Looking To Let Loose (2019)

by - November 10, 2019

Starring: Gabbie Carter // Keiran Lee
Directed by:
Runtime: 35 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Gabbie Carter is an up and coming soccer star.  Things open up with she returning home after a game, as she is greeted at the door by her mom(Astrid Star).  Astrid is quick to ask her daughter about her achieved stats for the day, to which Gabbie replies that she scored 1 goal, and made 1 assist.  They are stats that Gabbie herself is content with, but her mother on the other hand?  She thinks that Gabbie can do much better than that.  Especially if she hopes to earn a scholarship.  Astrid immediately says that they should schedule some one-on-one training to help her improve.  But Gabbie just wants to have some fun.  She has plans to go out with friends.  But again, her mom counters, as she has scheduled a massage appointment for Gabbie with a masseur.  Of course, Gabbie feels that she has better things to do, however, she soon gives in and reluctantly agrees, as Keiran is already there.  Gabbie and Keiran then go off into a different area of then house, where Keiran has his massage table set up.  This is where Keiran prepares.  It's also where the busty Gabbie strips down nude out of her tight, blue athletic wear.  Keiran is initially startled at the moment, as he did not require her to be not, but alas, she does so anyway.  Gabbie then hops up on the table, positioning herself on her stomach first, with Keiran then getting out the oil.  Keiran oils up Gabbie's back and buttocks, as he of course, proceed to rub it in.  Following being on her stomach, Gabbie is then on her back, as she stresses that her breasts need attention as well.  Keiran, is extra cautious as he continues, but it's during, that Gabbie reaches over and grabs the bulge in Keiran's shorts.  He obviously tries to resist, but soon gives in himself when Gabbie mentions that, as her protective mom keeps her couped up so much, she just wants to have some fun.  This, as the two then go at it.  Keiran gets his cock out for Gabbie to suck.  This, as she remains on her back.  She does so in an upside down position.  During this, we also see Keiran bend his dick back, as his back faces Gabbie, as she continues.  After Keiran eats Gabbie's pussy and ass, it's then to missionary, where Keiran both half straddles Gabbie, and also pins her legs back to pound the pussy.  It's then to doggy, as Keiran fucks steadily.  Next, Keiran lies back as Gabbie sucks cock and balls, prior to mounting him.  It's here that we see Gabbie bounce and grind for a time.  After,  Keiran changes ends of the table, as Gabbie climbs back on for more slow, and steady bouncing, as her ass faces the camera.  However, it's reverse cowgirl next.  Gabbie initially sits upright, prior to leaning back.  It's here that we see Keiran rub Gabbie's clit, until she erupts with squirt, again and again.  This is followed up by the two moving to spoon, where Keiran, first teases Gabbie's ass with his cock, prior to fucking her pussy.  Finally, the action makes a return to missionary, as Keiran again pins back the legs of Gabbie.  Here, he fucking steady until he reaches his moment of climax.  The scene then concluding with he jerking his cock to spray Gabbie's face and mouth with his load.

The Review //
Today, I look at a scene from BRAZZERS titled, "Looking to Let Loose", starring Gabbie Carter, who I have reviewed a number of times now.  The scene features a fun little storyline, which sees the top heavy young starlet as a rising soccer star.  She's also a soccer star with a mom who is determined to make sure that her daughter achieves her dreams, while earning a scholarship.  The meat of the story begins with Gabbie wanting to be the typical 19 year old.  She wants to hang out with her friends.  But as we would find, Gabbie's mom has other plans, and has scheduled a massage session for her daughter, in order to keep her muscles relaxed, as she says.  Gabbie is of course is reluctant, but then again, this is a porn storyline, so we know what happens.  The routine rubdown, gets a lot more physical - and that it does.  This, as young Gabbie soon finds herself thoroughly dicked down on the massage table, belonging to her much older Masseur.

When it comes to the wise old gimmick of featuring the act of massage in a porno scene, I'm always a bit skeptical.  Why, you ask?  Well, sometimes the scenes are lame, some are great.  Really, when it comes to them, you never truly are sure, which one of those it will be going in.  So that was my mindset initially here.  Luckily however, this scene for the most part, was, and is exactly what I wanted it to be.  Yes, aside from a little bit of time in the middle of the scene that I found to be a bit o a slow patch, the scene is pretty damn amazing.

First of all, Gabbie Carter herself has taken us, as well as the porn world by storm, and with good reason.  She's basically flawless.  This Texas blonde is stacked with boobs from heaven.  Has great, hair, legs, eyes.  Everything,  We find her here also in a fun segment involving, Astrid Star, another fellow Texan, who portrays her mother.  Being as I too am from the Lone Star State, this coupling in smut motherhood, simply warmed my loins and heart.  Seeing these two on screen together was really cool.  But, oh yeah....back to the point at hand.  Gabbie is hot as fuck, so it's a true joy to witness her get pounded.  Here, that is exactly what we have as Keiran Lee, in this scene, gives one of the best performances from him that I have scene in some time.

The scene here takes place in and around a massage table, and Keiran makes great use, banging Gabbie's young pussy in many variations, as he remains consistent through out.  The first key position of the scene is missionary, and I loved the fact that as he finished one stint of fucking, he didn't leave said position, he merely switched it up with a different variant of it.  Gabbie's legs open, Gabbie's legs pinned back by Keiran, etc.  It's continuous, and so hot.  It never lets up.  The scene essentially goes from one position to the next, all of them conveniently putting Gabbie's big natural tits on a pedestal, as they bounce away.  Gosh, they are so perfect, complete with big juicy areola, which are equally as perfect,  And as if great tits weren't already enough to satisfy, we also see Gabbie eat ass and watch her squirt, not only one, but two times.  There is also some sexy anal teasing, as Keiran teases Gabbie's tight little butthole, as he slips the tip in from the spoon position near the scene's end.  It's also during this that Gabbie does mention getting creampied.  However, a creampie wasn't meant to be.  This is because soon, finally does come to an ens, as Keiran comes around the massage table to jerk off, and unload onto Gabbie's pretty face.  Although it is disappointing that the finish doesn't include Gabbie getting her pussy filled, it is a nice one nonetheless.

So, with all of this said, and stated, this was a scene that I happened to enjoy a lot, when it comes to both story and scene.  It's a fun one.  Gabbie Carter is just incredible, and here with Keiran Lee, she creates an energy filled romp that is virtually enthusiastic from start to finish.  I highly recommend checking this one out!

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