Stepmom Fucks Step Son Like a Porn Star (2019)

by - November 25, 2019

Starring: Alexis Fawx // Johnny The Kid
Directed by: Big J
Runtime: 33 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Alexis Fawx, feverishly looking around for her credit card statement, nearly tearing up her couch to do so.  Eventually she does find what she is looking for, and unfortunately, it shows evidence of some expensive extracurricular activities by her stepson, Johnny The Kid.  It turns out that Johnny has quite enjoyed himself a subscription to BANG BROS, and has run up a rather large bill.  A total of $4,423.97 to be exact.  She calls Johnny into the room to confront him about it, and when questioned, he says that, besides the $15 she allowed him for lunch for the two of them, that he only bought video games.  This of course far from reality, and Alexis knows it.  She literally throws the bill at Johnny, as he begins to apologize.  He says that he will do anything, mow the lawn, do chores, etc.  Just as long as Alexis does not call up his father.  It isn't long however, that Alexis comes up with "punishment" of her own.  She says that since Johnny loves watching the girls on BANG BROS, then she is going to fuck him like one.  After all, Alexis says that she needs some dick.

It begins with Alexis propping her left leg up on the couch as a means to leave herself wide, as she demands that Johnny eat her pussy.  He hesitates, but soon gets to licking Alexis' clit for a time.  This prior to she making him get on his back, as she straddle his face.  This lasting until she herself is on her back as she makes Johnny remove her black heels prior to sucking on her toes, and licking on her pussy, as she spreads her legs. Next, up, she's on all fours, as she has Johnny then lick her pussy and ass briefly from the position.  Alexis then follows this up by sucking and stroking on Johnny's dick.  This, as she remarks, just how hard that he is.  Next, she does something with it, as she backs herself on the cock for doggy.  This as we see Alexis bounce back on the dick, from both POV, and from a side view.  During this, Johnny finally takes over to fuck slow and steady for a time, before Alexis takes a break to taste himself on the dick as she suck it clean.  After this, the doggy then resumes with Johnny half straddling Alexis to fuck steady.  Next, Johnny is on his back, as Alexis sucks to wet the tip of his cock, before climbing on for cowgirl.  From here, she bounces on the dick.  We also see her here on two occasions, plant her feet, in order to slam herself down deep on the dick.  This is then followed by missionary, where Johnny maintains his pace, until he must pull out to cum.  The scene ends with Johnny jerking off to spray Alexis' face with a nice load.

The Review //
For this review, I review another scene from BANG BROS.  This scene titled "Stepmom Fucks Step Son Like A Pornstar", tells a charming tale of a Stepmom getting some rather pleasing revenge, as she uses sex as punishment, when she finds that her Stepson has run up a rather large bill on her credit card, thanks to a porn site(what else!)  Yes, here we have Alexis Fawx as a horny and vengeful mom, who finds a surprise, once finding her credit card statement.  It turns out that her stepson, Johnny The Kid, has had quite a bit of fun at his Stepmom's expense.  It's activity that Johnny doesn't want to readily admit to, but Alexis intends to make him pay, but it isn't with the routine means of punishment.  No, she doesn't intend to make him do chores, but what she does do is kill two birds with one stone.  Thus curing her lack of dick, as well as getting payback, when she literally makes "poor" 'ol Johnny fuck her! 

The storyline, infused with Alexis Fawx's brand of humor, is indeed a fun one, up until the build.  I say "up until the build", because, it's in my opinion that for the most part the sexual encounter finds itself hindered, or limited by the storyline.  That's because, as per the storyline, Alexis is the dominate one, as it is essentially she fucking him for the most part.  This is literal as Johnny is basically just there to be Alexis' fuck doll, as "mom" shows Johnny the ropes.  Now, I know that due to the story, this is how things had to be for most of the 33 minute scene.  But for me, I found this idea to be somewhat boring, and ultimately disappointing, because I especially know what Alexis is capable of giving.  But here, I just found her being held back.  And for someone as fucking sexy as Alexis Fawx, that is definitely not a good thing.  So, yes of course, I did like the brief time as we were nearing the end, when young Johnny began to fuck Alexis back, but it was just not enough.

So yes, there are a few good things here:  The storyline is fun, giving Alexis the platform for her comedy.  I love how she bossed Johnny around, and even at times manhandled him.  It was funny. We also have Alexis, at the beginning of the scene, standing around in a skimpy bikini, which barely covers, her perfect voluptuous body.  Also liked by me were the moments of face-sitting.  Basically, anytime that Alexis squats is fine by me.  Her ass? - also perfect.  Unfortunately though, not perfect is the scene's sexual material as a whole.  It just felt too "safe", or "instructional" for my liking.  I would have rather it just been this way for a brief moment, only to later be abandoned, in favor of just letting the two fuck, for the lack of a better explanation.  Alexis is like the hottest MILF in the game, and Johnny is youthful.  It could have been great.  I just feel that most of a good opportunity was sadly wasted.  I can't truly recommend, but with that said, I do love me some Alexis Fawx.  What a body!

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