Hooky (2019)

by - November 12, 2019

Starring: Jill Kassidy // Emma Starletto // Kyler Quinn // Jax Slayher
Directed by: Laurent Sky
Runtime: 47 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up via narration, as Jill explains that, as much as she loves hanging out with her roommates, Emma Starletto and Kyler Quinn, sometimes, she just wants to have time to herself - and it's once a week that Jill gets just that.  Every Tuesday, while Emma and Kyler are out to class together, Jill has some alone time.  A time when she calls up a well endowed black man.  They are days, which she calls "BBC Tuesdays".

It's Tuesday, and Emma and Kyler leave out for class.  It's after that Jill wastes no time in calling up her dick appointment Jax Slayher.  We are soon taken to the bedroom with Jill and Jax, as passionate kissing leads to Jill sucking Jax's big dick.  Jill works it well for a time, slurping and sucking, and playing with the tip with her tongue.  This then goes to the two standing upright with Jax behind Jill, as he reaches around to rub her pussy.  Next up, Jill lies flat on her stomach, with her legs kept tightly together, as Jax first eats her ass, prior to fucking her pussy.  Here, we see him give some hard thrusts, prior to he proceeding to pound hard,  It's during this act that they soon find themselves interrupted when Jill's roommates return home unexpectedly.  Emma and Kyler are obviously surprised, but they are even more so disappointed, as they say that the the three friends had vowed to always share.  It's with that, that Jill, with out hesitation, invites the two to join she and Jax.

Things begin for the three as they share the cock, passing it around prior to Jill deepthroating it, as well as she and Emma double teaming it.  It's during this that Emma says that she wants Jax to fuck all three of them.  It's then that Jill, Emma, and Kyler, all line up in a row, facing the camera, while on all fours.  It's from there that Jax goes on to pound them one by one.  Starting with Jill, then Kyler, and then Emma.  He then goes back to Jill, then Kyler, and then back to Jill, and then finally Emma.  This, as we are treated to closeups of the penetration from behind during the process.  Jax takes to his back as the girls take turns riding him.  First it's Jill, who straddles him in reverse cowgirl.  Here, Jax pounds at a quick rate, going deep.  Emma then gets the same, while Kyler opts for standard cowgirl.  Following this however, Jax hoists Kyler up for standing cowgirl, as he drills her hard.  Emma is then first on all fours for doggy, and then on her back for missionary, as Jax eventually slam it in.  Kyler has a turn in doggy next, as Jill lets it be known that she wants Jax to cum inside of her.  It's then that we see Jill climb on once more to ride, this time in standard cowgirl.  Here, Jax pumps the pussy fast, and hard, before soon unloading deep into Jill's tight pussy.  It's then that Jill pushes the cum out into Kyler's awaiting and eager mouth, whom is positioned underneath her.  After, we then see the girls share the jizz between them, as the scene fades to black.

The Review //
This scene from BLACKED.COM and director, Laurent Sky tells the story, of how one girl's alone time, known as BBC Tuesdays' turns into a glorious, and high spirited, "girls' day" between said girl and her 2, equally youthful roommates.  Yes, here, Jill Kassidy assumed that this Tuesday would be like every other Tuesday, the day that sees she secretly get some big, black cock while her friends are away at class.  However, little did she know that today would be different.  A special occasion.  One that neither she and her roommates would ever forget.  That's because, just as Jill sees herself dicked down, her roommates surprise her by returning home early.  Ditching class, and going right into a rough and heavy, interracial foursome.

The sex here gets off to a great one on one start, which sees Jill take the dick of Jax Slayher, after doing a wondrous job on it with her hands and mouth.  It's also here that we get a hint of just what Jax would put down during the things to come - thrusting hard into Jill's pussy, as she lie flat on her stomach.  Following this, we of course have Emma and Kyler join the fun, with "fun" definitely being the apt word to describe things.  That's because from there, the sexual energy only goes up as part of this seemingly well thought out sexual encounter.  The girls get started by sharing the cock, a time that also again sees Jill standout, as she deepthroats the cock, taking nearly the entire thing down her throat.  One of the most visual things about the scene would indeed be what occurs next.  Via the suggestion of Emma, following this, Jax lines all his ducks in a row, if you will, as he proceed to go down the line, having his way with each of them individually.  It's so hot.  Especially, during the moments when the camera cuts to closeups of the penetration, as Jax pounds the pussies deep, and hard.  I really liked these closeups.  Something felt really "old school porn" about them to me.  The scene also continues to be equally plotted, as we then see Jay on his back, as he girls have their turn in mounting him as they would.  Jill and Emma in reverse cowgirl, while Kyler, in the standard.  We'd then see the scene switch it up a little, as Jax breaks away with the girls to continue pounding them hard.  First, he continues on with Kyler, after she rides him.  He lifting her up to pound her deep in standing cowgirl.  A position expertly captured by the camera.  I really liked how it got most of the view from underneath, as we watch Kyler's tight young hole squeeze around the cock as it's plowed.  Eventually, Emma would get some hard treatment, as the fair-skinned blond first get the dick from behind, before really getting it hard, while on her back.  This as her legs are held high and wide.  I loved how Jill and Kyler both helped in holding Emma's legs during this.  I also quite enjoyed the closeup penetration shots shown here.  Emma's pussy is just so mouthwateringly  pink!  And then when it's all done.  I liked the fact that we go back to where we began, this as our action ends with Jill and Jax.  Not only this, it concludes with a deeply rooted creampie, as Jill climbs on, riding the cock in cowgirl until Jax finally unloads.  It's an ending that one could only view as positive.  I know I do!

I have to say it, this is a great fucking scene!  Structurally, it is one well staged.  As I said it's a scene that was obviously well thought out.  I really liked the beginning scripted scenario.  It's simple, yet fun, and it perfectly plays out, as we eventually arrive at our destination.  The sex.  It's a four-way encounter that is even more fun, especially when Emma and Kyler become involved.  I liked that the overall atmosphere was relaxed and laid back, as the girls interact as if sharing a dick between them was no big deal, and as if they've done it before.  Again: high spirited mood.  When it comes to the action, major complements must be given to the cocksman, Jax Slayher, who here without a doubt absolutely delivers.  I have reviewed Jax a few times in the past, but I have to say that here, that he truly impresses me, with a consistent, hard fucking performance.  More times than not over the course of this scene, he can be see drilling these girls' pussies good and hard.  He has a big dick and knows how to use it, that's for sure.

It's with all of this said that I close this review by saying that this is a great, well accomplished scene, seeing all four participants give a top notch performance.  I do highly recommend.

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