Orthodontic Oral Pleasures (2019)

by - November 19, 2019

Starring: Aria Carson // Rion King
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, teen Aria Carson has just gotten her braces, and unfortunately, she finds herself having a degree of pain. It is of course a normal symptom as her Orthodontist has told her to both massage her gums and stretch out her jaws to attempt to subside it.  This is the topic of discussion with her boyfriend Rion King, as Rion suggests that sucking cock might do the trick, in terms of stretching out her jaws.  Aria of course sees Rion as a clever opportunist, but it doesn't take her long to buy into the notion.  Rion soon has his hard cock out, as Aria quickly has her mouth hugged around it, as she gets to work.  This lasting for a time, as Aria sucks him deep, stretching her mouth.  In the end, it's a method that seems to work as Aria finds her pain to be ultimately relieved after.

We are then taken to another occasion which finds Aria at the table doing homework.  However, no matter how much she tries to concentrate, she just can't help but be distracted by the pain which has since returned.  Of course, she is soon again joined by Rion who quickly unzips and pulls out his cock, as he knows exactly what she needs.

In a third similar occasion, Aria again is bothered by the pain in the bath, and it's like clockwork that boyfriend Ryan comes with the solution.  His hard cock down Aria's throat.  A cock that she sucks off, and soon finding herself relieved by.

We then find Aria and Rion in bed as the sun rises.  This is when Aria awakens to a very good feeling.  It turns out that all of that stretching via her boyfriends cock has done wonders for relieving the pain due to her braces.  Relieved and thankful, Aria wakes up Rion to tell him the good news.  This as she intends to show Rion just how grateful she truly is.  It's then that kissing between the two goes to Aria again sucking cock.  This is then followed by Rion taking Aria into side fuck  It's here that he employs a quick and hard pace.  It's then to doggy next, as he maintains the pace, with the two being upright momentarily, prior to Aria being face down  Next up it's cowgirl as Aria climbs on.  First she sits up to bounce, prior to she leaning forward to allow Rion to take over at a steady pace.  It's from this position that we also see Aria grind on the dick.  It's then side fuck/missionary, which leads things to spoon, and then reverse cowgirl, as Rion fucks hard.  A break for Aria to suck cock, again sees her return to the position, until it's back to spoon, as things finish up, as Rion must soon cum.  The scene then coming to an end with Rion cumming on Aria's red rubber band braces, just as she asked.

The Review //
Today, I review a scene from the TEAM SKEET series, "Brace Faced", a site that you guessed it, specializes in scenes featuring teen performers who have braces.  For this scene, featured is newcomer, Aria Carson, along with male performer, Rion King.  The storyline features Aria, having just gotten her braces, and it is quite the painful experience for her.  She aims to do as she was told by her doctor, and that is to stretch her jaws, as well as massage her gums. With this in mind, the comedy of the story comes by way of 3 segments, after Aria and Rion discover a quick and easy remedy for easing the pain.  Yes, as it turns out, it just so happens that when deepthroating Rion's cock, thus stretching out her jaws, Aria is met with instant relief.  These segments being of course right after Aria gets the braces, as she does her homework, and while in the bath.  The humor being that over the course of the segments, it becomes such a regular thing.  Rion asks if she's hurting, and then right on cue, he unzips, and pulls his cock out, without saying a word.  It's actually quite funny.

It's after all of the humor of the storyline, when Aria wants to "thank" him for relieving her pain that a sexual encounter get underway between them in the bedroom, after morning wake up.  And what we would find is that despite the humorous beginning of the scene, when it comes to the sex in question, it is indeed no laughing matter. It is a sexual encounter that flow very well going from position to position beginning with side fuck.  It's a position, during which Rion definitely sets the pace for the scene, as he bangs Aria, going balls deep into her tight young pussy. It's a pace that carries over the course of the scene, as these two really go at it, showing real chemistry. Rion does his part by going hard for the most part, while Aria herself displays a magnetic enthusiasm, as she truly appears eager to take the cock. Not only this, she also encourages Rion's efforts with some great dirty talk. I just loved the way that she said that she liked the way that Ryan's cock massaged her pussy, and how she referred to it, as her "pink pussy", as he drilled it.  It was so hot, and such a turn on! When it comes to the sex, I simply enjoyed the way that it played out. I felt that both the performers were on top of their game here. They were obviously well into this performance. This as we go from one position to the next, without the energy ever essentially dying out. This one was definitely a high-energy fuck session.

Overall, when it comes to these performers as I said, Aria Carson is fairly new to the industry so therefore, this was my first experience seeing her perform, and I have to say with no hesitation, that I am really impressed with her. As I hinted above here she displayed very nice youthful energy throughout the scene, essentially begging for Rion's dick.  I loved it.  Not only was she also good during the storyline portion, the scene itself ends with Rion cumming on her braces.  Something that Aria was also seemingly game for.  How endearing!  On the other side of things, Rion King is also very impressive with the performance that he gives here. Here it is though, he never lets up, not for a second, as he basically goes hard throughout the scene, from beginning to end. It is definitely one of the best performances that I have seen from him for sure.

This is a scene that I would definitely recommend checking out.  Not only does it have a storyline that is somewhat fun and humorous, it leads us to a sex scene that is far more enjoyable.   When it comes to the sex seen here, it's really great stuff. I must make note before concluding this review however, that technically speaking, there were some problems during this scene involving the editing. For some reason, there are moments here in which the screen goes black for a brief second, only to cut back. It makes entirely no sense whatsoever. It's even a bit distracting. Luckily however, once we get into the main sex scene, it only happens on one occasion and then stops.  With that said I have to say that this is awful editing.  Who edited this? Maybe it's was just a bad file?  Who knows? But aside from this, this was a great scene featuring a promising young newcomer.

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