Shy Southern Chick Is A Low Key Freak (2019)

by - November 21, 2019

Starring: Dixie Lynn // Peter Green
Directed by: Little John
Runtime: 55 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with the "Bang Bus" guys, who are driving around Florida, after Hurricane Dorian has just passed.  They talk about how the beaches must be vacant, as well as the tourists having packed up and left.  It is at just that moment that the guys just so happen to spot a hot blonde teen walking in their general direction,  They of course try to get the girl's attention.  However, she is just too preoccupied with her earbuds to care.  This is when she walks away heading down a one-way street.  Determined not to let their discovery get away, the boys circle around. in hopes of catching up with her.  They soon do, and this time, they get her to stop.  The story that they use?  They claim to be the owners of a blog specializing on the hurricane.  Through a series of hurricane related questions, they find out that the girl's name is Dixie.  They ask here if she has ever been through a hurricane, and what she did to prepare for this one.  As it turns out, Dixie is from Tennessee, where she says that she is more accustom to tornadoes.  Something that she's actually been through.  She says that she is in Florida visiting friends, and will be there for about a week.  It's then that the guys switch things up, asking Dixie, if she'd like to play a game.  They say that it is for hurricane relief for the Bahamas (of course it is!).  At first, Dixie wants no part of it, but then they promise to match the amount that they reward her, sending it to the Bahamas.  The game is first simple enough as they have Dixie pat her head, and circle her stomach simultaneously, as well as performing 5 successful push ups.  They give her $100 each for completing said tasks.  Things then get interesting, as they ask Dixie to flash her tits.  Initially she flat out rejects them.  But it is when they offer her $400 to do the deed, that she finally agrees.  It's after this, that Dixie decides to leave, but the guys are able to stop her by pointing out the fact that they spot an Iguana nearby.  This which frightens Dixie.  They then somehow convince her to join them in the van, saying they would like for her to help them find others to play the game with.  It's not without hesitation.  Once in the van, they of course don't stop there with Dixie, giving her another $100 to again show her tits.  She instead, just removes her shirt.  They then convince her to let one of them, Peter Green have a feel of her young tits, and for this, they give her $200 cash.  They then attempt to get her to open up about sex and masturbation.  The latter especially.  She is pretty vague at first, but of course another $100 helps.  They eventually get her naked, and have her spreading her legs, before they reach the major question,  Will she have sex for them with their friend Peter?  She is at first weirded out, but after Peter strips down himself, his hard cock in her face, it is just too much for her to ignore, as touching leads to sucking, and sucking, leads to fucking.

The Review //
For this review, we hop aboard the infamous "Bang Bus", in a post Hurricane Florida, as we find it's occupants on the prowl for gullible fresh meat.  The scenario here plays out when they just so happen to spot a young tourist from Tennessee, who happens to come upon them. The girl who we later find out is Dixie Lynn, is a girl whom they are bound and determined to reel in, despite being met by some resistance by the bubbly 18-year-old.  They finally get her to take their bait, by claiming that they are from a blog, focusing on hurricane relief. They also go on to fabricate a game, in which Dixie is to earn money, and having the amount that she earns doubled, with the other half going to the Bahamas, care of their hurricane relief efforts. Of course Dixie's tasks start off simple, and stupid, until becoming more daring and risque. What Dixie of course doesn't realize is that it is all a ploy to get her into the van. And it is by her hesitation, that the crew is successful in doing so, after shelling out a total of $600.  And of course as the story ala "Bang Bus" goes, once Dixie is inside the vehicle, they promise her more money until she is there before them in the bare flesh.  Once she is fully nude, the games are over as they attempt to convince her to have sexual relations with Peter Green, whom is seated in the back of the van. Of course Dixie doesn't budge, citing to not know Peter. However, once a naked Peter stands before the teen, his thick hard cock, is just too much for her to resist.  This as things get off to start with a blowjob, which obviously, soon graduates to more.  Peter next is seated on the vans back seat, as it's to cowgirl as Dixie climbs on.  She's upright, as she is bounced on the cock.  However, Peter truly takes over, as he moves to the edge of the seat during, as he nails the pussy deep and hard at a quick pace.  This as Dixie can be seen visibly creaming on the cock.  We then see the action go to reverse cowgirl on the floor after, as more of the same hard pounding is carried out by Peter, resulting in Dixie both creaming and squirting.  This is followed up by doggy as the two reposition.  It's a steady pace to begin, but soon Peter pulls back to again go deep and hard.  After this, Peter bends Dixie over the backseat, where he then straddles her ass to pound the pussy deep.  The final position comes with Dixie on her back in the backseat, as things go to missionary.  Here, Peter maintains his pace, until he must pull out to cum.  His as he jerks odd to pop on Dixie's face and chin.

