Mad Mama (2019)

by - November 26, 2019

Starring: Kit Mercer // Zac Wild
Directed by: Ken Dark
Runtime: 36 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Kit Mercer is in the middle of a turbulent divorce with her husband.  We join the story as the current topic of confrontation is the fact that the couple's son, Michael Swayze has recently dropped out of Junior college.  As Kit and the husband are busy arguing over what to do with him, Michael chats it up with his friend, Zac Wild, who has brought along a video camera, as part of shooting a documentary based upon his own life.  But with that said, he just so happens to have captured this chaotic moment in the lives of Michael and his family instead.  This as Michael spills the details on his parents.  He says that he hates them both, and that no pre-nup was signed when the two were married.  He says that because of this, his mom is attempting to get it all;  the house, the cars, the time share in Aspen.  Michael says that although he hates his parents, he can't stand his mom more, and in fact, his sole reason for dropping out was to get away from her,  When Kit overhears Michael and Zac's conversation, she joins them in the living room after her call.  It's here that she takes an interest in the friend Zac after she asks him about his planned future, and she notices that his head is on straight. Zac says that he plans to become a cinematographer.  This turns off the son, who soon leaves the two behind, as he walk to the gas station.  Kit then invites Zac into the kitchen, where she is preparing a salad.  Kit comes up with the idea that maybe he might want to film her for a cooking show.  Zac agrees, however this line of thinking doesn't remain, as things get extra flirty between the two as Kit tosses her salad.  This continuing until Kit has her mouth securely around Zac's cucumber.

Things begin with Kit sucking Zac off in the kitchen, as she drop to her knees.  This including she sucking his balls as well, prior to they taking to the living room to continue.  After setting up the camera, from a side view, Zac takes Kit from behind in doggy as he fucks deep at a steady pace.  It's during this, that we also get an overhead view of the action.  Following this however, Zac briefly fucks Kit's tits. prior to she going down and sucking his cock once again, but not before wrapping it in her panties.  Next up, Kit faces the camera as she squats down on the cock as it goes deep. This as she next bounces in cowgirl with her fee planted firmly. She bounces for a time, until Zac takes over slamming her down hard.  After some time spent here, Kit's position then is reversed.  Here, she keeps her feet planted, as she bounces on the cock.  We next see a return to cowgirl, only this time we have an overhead view.  It lasts briefly, because soon, Kit climbs up on the couch, where she's next on her back, as the action goes to missionary,  Here, Zac fucks at an increasing pace, this lasting until he must cum.  This as he goes on to jerk off, shooting his load, aimed at Kit's face for the finish.

The Review //
In this scene from MOFOS, titled "Mad Mama", Kit Mercer is a mother, who is currently going through a bad spell.  She's going through a messy divorce, where everything is up for grabs, and now she has just learned that her son(played by Michael Swayze) has just dropped out of Junior College.  It's quite the stressful time, but nonetheless, Kit attempts to keep her mind off of things in the kitchen,  And it is in the kitchen, where the scene's main attraction just so happens to take place.  When Kit strikes up a conversation with her son's buddy, who just so happens to aspire to be a cinematographer, the topic of his "home movie" soon turns to cooking when Kit invites him into the kitchen to document she prepping a salad.  Initially it's innocent enough.  After all, it could be the start of an innocent cooking show.  But this is MOFOS....we know better!  As the two handle cucumber, and toss salads, the innuendos fly, and before we know it, there is one extra cucumber handled, as Zac unzips.  Soon it's less about cooking, and more about sucking, as Kit drops to her knees to do so. It's action that we then see go from the kitchen to the living room for the remainder, all while Zac's camera remains in tow.

This is a scene that begins with a storyline that is simple, yet feels elaborate, due to some very good acting by all involved.  This is especially true when speaking of Kit Mercer, who is very good in her given role.  I liked it when she bickered with her son, Michael Swayze.  I felt that it was pretty humorous.  And then of course there was she "reeling" in Zac, being all sexy as she can be.  And let me tell you, that when it comes to being sexy, Kit doesn't have to try,  She just is!  Personally, I think Kit is one of the sexiest females in the industry.  The build up to the sex here, is just solid proof of that.  When Kit takes Zac into the kitchen and she's prepping her salad, Zac happens to mention she "tossing salad", and things just get extra horny from there.  Cucumber talk, Kit's sexy lips, her tight, skimpy blue dress, it's just all a concoction of sexy, that soon boils over, like Kit's tits, which nearly spill from said dress.

When it comes to the sexual content that would follow.  The scene, which gets things started in POV, continues on the right track by being self-aware, while maintaining the idea of Zac shooting a home movie.  I liked that Zac told Kit to keep eye contact with the camera, and from there, she did her best to do so, even briefly giving the camera an eyeful of her tits in closeup.  We have a great round of titty fucking as well.  There are also other great happenings here, such as when Kit spreads her tight asshole for the camera, as she strips out of her pink panties.  Panties, that she follows up with by wrapping Zac's hard dick in them, before devouring his cock once again.(I loved that).  And when it comes to fucking, not only do we have Zac first showing signs of pounding in doggy.  We also see Kit slammed down hard on the cock later in the scene from facing POV cowgirl, as she climbs on after spreading her meaty pussy for the shaft.  Zac keeps up a quick and steady pace, that begins on the floor, but continues on the couch in missionary.  It's a position that soon leads to Zac's climax, as he eventually drains his balls onto Kit's tongue and face.  After the act, the storyline, comes to an end, as Michael returns from the gas station only to find his best friend's jizz upon his mom's face.  Oops!

When it comes to this scene, it is one that I had a lot of fun with. While the scene itself may be rooted in POV, personally I thought it being more complex than that. It has a storyline which allows those involved to portray characters.  No matter how thinly they were built, we are given enough to build somewhat of a proper case for them.  The interaction between the characters, as well as the humor and jokes, definitely kept my interests.  I must admit that the immature sexual innuendos made me grin. And then there is the sexual content of course. It is definitely a prime example as to why I had mentioned in the past, that seeing Kit Mercer in like a threesome or more isn't my ideal scenario. This is exactly why.  Because Kit is excellently golden in these one on one pairings. She's a passionate performer, and in a one on one scenario such as this one, that passion shines through.  Boy, is she hot.  I like everything from her tight body, her playful moans, to her dirty talk.  In a scenario like this, she is every boy's dream, and I do have a feeling that she knows it.

So with the above said, I guess that it is easy to tell that this is one scene that I readily recommend you check out in the name of your viewing pleasure.  Kit Mercer is red hot, and Zac Wild, more than capable of putting it down. Together they converged to create a scene that is extremely fun and worthwhile. I for one had a good time with it and I have a feeling that you will as well.

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