Give In (2019)

by - January 10, 2020


Lexi Belle

Alberto Blanco

Director: Julia Grandi

Year: 2019

Length: 39 Minutes

Rating: 10/10

Give In is Vixen's last new scene of the decade and what a way to go out! Vixen since its inception has always had the reputation of quality scenes with the industry's most beautiful women. They always make the performers they shoot look their absolute best and shoot in gorgeous locations. I've always admired their style of shooting as they have an elegant aesthetic and put equal weight on the story leading up to the sex showcasing their exotic locales.

Give In coming out of nowhere, is Lexi Belle's triumphant Boy/Girl comeback after 6 years. I checked out the trailer and knew I had to review it. Lexi Belle is one of my favourite performers. She's a natural beauty, but has an endearing down-to-earth personality as evidenced in pre-scene interviews from other releases (most notably in Lexi her 2012 Elegant Angel showcase film)  and importantly isn't afraid to get dirty when the time is right. As a long-time fan, it was a real thrill to see her return to shooting Boy/Girl after taking some time away shooting Girl/Girl scenes.

Give In starts off with a stunning sunset and an equally stunning Lexi entering the frame in a white bikini, the camera moving over every inch of her.

Lexi’s a traveller visiting Ibiza explaining how she always runs into the same handsome guy everywhere  dismissing it as a coincidence. She explains he’s a local architect & spotting her as a stunning American woman offers to show her around. We get a montage of Lexi & him wandering around the city shopping, and drinking together. Explaining how Alberto was the perfect gentleman respecting her boundaries, but Lexi is tired of restraining herself she needs to have him

During a walk on the beach things get heated & Lexi jumps into a blowjob with the waves of the ocean in the background it's a calming atmosphere.

The scene fades into Alberto & Lexi nude with Lexi grabbing hold of his cock & sensual kissing, it's a fantastic way to start. With the beautiful ocean background & the sound of the waves adding tranquility to the scene. Lexi bends down onto all fours and continues to suck Alberto’s rock hard cock. Alberto gently pushing her head deeper, Lexi passionately fondling his balls & getting it nice & sloppy

Alberto then moves Lexi into missionary, sliding his cock into her pussy which is a sight to behold, Lexi vocalizing her pleasure Alberto going at a steady pace Lexi begging for him to put it in deeper which he happily obliges teasing her pussy with his cock as Lexi makes her pleasure known rubbing her clit occasionally as he fucks her.

Alberto then makes his way down to Lexi’s pussy & starts eating her out the natural lighting absolutely perfect giving us a full view of Lexi squirming in pleasure and as nice bonus her feet.

The pair then shift into spooning which I always enjoy as it gives the audience a full view of the female talent’s body

In this case we see Lexi’s stunning toned body as her perky tits are bouncing from Alberto’s fucking motions, with his hand firmly on her all-naturals, this point not holding back as he goes balls deep into her pussy

Moving into doggie Alberto continues to fuck Lexi’s pussy while throwing in a slap on her ass for good measure. Lexi glad to have a cock this big in her pussy has her head down low on the outdoor mattress.

Lexi spreading her pussy open with her free hand to make sure Alberto hits the right spot, Lexi making it known she’s close to cumming before she does Alberto lays down on his back as Lexi resumes sucking it.

We then shift to an incredible POV shot of Lexi’s stunning face sucking Alberto & commenting how much she loves the size of it continuing to lick it, and suck the head. After sucking it for quite a while ,she decides she needs it back in her pussy as the pair moves to cowgirl, Lexi passionately kissing Alberto as she moves her ass up & down his cock which shifts into grinding her alternating between the two.

Lexi then jumps off & switches it up to reverse cowgirl personally my all-time favourite position as we get to see everything, Lexi’s tits bouncing as she relinquishes control to Alberto who starts pounding hard

Lexi close to cumming once more, Alberto making sure he takes her there by rubbing her pussy & gradually increasing his speed getting to a point where Lexi needs to slow it down & jumps off

Sucking it again laying on her stomach as Alberto stands near the edge of their poolside mattress

Lexi getting in there nicely with her mouth all over it. Alberto can’t control himself any longer as he unloads all over Lexi’s pretty face.

Give In was one hell of a comeback scene, it reminded me of Lexi’s work with Elegant Angel back in the day showcasing her at her absolute best & pairing her with talent that complimented her. Alberto Blanco is a male performer I’m not overly familiar with but he more than compliments Lexi, he has model good looks with no tattoos & an athletic build. His participation in this scene makes it ideal for couples to check out as both performers are easy on the eyes.

Overall Give In is an outstanding comeback for Lexi Belle, with her looking drop dead gorgeous in this scene, the exotic locale complimenting her looks exceptionally well. She once again gave us a great B/G scene and its as if there was no hiatus between this and her last B/G scene, she got right back into it giving us another signature passionate tryst. The scene tastefully shot while showcasing all the positions a viewer would expect from a porn scene.

The setup was interesting & I liked how the vignette explained the exotic locale for the sex. Vixen has always made a name for itself as showcasing the top performers in the industry at some of the most breath-taking locations in the world. Give In is no exception.

Give In is required viewing for couples, anyone who's a fan of Vixen's elegant productions and especially for Lexi Belle fans. It is a perfectly shot tastefully done scene and I highly recommend it.

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