When it comes to the story here, and yes I called it a "story", because that is essentially what you get with a "Bang Bus" scene. Although, the scenes from "Bang Bus" are played out, and presented as being reality based, these scenes have obviously been carefully planned by all involved including the females that the crew just so happens to "discover". I remember back in the day when the BANG BROS site first began, and the "Bang Bus" was a new phenomenon in porn. Back then those scenes felt like the genuine article, and they probably were. However in these modern times, they just cannot do such a thing. There are just too many regulations and such. However with that said, I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble here, just being informative. However in the same breath, the scenarios, whether they be scripted or not, are still fairly entertaining. Especially seeing as, they always get seemingly the hottest young starlets aboard "the bus".

In this case, we have a cute little freckled newcomer in Miss Dixie Lynn, and when I say cute, this petite, blonde teen is just that.  Man, I have wanted to review her for a little while now, and I'd say that via this scene, the starlet's BANG BROS debut, was a fun way to do so.  I really liked how she was dressed.  The tie-dyed crop top, and the tight denim shorts were doing double duty, showing off both her ass and legs.  Not to mention sandals, that would later nicely display her feet.  Can't you tell that I was quite observant throughout all of this?

Ok, when speaking of the sex here, although the story/setup is all good and fun.  the sex is where it is truly at here.  Per the story, Dixie calmly and naively puts her mouth around Peter's cock to suck it.  However, she soon warms up to the idea, and is then all in.  I loved the fact that she drooled on Peter's big cock, as she take it deep and he fuck her face  There was also nice eye contact made, which displayed Dixie's big beautiful eyes.  And then it starts.  Blowjob then graduates to sex, as Dixie climbs on for cowgirl.  It's here, that we see Peter take over for the majority with a blistering pace.  Here, he goes quick, and hard, completely drilling Dixie's young pussy.  This pacing continuing over during several other positions.  This, as Peter has the 18 year old creaming all over his dick, as well as squirting everywhere!  It's hot, sticky and messy.  Just awesome stuff to see.  Honestly, I have seen other "Bang Bus" scenes in the past, and I have to say that some of them have underwhelmed me.  But this is indeed a special one.  Not only is Dixie a sexy little thing, her sexual presence is readily apparent.  I really enjoyed hearing her moan, and doing it even more so, as Peter would pick up the pace, thus making her cream.  On the opposite end, also playing a huge part in making this scene what it is, is an excellent showing by Peter Green.  When it comes to the male performer, I have only seen him perform once before.  But in comparison to this scene, there is no comparison. Here, Peter simply brings it, uninhibited and raw.  He fucks the shit out of her.  It's a hell of a sexual performance.

Collectively, this is a scene that I had a whole lot of fun with. The setup was fun, and it helped that I happen to be really into to this newcomer, who calls herself "Dixie Lynn".  But not only that, the action that we see here inside the famous "Bang Bus", which escalates rather quickly, is also white hot.  The fast pace never ceasing.  On another note, I never really fully agree with the ending of these scenes, which sees the crew let the girl out of the van, only to leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere.  But I gotta admit that this one is pretty funny.  At the end of the scene, the boys say they are looking for a place to dump some trash, when they see a bridge.  They tell both Dixie and Peter to get out and take a selfie with each other by said bridge.  Well, they walk out to the bridge, where Peter poses with the phone in front of them, as if to preparing to snap the selfie, when suddenly, he races back to the van, leaving Dixie behind.  Yes, I did laugh.

With that said this is a scene that I would definitely recommend seeing.  I really liked what I saw here with Dixie Lynn, and I hope to see even more of her in in the near future.

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