BurningAngel.com: Cum On My Tattoo - Baby Sid (2020)

by - February 08, 2020

Starring: Baby Sid // Small Hands
Directed by: Joanna Angel
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin with the scene's featured starlet, Baby Sid, posing seductively on a bed. This, as the accompanying footage is overlaid with a nice sepia tone, and grain effects giving it a modern vintage look. During this introduction, the camera not only focuses on Sid's innocently beautiful face, but also her curves.  This including her nice round ass. The camera also goes on to focus on the performer's many tattoos which decorate her body. Most of which feature only black outline. It's as things continue here that Sid also goes on to uncover her small, yet perky tits.  The nipples which are pierced.

It is then that following this segment, that Sid's scene partner, Small Hands comes into frame, as he goes on to kindly introduce himself. This, being before the suave performer, looks deep into Baby Sid's eyes as he tells her just how pretty that she is. It's also at that moment, that he goes on to place her hand upon his crotch, as he instructs her to rub it slowly and then work into it. The two of them continue to kiss passionately, as Smalls goes on to say that he is going to worship Sid like a "sexy little princess".  The kissing continues as Small Hands then pull up Sid's lingerie top with authority, and then follow up by pinching her left nipple.  After this however, he then has her get on her knees and open her mouth.  This as he proceed to get his cock out for her.  Sid goes right for it, but Smalls stops her, instead easing her it.  This, before allowing her to then go at it.  Here, we see her deepthroat the cock.  Next, following Smalls going down on her, he goes on to put his cock in to fuck in missionary, and side fuck, as she ask for it harder.  This including spoon, and then back to missionary,  This then turns to anal in missionary, and side fuck, before Sid's ass gets it in doggy as well, as Smalls fucks hard and fast.  The focus is then the pussy, as they return to missionary, before it's briefly to standing cowgirl, and upright doggy.  Reverse cowgirl on the bed then follows some straight doggy off to the side of the bed.  We then see brief standing side-saddle, and then more doggy.  Including Small Hands fully straddling Sid's ass to again go deep and hard.  This then carrying over in doggy, as Smalls continues the deep plugging until pulling out to cum on Sid's tattoo, just as she asks.

The Review //
Today I review this scene for BURNING ANGEL ENTERTAINMENT, which welcomes female performer  Baby Sid into the porno fold, as she here performs in her very first released professional porn scene. Here, Joanna Angel directs the scene, as she here puts Sid is very capable hands, as she pair her with a man that she knows very well. That man of course being her husband, Small Hands.

Going into the scene, this was one in particular that I was really looking forward to seeing, and subsequently reviewing for my site. In fact, I have been waiting for this scene to drop for a number of week,s since first learning about it. I have been following both Baby Sid, as well as her husband, Levi(H3LL4SL00TZ) for quite some time now and have, looked on and witnessed their sexual shenanigans together on social media. Some of it so depraved that they have seen both of their social media accounts banned/suspended for it. So to say that I was excited for Sid's professional porn debut - well that is an understatement.

But now that we've got that out of the way, we can get right into talking about the scene at hand, which is now available for all to see as part of the ADULT TIME network. The scene opens up very proper, in a way that I felt was very fit for Sid's personality. This as the scene opens up with a tease segment that is fashioned to look like a vintage pinup tease. Yes here, Sid looks like a cute little Gothic pinup doll, as she tease for the camera, as some sassy music and lyric play. The editing of the footage, properly dressing the appearance with a vintage tone and grain. Small Hands himself, who I assume did the editing here, does yet another wonderful job of conveying a particular mood. What I am trying to say here is that I definitely picked up what they were putting down, in terms of the style that they wanted to present for Sid. At the beginning of the sexual encounter between she and Small Hands, he makes mention of he wanting to worship her like the sexy little princess that she is. Well that is the vibe that I got from the tease segment, as she looks like a tattooed princess. It is before we head into the sexual encounter that the camera also does a great job of surveying just about every inch of this beauty as well.

