Riley Reid Takes a Monster Cock in Her Ass (2020)

by - February 05, 2020

Starring: Riley Reid // Charlie Mac
Directed by: JD
Runtime: 54 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with one Riley Reid having a BANG BROS photoshoot with photographer, Alex Jett. The photoshoot sees Riley, who is wearing nothing but white bikini bottoms, go through a series of three different BANG BROS cutoff tees(a white tee, a baseball tee, and a black BANG BROS Center tee), as she proceeds pose for a series of snaps for Alex. This including shots of her small perky tits, plump ass, as well as her furry bush. Though Alex likes what he see, he then with the help of Riley has the two of them position the couch in the middle of the room, on which the photoshoot would continue soon after, this including shots of Riley spreading her legs, as well as her pussy. This, before Alex has Riley assume the position in doggy, as well as finger her asshole.  However, Alex realizes that Riley knows exactly what she is doing. Therefore, he simply allows her to do as she pleases front of the camera as he continues to snap. This leads to Riley then masturbating on the couch as she lie on her back with her legs spread. This lasting until Riley get herself off. For Alex, it is good material, unfortunately for Riley however, the act of masturbation does nothing but make her particularly horny. This as she asks Alex if they may cut the photo shoot short as she is in need of some big black cock. It is something that, of course Alex says that he cannot help her with on his own. However, he does have a friend there and Charlie Mac, who just might be able to assist her. It is in that Alex leaves the house to give the two of them a little privacy as he says he will return to pick up the lights later. And it is then that Riley and Charlie, literally waste no time, as a get to know one another fast.

Things first begin with Riley feeling up the crotch of Charlie's pants, as she is already impressed with the size of his bulge. She is then quick to get his cock out to suck enthusiastically.   Here, Riley slobbers on the cock, as she stroke it with two hands, as well as attempt to deep throat it several times.  This continuing as Charlie is seated.  This leading to Riley standing over Charlie's face, as she administer a footjob, as he is busy eating her pussy.  Riley then follows this up by sitting on Charlie's face.  This before a moment of 69 sees Riley straddle the cock in reverse cowgirl.  Here we see Riley both bounce on the cock, as well as Charlie drill her fast and hard, as she plants her feet on his legs.  Following this, it seems as if Riley isn't quiet satisfied, as she says that she also wants the dick in her ass.  But first, it requires lots of lube.  The action then goes to spoon as Charlie fucks at an increasing pace.  The next position sees Riley return to reverse cowgirl, only this time it's anal.  It's also during this position that Charlie comes to fuck deep and hard.  Missionary then follows, as Charlie soon fully straddles her to go deep, this as the camera gives a view from underneath, as Riley watches the penetration.  Cowgirl follows as Charlie from this position, fucks at a pace that he hard and fast before its lastly to doggy.  Here, Charlie straddles to hammer the ass deep, while Riley talks up encouraging words which soon make Charlie reach climax.  The scene finally coming to an end with Charlie jerking his cock to drop a load, aimed at Riley's smiling face.

The Review //
In this scene from BANG BROS, involving adult superstar Riley Reid, she gets exactly what she wishes for, when she cuts her photoshoot short to fulfill her urgent need for BBC. Yes, this scene begins on a fun and  curious note, as we see Riley participate in a photo should with photographer Alex Jett(who is here as an extra.  I was happy to see my friend appear here.). It is a simple enough photoshoot for BANG BROS during which Riley goes on to model several branded shirts for the company.  However, it is when Riley begins to pose on the couch and get a little frisky with her fingers, that she become extra horny for a specific craving.  That craving being big black cock. The urge is so strong that she even puts a stop to said photoshoot, and lucky for she, the big black dick that she longs for is waiting in the wings in the form of male talent Charlie Mac, who of course is more than willing to supply.

The sexual encounter between the two of them is the one that gets underway rather quickly. Of course Riley, no matter her years of experience in the business, is still quite amazed by the size of Charlie's "monster cock" as she calls it, once it is unleashed upon her. However nonetheless, she quickly gets to work, taking it into her mouth, as she work over the shaft with her throat and hands. This as she covers the dick with spit. However, after this before we even get into any kind of penetration of any sort, Riley goes on to treat the lucky Charlie to a nice footjob. I wouldn't particularly call me a fan of footjobs in general but I have to say that the one seen here, is  actually pretty hot. I just love the way that during this Riley referred to it as Charlie fucking her "foot pussy".  How fucking hot is that??  This also leads to some very nice looking 69, as well as a great round of Riley riding and grinding on Charlie's face, after she enjoyed how well he ate her pussy during the footjob.  Her ass is amazing, and the way that she grinds on his face is equally so. It's then that they go to reverse cowgirl, sometime after as Riley's pussy finally takes the dick. Here, I enjoyed the fact that, initially things began slowly as Riley is seen bouncing on the dick, mostly with her feet planted on Charlie's legs. But then a short time later, Charlie takes charge to pound deep and hard, and Riley takes it with ease. Even laughing at times, because it simply feels so good. It's after this that things take a turn for anal, as the insatiable Riley is just not satisfied with just having her pussy pounded. She wants her ass to get it as well. And that's how it is for the remainder of the scene, as it is ass exclusive from that point on. Things begin in spoon, as Charlie makes sure to ease it in. That's because Riley then makes it known that it has been a while since she participated in any kind of anal play.  Thus her ass has been rendered tight. Though she is willing, and so is Charlie. It's through a series of positions; spoon, missionary, reverse cowgirl, and doggy that Charlie goes on to open Riley's ass wide open. This truly appears to have been a real occurrence. As Riley goes on to talk her way through getting hammered in seemingly each and every position imaginable. It was great the way that she responded to being fucked. Saying things such as she wouldn't be able to walk after.  That she was going to be bedridden.  As well as the fact that her ass would now be well prepared, and that maybe she would call over some of Charlie's friends to fuck her ass next. It's just great stuff as not only do Riley and Charlie have nice chemistry with one another, there is also this enjoyable communication between them to witness. Altogether it is a really nice scene involving a performer that has become pretty much porn royalty in her years in front of the camera. It was truly enjoyable how the action here, just went straight into the main attraction which is of course anal sex. And it's just not any anal activity. It's of the hard pounding variety. Here, we essentially see Riley's backdoor get caved in! As I said, here we see Riley fucked in a number of positions.  However, when it comes to my personal choice, I have to say that the standout position seen here, is indeed standard cowgirl. It's during this, that we see Charlie go for broke, as he is basically balls deep in Riley's ass, as he absolutely drill it at a fast and hard pace. He makes sure that Riley doesn't miss an inch, and judging by her reaction, that is exactly how she wanted the cock to be delivered!

With this scene, I have to say that it is an absolute joy to have seen and reviewed Riley again after not doing so for quite some time. For me, it has to have been a couple of years since the last time I have done so. But, I have to say that she is such an amazing talent. Just gorgeous all around. From her eyes, cheeks, magnetic smile nice perky tits, perfect ass, and delicious pussy, Riley Reid is a pornstar who just has it all. Here, she puts on another great performance, this time with Charlie Mac, whom he himself puts in tremendous work during the scene. I give props to the way in which he went in there and just pounded that pussy and ass, while remaining unfazed. The performance is fairly impressive I'd say. So with that said. I would not hesitate to recommend checking this scene out. Especially if you happen to be a fan of Riley Reid - and I know that there are a lot of you out there!

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