Paige Loves The Touch Of An Older Gentleman (2019)

by - October 24, 2019

Starring: Paige Owens // Steve Holmes
Directed by: Dean Capture
Runtime: 23 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open the scene with CHERRY PIMPS' October Cherry of the Month, Paige Owens lying on a bed.  She's wearing a suit of sexy, red lingerie, as she touch herself.  Caressing her body, as it is expertly captured on screen.  This, as the camera keeps a close eye, as her hand eventually makes its way between her legs.  She goes on to rub her pussy prior to reaching into her panties, as things are in closeup.  However it isn't long before Paige is joined by her chosen scene partner, Steve Holmes.  Steve is quick to congratulate she on her Cherry of the month honor, and says that He knew from the beginning of her career, that she'd be destined for such honors.  The two kiss passionately, as Steve soon makes his way to suck on Paige's nipple.  Steve then teases Paige's clit with the panties, as he pull them tightly against her.  However, soon, he goes down on Paige, concentrating on her clit as he suck on it.  It is after sometime however that we then see Paige returning the favor as she suck on Steve's cock next.  Paige initially slurps the tip. prior to spit shining the shaft, and also throating. as Steve fucks her face.  Next up, Paige is on her back, as Steve slips his cock in to fuck steady for a time.  After this, we see Paige lie back to finger herself, before Steve goes down to tongue at her ass.  This is soon followed up by Steve, who then takes Paige from behind in doggy.  It is here that Steve half straddles Paige, as he is in and out of her pussy nice, and steady, this as he also plants a finger into Paige's ass.  Steve also rubs her clit from here, which brings her down on her stomach.  Paige then straddles the cock to ride in cowgirl.  From here, there's some bouncing, before Paige leans forward to be fucked at an increasing pace,  Steve, again with a finger in the ass.  69 follows after. as Paige has her pussy eaten by Steve, and as Paige sucks his cock.  This is brief, as next, the action goes to reverse cowgirl.  Paige leans back, and spreads her pussy, as Steve again plugs her increasingly.  This, also as Paige lastly plants her feet.  Next however, it's to spoon.  Initially, it's here that Paige has her legs closed tightly.  But eventually her legs are open, as Steve continues to fuck until he reaches the moment of climax.  The scene then comes to an end with Steve jerking to cum, as we see him sprinkle his load onto Paige's face.  It's after, that Paige, with a smile on her face, declares just how happy she is.

The Review //
For my next review, I take a look at a scene that happens to be a part of performer Paige Owens' October 2019 CHERRY PIMPS "Cherry of the Month" showcase.  The monthly showcase features interviews, photosets, solos and scenes, featuring spotlighted performers.  For one of those scenes, the Cherry of the Month, has the honor of choosing their given scene partner.  For her scene, Paige makes the wise choice in porn veteran, Steve Holmes.

Steve, is obviously someone whom Paige trusts, and it shows.  The overall vibe here is super relaxed.  Especially during the beginning of the scene.  As they state, Steve was someone whom Paige had worked with at the start of her career.  It's like two old friends reuniting and fucking  But don't let me saying that fool you.  Once things pick up, they truly do.  The action seen here is the progressive type, it's progressive in the way that things become faster and somewhat harder as they move along.  I loved seeing Paige's expressive face as she finds her pussy plugged consistently by Steve.  And Steve, he fucks the pussy good.  At times, going balls deep, and during others, and for most of the scene, going fast and hard.  I also liked that here, he often has a finger planted into Paige's asshole.  How lucky is he?

Overall, this is a fairly short scene, running at just a little over 23 minutes in length.  And with the addition of the solo introduction, as well as the introduction of Steve Holmes, it's even less.  But this isn't a complaint however, because the mentioned tease gives us a wonderful closeup look at Paige's pussy as she touches herself.  Paige's pussy is beyond beautiful that's all I'll say!  The remainder of the scene however, is just a nice, passionate burst of energy, one that accurately displays all of Paige's charms.  Be sure to give this one a look, and to support this "Cherry of the Month".  She deserves it!

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