Gabbie Gets Her Way (2020)

by - January 29, 2020

Starring: Gabbie Carter // Zac Wild
Directed by:
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Gabbie Carter is a student who happens to be a little obsessed with her favorite teacher Zac Wild. This as she shows up at his house unannounced. When she arrives she happens to find that Zac, or anyone for that matter, are nowhere to be found. However, this does not stop Gabbie from inviting herself inside via a back door, which has been left unlocked. Once inside her teacher's home, Gabbie finds herself amazed. So much so, that she quickly makes her way up the stairs and into Zac's bedroom. It is there that she is quick to try on one of her favorite shirts belonging to her teacher. This being as she feels it upon her body, as well as smell it for his scent. It is at this point however that she decides that, that is simply not enough, as she goes on to rummage through Zac's closet space. However, just as she was looking through Zac's wardrobe, he just so happens to unexpectedly come home after some time at the gym. As such, as Gabbie is hiding, Zac makes his way into the bedroom prior to undressing and stepping into the shower. It is at this time that Gabbie goes on to seize the opportunity to get a whiff of his dirty laundry. This arousing her so, that she goes on to then hump a pillow on the bed. She then also finds his water bottle.  She licking the top of the opening, before pouring the water onto her big tits, which are covered by her white zip up blouse.  With the front of her top now soaked, Gabbie then unzips. letting her tits out, as she also going to pull her panties aside to masturbate.  This as she both rub her clit, and finger her wet hole deep. As she goes on to once again hump the pillow, she is then interrupted by Zac, who happens to hear her commotion. Zac is surprised by what he finds. This, is he goes on to question Gabbie as to why she is at his house uninvited. Gabbie simply says that she could not wait until Monday to see him again, and that he is her favorite teacher. This is as Gabbie goes on to tease Zac while having her legs spread, and her pussy showing.  Gabbie urges him to lick her pussy, as Zac is initially standoffish, as he says that his wife is just down the hall. However, it does not take long for temptation to get the better of the teacher, as he soon gives in to his student's lustful desire.

Things begin with Zac quickly going in between Gabbie's legs to suck on her pussy. As things continue here he also licks and tongues, concentrating on the clit. After this this is followed up by Zac slipping his dick in between Gabbie's tits to fuck them. This is followed up by Gabbie saying that she wants Zac to fuck her. This, as the action then goes to doggy. As Gabbie is on all fours. It's from this position that Zac goes on to slam the pussy at an increasing pace. The next position sees Gabbie on her back as a go into missionary. Like the position before, Zac works at an increasing pace, during which Gabbie's big tits bounce. Next up, the roles reverse, as Zac is then on his back, as Gabbie climbs on for cowgirl. It is here that we see Zac fuck at a quick pace as well as Gabbie bounce on the dick. After a moment of sucking cock, thing continue with the position then reversing to reverse cowgirl, for more of the same. Next up, Gabbie once more cleans the cock, after which, she is not done. This as she get in position for spoon, next. It's here that Zac drives Gabbie to orgasm, just moments before he reaches the point of his own. As a result, he then goes on to jerk his cock before spewing his load, with most of it being deposited on Gabbie's chin.

The Review //
In this scene from reality Kings titled "Gabbie Gets Her Way", Gabbie Carter is a teenage psycho, and her object of her obsession, is her favorite teacher portrayed by Zac Wild. He, who finds himself in for quite the surprise, when he comes home from the gym to find his student Gabbie and he and his wife's bed, after he returns home from the gym. It is at that point, that Gabbie has her legs spread and ready for him. Of course, he tries to fight off the urge, but the attraction and the attention from the young stunner is just too much for him to bare.

This is essentially the set up for the scene which leads us into the inevitable sexual encounter between student and teacher. However, this is not without first some brilliant playing up of character by one Gabbie Carter. Here, this beautiful girl from Texas, Gabbie is tasked with portraying an individual who is deep into her obsession. So much so, that she invites herself into her teacher's home when she just so happens to find it unattended, after showing up uninvited. We see Gabbie eventually make her way up to his bedroom upstairs, where we she just brilliantly pours on the crazy. She first goes on to try on Zac's shirt, before making her way into his closet, and then going on to sniff of his dirty clothes, once he removes them after returning home from the gym all sweaty-like. Here, Gabbie does a great job of demonstrating this, as she takes to her character, and really reacts to her actions in such a way that makes them believable. I really liked the way in which she rolled her eyes back, as she went on to sniff the clothing of Zac. Not only that, we also see her hump a pillow in his bed, as well as masturbate in it. The former being especially erotic in my opinion.

We then of course, going to the sexual encounter following this, as we see Zac's character eventually give in to Gabbie's character's wants. The sexual material first begins with Zac going down on Gabbie to eat her pussy, and he does it well.  Sucking on, and tonguing precisely at Gabbie's clit. this before we see Gabbie then treat Zac to a blowjob.  It's a good blowjob, but with that said, my favorite moment during this was something that Gabbie does during the act. It is during this, that Gabbie happens to spot a wedding band on Zac's finger. It's after which, that she proceeds to suck on said finger, as she in turn, remove the silver wedding band, by sucking it into her mouth, after which she then spits it out. This moment left a big smile on my face, as I felt that it was just a brilliant moment of storytelling thrown in. Not only that, it is in this small action, that we the viewer are further clued into just how crazy Gabbie's character truly is. A little touch such as this, is just great insight.  The blowjob is then followed by a very nice round of titty-fucking as well.  This, as Gabbie looks into the camera with her big beautiful eyes and tells Zac, just how much she has wants him, which in itself is really sexy. It sets the stage for fucking, as Gabbie tells Zack that she wants it.  It's from here that the action goes from a concession of various positions. Beginning in doggy, as Zac takes her from behind. We also have missionary, followed by both variations of cowgirl, as well as spoon. The final position seeing Zac lasting until he must cum. For virtually the entire sex scene, the energy between these two, is on point, and high, as is the overall chemistry. Here, Zac Wild putting great work as he goes on to fuck consistently. I enjoyed seeing the way that he just hammered Gabbie's pretty pussy with his skilled cock throughout the scene. As for Gabbie herself, she looks absolutely phenomenal, as she does always. Personally, I feel that she is one of the most attractive performers overall in the business. Not only does she have a very pretty face, she has a knockout body to boot, complete with a fantastic pair of tits.  Now, someone else just won the fan voted award at AVN for the most beautiful boobs in porn. But I beg to differ with that.  Gabbie's boobs are simply second to none. And with that said, the scene does a great job of further proving my point, as the positions lend a hand in making them look extra spectacular.

But to close, I will say that I did enjoy the scene. I liked how it played out overall. I especially liked seeing Gabbie play the weird stalker-ish type. And she does it well, as I said. Zac Wild on the other hand, plays it as he should. as the startled teacher, who simply becomes overwhelmed but irresistible pussy. It is a scene that is definitely played with a more comedic tone, rather than a serious one, and it is fun just as it should be. I recommend checking the scene out, especially if you are a fan of either Gabbie Carter or Zac Wild. Both of whom do a nice job here, making the scene what it is.

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