Punishing A Perv (2019)

by - December 03, 2019

Starring: Skylar Vox // Johnny The Kid
Directed by:
Runtime: 37 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, we are at the library, as Skylar Vox, strolls through the collection of books available.this as she unknowingly attracts the attention of of two pervy onlookers. One of them being Johnny The Kid. As Skylar continues to look through the books, grabbing one off the shelf, the bespectacled Johnny and his pal this cannot help but to gawk at the sight that is she. This as she is looking very sexy, wearing a tight white top, that definitely more than outlines of voluptuous breasts. This accompanied with a tight, short plaid skirt, and some black zippered boots. The two guys continue to look on, as Skylar goes on to ascend a ladder to retrieve a book located on one of the higher shelves. And it is at this moment that the boys get quite the eyeful, when Skylar's skirt hikes as she climb. This is when Johnny seizes the opportunity to pull out his smartphone, despite there being a sign clearly indicating that no such device is allowed in the library. It is during this, that Johnny unfortunately gets a little bit too close for comfort when he goes to snap an upskirt photo, and as a result, Skylar catches him red handed. It is immediately that Skylar confronts him, grabbing Johnny's hand, and then subsequently soon stomping on his phone. After this, Skylar then goes on to say that she should punish Johnny, giving him a dose of his own medicine. Skylar follows this up, by going on to hike up her skirt, and smother nerdy Johnny, as she sit on his face.  She then goes on to unzip his pants and pull out his cock, as she attempts to snap a humiliating photo of her own. However, it is at that moment that Skylar, comes to the decision that Johnny's cock is just too good to pass up. This, as she then go on to suck it, as the two of them end up in 69, with she on top. 

Following this, Skylar goes on to prop up her left leg up on the table, as she wants Johnny to fuck her from behind in doggy. This starts off at a even pace, prior to Skylar then removing her shirt. Johnny then improves his pace, as we see Skylar's tits bounce.  This, as Johnny fucks, and she slams herself back, thus fucking him. She also gets leverage, by pulling on Johnny's shirt. Next up, Skylar then sucks cock, before slipping it between her big tits to fuck them. The next position sees the two of them take to the floor. Johnny is on his back, as Skylar squats down on the cock. From here, she briefly plants her feet to bounce.  However, soon she lean back, to get the full feel.  It's here that we see both bouncing and fucking, as Johnny eventually takes charge, fucking at a quick pace. It is during this, that we also see Skylar hold her legs tightly. Following Skylar next, and again sucking Johnny off, we again see more of the previous, as the position reverses to standard cowgirl. This is followed up next by spoon from one direction.  However, following a break for more sucking, spoon resumes, as Skylar switches ends. For the next position the two of them return to the table.  This time, as Skylar hops up on it for missionary. This position plays out during an extended period of time, as Johnny fucks in first, a steady and then increasing pace.  We also see Skylar again fuck Johnny back once more, before Johnny resumes authority. This lasting until Johnny finally reaches climax.  Skylar then hurries to her knees, as Johnny then jerks off to cum, shortly after Skylar puts on his glasses. This leaving them covered for the finish.

The Review //
In the scene titled, Skylar Vox, is just simply minding her own business at the library, when she finds herself creeped upon by two dweebs, Johnny The Kid, and his friend. And it is in the end that Johnny gets Skylar's undivided attention, when he boldly attempts the most daring creep move of all. This, when he tries to snap a pic, from underneath Skylar's skirt. And of course, when he is caught she decides to dish out her own brand of punishment, and truthfully in the end, Johnny is surprisingly left happy instead of the other way around.

I'll tell you one thing, this is a scene that sure was a whole lot of fun. Beginning with the storyline. Not only is it very nicely staged, the story, although rather simple, is one that is well scripted, and additionally played out by its participants. The story is a lot of fun to watch unfold, from Johnny and his friend creeping on Skylar, whom does look undeniably good here, to she catching him, and ultimately punishing the guy. It's all nicely acted out by both Skylar and Johnny, who wisely remain in character throughout.  Johnny the nerd type, and Skylar, the sexy dominant one of the two. This is of course, something that we see carrying on into the sexual encounter that makes up the majority of the remainder of the scene, following the setup.

When speaking of the sexual encounter. It is one that begins with Johnny's character acting bewildered, as he should. Because after all, this hot girl, seducing his nerdy self, is indeed a surprise at first. However, it is once things warm up for the two of them, that the sexual encounter becomes one of high energy, and fast pace. However and saying this, please take note that the two performers do remain in character during this sort of transformation of the guard, so to speak. So here, not only do we have lots of energy from these two, we also have quite a bit of humor found within as well. One of my favorite moments, just so happens, during the act of doggy, as Johnny fucks Skylar from behind. She has her left leg up on the table , opening herself wide for Johnny to fuck her from behind. There is a moment during this which sees Skylar go on to take charge as she slams herself back on the cock. At one point she goes on to grab onto Johnny's collared shirt, in order to forcefully pull him into her. Johnny just basically stands there and takes it.  This, with hardly any emotion showing at all. He is essentially her fuck doll. Personally, I thought that this was really funny. It's just great stuff. Following this, the doggy does continue, as Johnny eventually takes it upon himself to increase his pace, fucking Skylar hard.  Even pinning her arms back, almost in a full nelson-like position. This particular positioning, giving us a really great view of Skylar's big, beautiful and natural titties. Also on this, there are other various positions, as well as shots scene here, that put a magnificent emphasis, on Skylar's big bouncing chest. This including, a round of both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, as well as some tittyfucking. The camera also never fails to throw a close up view of them at us, a number of times as well. The scene eventually winds down. However, we do not have just any ordinary cumshot.  No.  Just as it's clever story before it, the scene draws to a close, with Skylar grabbing, and putting on Johnny's brown framed glasses, just as he pops.  In my opinion, the jizz-glazed glasses were definitely a great visual to bring the scene's action to an end. The story itself wraps, just as it begun.  With that humor, as Skylar gets dressed, placing the glasses(with cum on them) back on Johnny, prior to abruptly leaving. This leaving Johnny confused and beside himself, as he does not even know Skylar's name.

Overall, as I said this was a very good scene. One that I very much enjoyed from the very beginning. The storyline really grabbed me from the start, as did the sexual material, as it featured not only the humor, but also what I would call raw and hard fucking as well. Both of the performers here really impress. First of all, Skylar Vox is looking really good here. Not only does she bring a bit of dominance to the action, there is also an eagerness in her as well, as she is often fairly energetic. On the other hand, is Johnny The Kid, who I just so happened to review for the first time just last week. In comparison of these two scenes, I truly say that there is no real comparison between them. During the review that I did last week featuring this young male performer, I noted that due to the nature of the scene, I felt that this "kid" was far too restricted. But here, it is another story, as beyond the nerdy persona, which he is given here, eventually he is able to open up, and be the performer that he really is. I really liked his energy, and the way in which he really gave Skylar the dick, fucking her hard. Together, these two gave one great performance. And speaking of great, this is exactly what I would venture to call this scene.  "Great".  Altogether collectively, both story, as well as scene. If this is punishment, then I definitely need to be bad more often!  I highly recommend this scene. Be sure to check it out!

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