Rude Awakening (2019)

by - December 16, 2019

Starring: Aria Kai // Oliver Flynn
Directed by:
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene sees Kappa pledge sister Aria Kai being tasked with pranking the RK Omega Fraternity by her sisters.  It begins with Aria coming up on the frat house, the morning after an obvious raucous party.  Armed with a box of fireworks, Aria's mission is to sneak into the house, giving the frat a rather rude, and unexpected awakening.  After searching for a point of entry, Aria finally finds, a way through a broken window.  It is a window that she soon crawls through.  Once inside, Aria finds a sleeping Fraternity member in Oliver Flynn.  This as she quickly prepares to startle him.  She brings out a confetti popper and abruptly lets it rip.  It's a racket that surely startles Oliver, whom is quickly risen from his slumber, and confront Aria.  Oliver immediately knows that Aria must be a pledge from Kappa.  This being as he says that he knows them for pledging "wild ones".  To which Aria replies that Oliver has no idea.  This as they go into kissing, which is followed by Aria then going on to suck cock. 

It's here that Aria keeps eye contact as she sucks Oliver deep, and he also toy with her throat.  Following this, Aria goes on to climb on to ride the cock in cowgirl. Initially the position begins with Aria having her legs spread, as she lean forward to rock back on it, this prior to we seeing her sit more upright to bounce. After, Aria's position then reverses to reverse cowgirl. Here, Aria is spread wide as she is slammed down steady. Doggy would come next, as Oliver then takes Aria from behind, to pound her with long strokes, as the camera shows his dick go in deeply. It is over the course of this position, that we see Oliver also have some fun, as he fire off one of the confetti fireworks. This, prior to Aria being face down for a moment. Oliver then positions Aria on her side, as he takes things into a side fuck position. One, that eventually sees Aria on her back, as things goes to missionary, and as the camera momentarily has a POV overhead view of things. It's here, that things continue with Oliver fucking nice, and steady until he must cum. It's then that things come to an end, as Oliver presents some fireworks all his own. This, as he goes on to jerk his cock hard in order to blast Aria's face with a nice big load. This providing a finish to the action.

The Review //
For this review, this scene comes from the REALITY KINGS series titled, "Big Naturals".  For the scene we are on the campus of an unknown college, and in the midsts of some college hijinks as Aria Kai, a pledge for the Kappa Sorority goes above and beyond to impress her sisters.  Yes, here, Oliver Flynn finds out that, the best part of waking up is not Folger's in your cup, it's a mouth around your cock! 

When it comes to the storyline of this scene, it is definitely a fun one right from the start.  As the scene itself begins with a nice tease segment involving the big(and naturally) chested Aria Kai.  This as she is in the scene's bedroom setting.  The segment including a striptease, as she sets off a few of the confetti fireworks.  We are then taken to the sight of the frat house as Aria comes upon it.  This is obviously a party house, seeing as there is noticeable trash strewn about the yard.  I really liked how this setting was dressed.  It really put you in the college atmosphere, this along with the bedroom inside.  It's messy and cluttered.  Not to mention the fact that when we are first introduced to Oliver, he's asleep, cuddled up next to an inflatable blowup doll.  That's just icing on the cake.

It's a short time later, after Aria rudely awakens Oliver, that we quickly go into ginger on ginger sexual relations, as Aria is quick to show him just how "wild" that she can be. I really liked the fact that essentially no time was wasted here as we went flying into the action. This is the feeling that is faithfully carry over through the works of the entire scene.  Aria first administers a blowjob maintaining very nice eye contact with Oliver. However, soon after this, we go straight into cowgirl, as Oliver is then on his back, and Aria then straddles his cock. First of all, this is my second time to review Aria, and in both of the scenes that I have saw her perform, she has displayed some excellent, excellent cock riding skills.  I mean this girl can definitely pop that ass!!  Initially here, Aria sits on the dick with her legs sprawled, as she rock back on it quickly, and steadily.  This, before sitting upright to bounce.  It is then followed by a great showing in reverse cowgirl as well.  This, as we get a full view of Aria's beautiful red bush, along with her equally as beautiful big, bouncing tits.  The camera makes sure to put those on nice display.  The scene continues in this tradition as Oliver goes on to pound his big cock into Aria's tight hole.  Technically speaking the scene is one that is sound.  I really wish that REALITY KINGS credited their directors, because I would like to in this case.  That's because here, the director does a fantastic job.  Both in staging the scene's storyline, as well as the sexual encounter itself.  As for the sex, we are kept right in the action at all times.  This including POV shooting, as well as the addition of very nice closeup shots.  I feel that when it comes to a viewer getting their money's worth, here we get all of the looks and angles that we could have possibly wanted.

I really did enjoy this scene.  As I said above, I loved the little Sorority prank vignette.  I felt that it was both well staged, as well as played by both performers, in terms of acting.  However, when it came to the sex, it was even better!  It's immediately quickly paced, as Aria Kai goes right for it.  Boy, do I really like her.  Not only is she a sexy young redhead, she is one that has curves for days.  Both tits and ass!  Aria is absolutely incredible.  Especially with the way that she rides a hard cock.  Everyone definitely should be on the lookout for her, and this would not be a bad scene to start with.  Both she and Oliver here create a scene that is definitely worth seeing.  I recommend, as both put in nice work!

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