Petite Teen Dani Lynn Gets A Fucking (2019)

by - January 24, 2020

Starring: Dani Lynn // Oliver Flynn
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 53 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with the guys catching up with Dani Lynn, a petite 19 year old from Kentucky, who is seated on the Hussie couch.  Dani says that, at just 5 foot tall and 97 pounds, that the only time that she has ever broken the 100 pound mark, was simply due to using birth control. She says that her current state is her normal one. That is when Johnny Robins from behind the camera says that she would definitely be classified as a "spinner". A term that Dani is unaware of. She says that in Kentucky, it's boring. there is a lot of horse racing and that she likes to do  hiking. She says that she has rode horses, but it is simply not her thing.  She says that she likes EDM, and rap, and has gone to raves.  She also likes listening to classic rock.  The likes of Tom Petty.  She says that back in Kentucky, that she did live in the country, when she lived with her parents on a five acre farm. But for the past two years, she has lived in a college town in a house with two roommates.  When asked, she then says that she does not currently have a boyfriend but she did have one during the past six months. She says that it did not work out with that guy due to he having a problem with alcohol.  Dani lost her virginity at 14 years old, and has since slept with around 30 guys.  Although she's young Dani says that she prefers younger guys as opposed to older ones.  She has dated older guys in the past, and that "sex is sex", she says. When asked why she joined porn, she says that she just said "fuck it", and did so.  Dani says that she is a fan of porn, and believes that she can perform in such a way. She says that when it comes to sex he likes to be dominant. Johnny then has Dani stand up from the couch, as he then has to raise up her red shirt to reveal her tits. Perky ones complete with pierced nipples, which she says that she has had for about a year. She says that she finds them sexy, and that they make her nipples more sensitive.  She says that she is turned on by people sucking on them and twisting them.

Soon Dani's would be scene partner, Oliver Flynn enters the frame, as he goes on to oil up Dani's ass, while warming her up by twisting on her nipple rings and kissing on her neck. More body worship continues as Oliver then goes on to remove Dani's black lace panties, where he goes on to rub down her pussy. This would lead into the two going into a sexual encounter.

Following Oliver going down on Dani, she then takes to her knees to suck cock, where we have overhead POV, along with an additional side view.  This, before things continue with Oliver next on his back.  Next, we see Dani give a footjob for the first time, and she likes it.  She also likes riding cock, which she does next.  Prior to the action being in doggy, as Oliver fucks her hard at an increasing pace,  This before they return to the couch.  First, for reverse cowgirl, and then in the positions; spoon an missionary, with the latter being enough to make Oliver cum.  The scene comes to a close with Oliver jerking off the shoot Dani in the face with is big load.

The Review //
Today, I review a scene from the website HUSSIE PASS, which presents to us the very first porn scene from Southern newcomer, Dani Lynn. Yes, from the mountains of Kentucky, to Florida, and subsequently to porno, comes Dani Lynn, as she has ambitions to be a star. This as we first see her paired with Hussie's Ginger stud, Oliver Flynn, as he welcomes this 5 foot tall cutie to porn the proper way.

The scene begins with a interview segment, as the director, Johnny Robins converses with Dani Lynn, as both he, scene partner Oliver Flynn, as well as we the viewer, come to know her a little. This via questions which ask her for details regarding, where she comes from, what her hobbies are, her relationship history, what she likes about sex, and ultimately. how she ended up here. How she ended up in the porn business. The interview segment question is very nice, fun, and informative. However, when it comes to me as a viewer, it had me more than ready to see if Dani had what it takes to make it. This definitely being a good thing. Anticipation is key sometimes. However with that said, it was not long until the two of them, finally got right into things. And the good thing about this is that Dani also did not waste any time when it came to showing us her skills sexually.

Things begin with Dani taking to her knees to show off her fellatio skills, and as it turns out, she is actually quite good at the act. I took notice of this, especially when Oliver left his feet and took to his back, as Dani went on to continue her work on the cock. I loved the way that during this, Dani concentrated on the head of Oliver's cock, as she slowly made her way down the shaft. This, all while maintaining eye contact with the camera. It's also during what happens next that Dani continues her impressive ways.  This, as she give Oliver a foot job. A sexual act that Dani says that, up until now she had yet to perform on anyone. However, beside this fact, she again shows no problem before the camera, as she handles things with the undeniable skill. She next also go on to show us that she can ride the Dick as well. Johnny asks her if she likes to ride the cock, and when the answer is yes, the two performers go right into things as Dani then sits on Oliver's cock to bounce on it, and bounce well. It's before the next position that Johnny also asks Dani how she prefers sex.  Dani says that she prefers it to be hard. And this is exactly how Oliver gives it to her from the position of doggy which soon follows. It's during this position that Oliver continues at a steady pace, that becomes increasingly faster and harder over time. It is during this position also, that Dani proves that she can endure a heavy pounding. She really takes it well from behind. Oliver then manhandles Dani as he lifts her up, as the two fall back on the couch and end up in the position of reverse cowgirl. It's here that Johnny directs Dani into position. Eventually Oliver continues right where he left off, hammering his cock in deep and hard. It is during this that I also noticed that Dani gave the camera a few nice looks. Proving that she has a face the camera loves. That is for sure. The action next goes to both spoon, and missionary where it continues until Oliver eventually comes to climax. The two then rush to get Dani on her knees as Oliver proceed to jerk his cock from above her. This with the end result being Dani soon receiving her first cum blast to the face. And it is a big one.

Overall, this was a very good scene. One that I enjoyed a lot. Here we have a newcomer, who is participating in her very first porn scene. However, with that said, what we see from Dani Lynn here, does absolutely nothing to hint to her being inexperienced in front of the camera. It's because here she performs in a way that comes across as being quite natural to her. Here, she is before the camera for the very first time, yet she is performing sexual acts with a complete stranger with a big dick, as if it is nothing. Not only does she perform these acts. She performs them with great skill. Especially when it comes to doing something that she had never done before, such as administering a foot job. Both in forward and reverse variations. She slipped that cock in between her feet with no problem, stroking it just in the right way. Not only was I impressed with this, I was impressed with each and every position here, as Dani Lynn is seemingly well-versed sexually for being so young. I have a feeling that Dani Lynn will fit right in within the porn ranks. Based off of this scene, if she already performs this well, up against Oliver Flynn, a performer who, he himself continues to prove to be a male talent on the rise, just imagine how well she will perform as she progresses.  Especially, in a business such as this, which requires a performer to perform sexually, many times over. She is only going to get better from here I do  believe.

With Dani Lynn, Hussie Models have made quite the discovery, as this Kentucky-born spinner, is indeed a born natural.  She both performs well in front of the camera, and looks good doing it. I was really impressed with her poise, and her ability to do what was wanted from Johnny and Oliver, and do it well. And best of all, she does it with a smile on her face. I enjoy when I get the chance to see a newcomer perform in one of their very first scenes.  Especially when the performer in question gets right in there and performs with absolutely no problem. When it comes to this scene in particular, that is indeed the case here. So, it is with that said that I highly recommend checking out, not only this scene, but Dani Lynn in general.

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