ElegantAngel.com: Autumn Falls Has Amazing Big Wet Tits (2019)

by - January 08, 2020

Starring: Autumn Falls // Markus Dupree
Directed by: Pat Myne
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment, which sees Autumn Falls up against an all white background as she both pose and tease.  This as she arouse us, as she is wearing a white, one piece slingshot bikini.  One that barely does its job of covering her large natural breasts.  It's these very breasts that she go on to tease us with, as she squeeze them, as the camera take a close view.  Things continuing from here, as she further tease, as she drench her tits with a bottle of oil.  She further appeals to us, as we see her bounce and shake her tits for the camera.  By this time, the oil keeps pouring down, as it rains down Autumn's voluptuous body.  Before long, the tease progresses to shoe this oil play, as Autumn is fully nude, thus ending on a good note.

The scene begins with Autumn crawling toward Markus Dupree.  This as Markus wastes no time in fucking her face hard.  The fast pace continues, as Markus quickly flips Autumn onto her back, as she spreads wide.  Here, he fucks the pussy at a fast pace, while squirting oil on both her pussy, and tits.  Next, Autum is on her back, as she sucks cock, and once again has her face fucked as she does so while upside down.  Doggy, leads things to go to front-facing, standing side fuck.  This goes to doggy next, including Markus half-straddling Autumn from behind.  This, while stepping on her head and pounding deep.  Following some upright doggy as well, Markus is on his back against couch, as he thrusts upward, Making Autumn eventually gush with squirt.  Following missionary, Markus begins fucking her tits, as she's on her back, however soon he finishes standing, as he comes to climax, cumming onto Autumn's face to close out the scene.

The Review //
For Today's review, I pull a scene from the release titled "Big Wet Tits 19" from ELEGANT ANGEL and Director Pat Myne.  As eluded to in the title, the release presents scenes focusing on tits that are big and wet.  With oil that is!  This just so happens to be my first ever review for ELEGANT ANGEL, but something that I have always wondered, is just how much oil this particular studio goes through in a year?  This scene featuring the DVD's covergirl, Autumn Falls, is one that further begs the question.

Yes, here we have Autumn Falls as our scene features the typical tease segment,  However, I have to say that the oil definitely adds to the fun.  So, I definitely see the appeal of it.  Especially when you have some big, beautiful tits in your face, such as the one's young Autumn has been blessed with.  They have to be one of the most beautiful pair in all of porno.  Geez.  And what's more is that one can tell that she plays with them a lot(and why wouldn't she?).  Because here, she knows exactly how to tease us with them.  Personally, I felt that it was a solid tease.  What a body this girl has.  I still can't believe it's all natural!

After the tease, we move into the sexual encounter, and it is one that escalates pretty quickly, as Markus, the veteran, goes right into fucking Autumn's face.  It's also here that we see Markus dominate for most all of the scene, as he dictates the pace, making this a fast paced affair.  This as he goes on to throughly fuck Autumn's pussy through out.  Going, from position to position.  Positions like missionary, doggy, front-facing standing side fuck, and spoon,  All of which seem to involve some sort of oil play.  This, as we see Markus keeping Autumn's pussy well lubed, and even soaking her tits, as they bounce.  At one point, Markus just squirts the oil everywhere, even aiming at Autumn's open mouth.  But in saying this, my absolute favorite moment involving the oil came when Markus, with Autumn bent over, inserted the bottle of oil directly into her pussy and squeezed.  This with the end result being the oil shooting out of her orifice.  It was a great visual, I must say.  However, when speaking of "squirting", oil happens to not be the only liquid shooting from Autumn's vagina.  This as Markus is successful in making Autumn's pussy erupt, multiple times during the scene.  Most all of these coming from Markus steadfastly and furiously fingering Autumn's hole.  However, beyond that, the scene's greatest squirting achievement, stems from the male performer deeply fucking the pussy during Markus' signature cowgirl-like position, as he is on his back, with his feet against the couch, as his scene partner straddles  him, as he thrusts upward.  This action leads Autumn, to a huge squirting orgasm.  The stream itself, is plentiful and long.  After some more action to follow, the fast paced action winds down, as only a titty-focused scene should.  With of course, some titty-fucking!  It begins with Markus straddling Autumn's chest as she is on her back.  But soon, we see Markus stand, as he finally works himself up, before finally letting go on a load onto Autumn's face.

Overall, for the most part, I enjoyed it.  It's undeniable that Markus Dupree is one of the top male performers in the business.  He has his own style that is very fast paced and intense.  The thing that is with him though, is that, unless something makes the scene stand out, then a lot of the scenes which he is involved feel the same, no matter whom he is paired with.  But here, I did enjoy the dynamic between he and Autumn.  After all, they are currently a real life couple.  Here, they do work well together.  I liked that the two maintained some serious eye contact with one another during the scene.  They also at times, directly communicate.  It's hot.  Also all of Autumn's squirting, especially the previous big eruption, as well as Markus' silliness with the oil truly adds fun to the scene,  The camera itself, also never shys away from seizing the opportunity to capture the jiggle and bounce of those tits, as par for the course of the scene's theme.  I enjoyed the scene pretty much, and say not only check out the scene, but possibly the full release as well.

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