I think is hugely underrated. This girl is really hot, and she has a nice tight body, including a set of killer abs that will make anyone drool. The action between Kira and her scene partner, Xander Corvus, is also well worth the time spent to watch. I know that personally, I was glued to the screen as I watched the sex unfold between them.  I was not disappointed. In fact, when it comes to the total package, this scene in particular, just might be one of the best Brazzers scenes that I've seen in recent times.  Do check it out!

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