Rosalyn Sphinx Hardcore Anal Debut

by - November 17, 2019

Starring: Rosalyn Sphinx // Juan "El Caballo Loco"
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 43 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Rosalyn Sphinx needing some assistance with her lamp.  It seems as though she just can't get the bulb to work.  She starts with asking her stepfather, Claudio, but he says that he's busy reading his newspaper.  He then tells her to ask her brother Juan for help.  It's then that the short skirted Rosalyn marches back to her room and calls upon Juan to help.  He shows up, and he just so happens to rectify the problem, within a matter of seconds, by reaching in and twisting the bulb.  Though it didn't take him long to help, Juan still feels that Rosalyn owes him, because she happened to have disrupted his live video game session.  He wants her to suck his dick.  It's a desire that Rosalyn can't believe.  But Juan finds his sister hot.  He just can't help it, seeing as Rosalyn can always be seen prancing around in short skirts like the one that she happens to be wearing today.  Rosalyn eventually agrees to suck Juan's cock, but under one condition only.  He must at some point do her homework.

Things begin with Juan lying back on back as Rosalyn begins the blowjob.  However things get extra sloppy once we see Juan stand to take it.  This including a view from underneath, as the spit piles on and drips down.  We then have Rosalyn then eat Juan's ass, and then eat her pussy.  Following a footjob from Rosalyn, next it's then missionary.  It's from here that Juan fucks the pussy, and then the ass.  After, it's ass the mouth, as Rosalyn sucks to clean the cock.  Anal then goes to doggy.  Here Juan fucks steadily, until improving his pace, and then going from hole to hole, alternating between the two.  It's then to spoon for a tome, until Rosalyn climbs on to ride the dick in cowgirl.  Here it's a combination of Juan fucking and Rosalyn bouncing hard on the cock.  This lasting until Rosalyn requests that Juan cum in her ass.  It of course, again continuing until Juan does just that for a finish to the action.

The Review //
Today, I review another scene from director Maestro Claudio and his website PERV CITY.  A scene involving Rosalyn Sphinx and Juan "El Caballo Loco", which features Rosalyn's anal debut.  This scene is also unique to PERV CITY, as it is one beginning with a storyline.  The storyline?  Rosalyn is having trouble getting her light bulb screwed in.  She asks her Stepfather, portrayed here by The Maestro himself, but when he is busy, her next option is her Stepbrother, who is of course Juan.  And Juan is no fool.  He seizes the opportunity to take full advantage of the opportunity.  First of all, I'm kind of glad to see that PERV CITY is implementing a storyline into their scenes.  No matter how cheesy they may be.  And believe me, this one is definitely cheesy.  But by porn standards, it makes sense.  Rosalyn is young, naive, and ready to give it up - both pussy AND ass.  Additionally, both Rosalyn and Juan keep up the brother/sister dynamic through out, as they barter, for the sex to progress more and more.  Juan agreeing to first do Rosalyn's chores for a month to fuck her pussy, and then for two months to fuck her ass.  I liked this particular element.

When it comes to the overall sexual encounter between Rosalyn and Juan, I feel as though it is one that flowed very well. Especially seeing as these two are a couple in real life, it just felt authentic. Of course, initially this scene is one that is progressive in that in the storyline one has to be cautious as he has to ask his Stepsister is it is indeed ok to go any further than he already has with her. However, once we get well into the anal sex, it is essentially off to the "horse" races. This starting in doggy, as we see Rosalyn perched up on her knees, with her ass pushed up in the air for Juan's taking. Here we see Juan, not only improve his pace, but also switch between Rosalyn's holes, one by one very frequently. This as the camera of the Maestro keeps us well into the action which is unfolding before it. This including not only nice closeups of the penetration, but also of Rosalyn's facial expressions and general reaction. The action goes to the doggy position, then into spoon where it is followed up by cowgirl as Rosalyn climbs on to take it in the ass, as the action then soon comes to an end. However it is not without special circumstances. This is because over the course of Juan moving in and out of Rosalyn's asshole, she utters the sexiest lines spoken in the entire scene. Those words being "cum in my ass, so you don't get me pregnant!". One of course then obliges by fucking Rosalyn's ass steadily until he deposits a load deep inside of her. It is after the fact that Rosalyn is a happy camper. She also wears the same smile, as she goes on to tell her brother to get to work in doing her chores just as he promised her during the thick of the passion.

Altogether I saw this as a fun scene overall.  I enjoyed it for what it is.  Rosalyn Sphinx is a definite cutie, and she and Juan "El Caballo Loco", match up well together. As I said it was obvious natural chemistry here. When it comes to what stood out here for me, I must say the scene itself got off to a very nice start, beginning with a very good blowjob administered by Rosalyn, who sucks Juan off with the utmost skill. It's great stuff and over the course, nothing is dry, as Juan's every inch is covered with Rosalyn's spit,  This as drool drips from her chin. It is definitely visually appealing, which is no real surprise, as we are talking about a scene shot by Maestro Claudio, who is of course known for creating and shooting great shots. The other bonus here is that the scene of course ends with an anal cream pie. Yes over the course of the scene, we gauge the progress of Rosalyn's gape, as it grows and grows. I say that it was very fitting that we the viewer here be rewarded with seeing the scene end with said gape filled with cum. A very pleasing conclusion indeed. At least in my opinion.

This is a scene that I would surely recommend. Though, these are obviously not the type of blowjobs, as well as sex, found within the four walls of the typical teen's bedroom, they are indeed commonplace when it comes to PERV CITY, and it's great.

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