Sudsy Seductress (2020)

by - January 16, 2020

Starring: Indica Flower // Scott Nails 
Directed by:
Runtime: 21 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene it is a hot day out, as we see the dreaded beauty Indica Flower, proceed to shower in the nude, under an outdoor shower.  This, as she washes and soaps up her body as she caress it. However, she is not alone, as meanwhile at a distance Scott Nails can be seen as he is busy watering his own yard with a water hose. This as Indica obviously catches his undivided attention.  But as it would seem, Indica isn't in the least bit bothered by having a spectator. In fact, she encourages it, as she tease Scott, who even does a little teasing of his own, as he pours water on himself.  This lasting until Indica invites him over to join her.  This as she retrieve him by pulling on his hose.  This leads to passionate kissing between the two, with Scott behind Indica, as he caresses her big natural tits.

Indica follows this up by sucking on Scott's cock and balls, as we see both a side, and overall POV view. This also including a round of tittyfucking as well.  It then continuing with Indica leading him to poolside, as the blowjob continues with Scott on his back.  After this, is cowgirl as Scott has his facing the camera. Is from here that we see Indica bounce on the cock, as her tits do as well. This is followed up by reverse cowgirl next, as Scott switches ends for more of the same, we then see a return to cowgirl only this time, Indica's ass is on full display, as she pins her feet back to bounce. However Scott soon take the action to doggy, as he goes on to fuck the pussy from behind. This at a steady pace lasting until, Scott must pull out to cum, and does so on Indica's ass. The action then continues afterward. This, as Scott first resumes doggy for a short time, before things transition to spoon. Following spoon, Indica once again sucks cock, before Scott eventually goes on to jerk his cock to produce a second load, which she goes on to deposit on to her tits for the sexual finish.

The Review //
This scene from REALITY KINGS titled "Sudsy Seductress", sets it's stage for sex in a simple but humorous fashion.  This, as the gorgeous Indica Flower is a bathing beauty.  An enchantress if you will.  Yes, what happens when Scott Nails is minding his own business, merely watering his lawn when he spots a naked beauty adjacent to him as she showers outdoors?  This scene tells us exactly what occurs.  This as Indica not only flaunts and teases her body for Scott, she invites him over to participate.  Thus making Mr. Scott Nails the luckiest man on Earth.

Yes, Indica literally yanks and pulls him over to her by his water hose, as the two of them go on to engage in sexual activity.  It starts innocently enough with some kissing and caressing.  However, soon enough, Indica takes Scott over to a location by the pool.  I really liked how she did this too.  Like the water hose before, she tugs the man by his dick.  What a way to be!  It's from here that Scott lie back to be treated by Indica, as she continue to work his cock from here.  Her cock sucking is great, as one can tell that she's truly into it.  At one point, she even had one eye closed, and the other open, as it rolled back.  What??  It definitely looked hot, I'll say!  Indica, then goes on to ride the cock in both cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. with both positions seeing Scott switch ends, to have Indica's front facing the camera.  Obviously done so that we may see her big tits bounce.  And that they do, and it's glorious.  What beautiful titties!  But let us not forget Indica's equally appealing ass.  That we see as soon Indica would take back to cowgirl  Only this time, with her ass facing us.  I absolutely loved how Indica begun this position, with only one foot pinned back, as she rides and grinds.  The visual of her one bare foot, as just so hot.  As the position continues, we soon see both of Indica's feet.  Eventually, the action ends up in doggy, as Scott bangs Indica steady.  This leading him to pull out and pop onto her ass for a big load.

However, much to our surprise, Scott would not finish there.  No, as he would go on to reinsert himself in doggy for more, and then following up by fucking Indica deeply is spoon.  This prior to having Indica jerk and suck him off once again, resulting in a second, and final cumshot when it comes to this, I really enjoyed this unexpected addition.  After Scott initially popped, I really didn't expect him to go again.  Let alone, having the second go around last as much as it did, and produce a second cumshot.  I do not know if this was planned, or it simply happened by happy accident. But I liked it. It definitely makes this scene stand out.

Overall, I enjoyed this scene for what it is, and what it offers.  I definitely do wish that there could have been more to it, as it runs just over 20 minutes, and could be considered a short scene.  But nonetheless, we have Indica Flower, who is just perfect.  She has to have one of the cutest faces I've ever seen.  She's just beyond lovely!  She and Scott Nails do good work here however, as the scene goes on to nicely display what makes Indica one of porn's absolute hottest newcomers.  With that said, I recommend as Indica must not be missed in any capacity.


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