Reaching For The Sky (2019)

by - December 11, 2019

Starring: Sky Pierce // Nathan Bronson
Directed by:
Runtime: 31 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Canadian starlet, Sky Pierce sitting on a white couch, as the man behind the camera introduces her, as well as asks her some questions so that the audience can come to know her better.  Sky says that, though she is Canadian, her background is Ukrainian, Welsh and Scottish.  The interviewer goes on to talk about the 5'4" stunner's petite stature.  This as Sky proceed to pose, and subsequently show off what she calls her "little booty".  As she then go back to the couch, she shows off a pair of small pictures snapped earlier in the day.When the director happens to mentions that she looks like a fashion model. Sky confirms that she has indeed done a some modeling.  She says that, when it comes to sex, she can be pretty adventurous.  In fact, she loves to have sex outdoors, saying that she once had sex outdoors at a closed park, among a waterfall, and that the most public place was a public beach.  Sky says that when it comes to aggressive sex or being romantic.  She actually prefers being romantic.

The topic then turns to masturbation as Sky says that she loves to masturbate, and she does so every day.  It's after this that Sky is next left on her own, as she give us a demonstration.  She goes on to slowly peel off her tight cutoff shorts, leaving just her pink panties, which she notes, that the nail polish on her toes match.  Sky then moves said panties aside to places a vibrating dildo on her clit.  This as Sky admits to being really horny.  Things continue from here until the director asks her if it compare to the real thing.  To which she answers "no".  This is meant as an introduction to Ryan McLane who soon enters the frame.  Sky is quickly into Ryan's arms as he lifts her up as the two exchange kisses, as she wraps her legs around him.  Ryan then goes on to reach around into her panties, before prior to lifting her up once again, this time in a piledriver position, as he eats her pussy.  This then continuing on the couch as Sky is bent over backward during the act.  This is then followed by Sky returning the favor by sucking cock.  We then see 69 briefly, before it's to missionary, as Ryan's cock goes in.  From this position, for the majority, Sky has her legs pinned back as Ryan fucks steadily.  After this, Sky briefly sucks Ryan's cock.  The next position is doggy, where Ryan picks up the pace.  This as we see sky cream on the cock.  It's followed up by she then cleaning the cock, before things pick up with Ryan lifting and pounding Sky in standing cowgirl.  This is the followed up by standard, and reverse cowgirl.  Piledriver next, as Sky is bent backward and fucked deep.  This soon leads Ryan to climax.  The scene then comes to an end with Ryan unloading, aimed at Sky's mouth.

The Review //
The scene titled "Reach for the Sky" from MOFOS is a scene featuring Sky Pierce, showcasing the Canadian starlet both in interview, and scene.  The scene initially begins with a brief question and answer.  One which sees the director field a few questions as we come to know her, and what makes her tick sexually.  The most interesting information being that she is part Ukrainian, Welsh and Scottish, as well as the fact that she has a very distinct liking for outdoor, public sex.  She's somewhat of an undercover sex kitten.  And it is a kitten that soon draws her claws!  First beginning with a solo masturbatory tease, followed by the scheduled sexual showdown, which sees Sky go one on one with male performer Ryan McLane during a round of fucking.  It's during the solo session that we find that Sky comes prepared.  This as she almost immediately, pulls out her favorite vibrator and proceeds to use it on her pussy.  A vibrator that she admits to having used in public before.

When it comes to the sex scene between she and Ryan, it is one that escalate rather quickly, as right from the beginning, we see Sky up in Ryan's arms, as he basically manhandles her.  This would continue, as Ryan surprisingly hoists the petite sky in a position that sees her upside down.  It's from here, that he goes on to eat her pussy.  It's not every day that you see this, and I loved it.  It's truly acrobatic fuckery at it's finest.  Ryan continues to treat her pussy right, however, Sky soon goes on to show us what she can do, as she quickly goes in to suck Ryan's cock.  The thing that I noticed during this was that Sky happened to maintain very good eye contact with the camera. It's as if Sky is looking at us while she is committing the naughty act.  I have ti say that this girl really knows how to use her eyes to seduce.  It's so sexy the way that she fucks the camera with her eyes.  Following this, the momentum shifts as Ryan essentially takes charge with a variety of positions.  Positions such as missionary, standing cowgirl, cowgirl and lastly piledriver.  In missionary, the position particularly lends itself to greatly display both Sky's flexibility, as well as her petite figure.  This while we next see Ryan's power, especially in standing cowgirl and piledriver.  And speaking of piledriver, I personally felt that the position was a genuinely good way to end things.

Overall, generally speaking, I found this scene to be somewhat ok, I guess.  I really like Sky Pierce, and I have honestly been anticipating reviewing her.  However, with this scene, I just feel as though I just didn't get much in terms of chemistry between the performers.  Instead of a passionate build, we get a quick scene.  I just felt that the scene moved just too quickly to fully grasp or appreciate it.  Yes, I have enjoyed scenes with a similar make in the past, but with this one, I just felt that something more was needed.  All of the signs of just how great a scene featuring Sky Pierce are here, however.  Which is why I do look forward to exploring more of her work in the future.

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