When speaking of the sexual encounter that follows, from the time that Small Hands entered the picture, it is an encounter that initially began slow and steady, almost to say that we are symbolically easing the nerves of the first-timer Sid. This also included a few instances during which we hear Smalls sort of guide, and instruct Sid as to what to do. Most importantly, he stresses that she needs to keep eye contact with him as he fuck her. I will admit that at first, I was a bit worried over this. I had a fear that Small Hands might end up essentially directing the scene on his own for the majority. To me, this would have spelled disaster for the scene as a whole. However luckily, this was indeed not the case. Because, as it turns out all that it took was for Sidnie to eventually warm up. And it was from there, that things basically got hot and heavy between she and Smalls. In my opinion, the turning point in all of this happened to occur when Smalls began to fuck Sid in missionary, and then transitioned over to side fuck, which saw Sid's legs close tightly. And do you want to know how I knew that the tide had changed at that point? Only because Sid herself demanded that she be fucked harder. What a girl! So it is from that moment that he goes on to give her exactly what she wanted. This as pounding went to straight drilling of the pussy.  And that's not all folks. It's after this that Smalls goes on to also drill her face in addition to this, and it is after that he goes back to the pussy.  Or does he? No, that's because of during his return, he happens to also take note of Sidnie's "other" hole. which is staring back at him. And guess what? She has no reservations about being fucked in the the ass! It's then that Smalls goes on to service her ass for a time as well, in  missionary, tight side fuck, and then in doggy as he fuck her from behind.  And the best thing being that he does not treat her beautiful ass lightly from here. He pounds it. The best thing about good sex scenes are that they always have the tendency to surprise you a little bit, and I will say that this scene did surprise me with  where the action would eventually go next, as Smalls return to fucking Sid's pussy. That's because next, we see Smalls hoist his lady up into his arms for a brief round of standing cowgirl. I will admit that I did not anticipate seeing this particular position featured in this scene.  But let me tell you that I always enjoy seeing it. This scene is no exception, as we witness Sid's nice fat ass bounce on that cock. Not only do we have standing cowgirl, we have standing side-saddle a little bit later, following the next position, which is reverse cowgirl, once they return to the bed. Speaking of positions that we don't see every day, side-saddle, better yet the standing variation, is even more rare.  Holy satisfaction!  Now going back to that reverse cowgirl as a return to the bed was made. It is a position which sees both of the performers spread legged. It's positioning during which, a well-ketchuped hotdog (I think?), which is tattooed upon Smalls' leg is clearly visible during this. I couldn't help during this time, but to think about how well he was in fact, giving Sid "the hot dog", at this point in time of the scene. This, as he is seen absolutely slamming the pussy deep and hard. It is a pace that Small Hands would maintain for the remainder of the scene, as it featured positions such as vaginal doggy, as he continue, and eventually full-on straddling Sid's ass to fuck her pussy balls deep, as well as missionary. It is the latter position that some asphyxiation play, along with some steady, hard pounding eventually leads Sid to beg Small Hands to pull out and cum on her stomach tattoo.

When I went to download the scene for this review, I just so happened to look down and glance at the only member comment that has been left on the scene so far. This particular member went on to say that in this particular scene, Small Hands seemed to have been "let loose" by the director to do whatever he pleased instead of being directed in a very controlled manner. Though I do not see it this way. I have to kindly ask this member, if this was indeed the case, as they assume, then what is so bad about that? Here we have a girl participating in her very first professional porn scene, so who better to lead her than a performer who he himself has won fucking performer of the year??!!. With that said, do not worry guys, because nothing out of the ordinary is occurring here during this scene. All is well and good. In fact, when it comes to my personal opinion on the scene, I felt that it was an amazing scene, myself. As I mentioned above, that it is a scene that takes a little while to get its feet off the ground, but once things get burning, boy do they ever cook. This is a scene that ends up being one that has both some light rough, and breath play. We both see Small Hands slap Sid a bit, as well as hold his hand over her mouth as he fuck her hard. However, the best thing about this scene to me, is indeed the hard fucking.  I just loved watching Sid endure a hard, and heavy pounding by way of Small Hands' ultra talented cock. People often say that someone takes something "like a champ", and here, Sid indeed does. I believe that the future is indeed bright for one, Baby Sid when it comes to professional porn, judging by this scene alone. You can just tell by the look on one's face, and Sid most definitely had the look.  That look of excitement.  Baby Sid is definitely one that looks the part here, as she has a screen presence that is as vivid as the hot pink trim that adorns her black fishnet stockings which she wears in the scene. The camera definitely loves this girl, and so do I. I am certain that after you view this scene, then so will you as well. And it is with those words that I do highly recommend this high energy round of sex! Some scenes just make me love my job as a critic. Scenes like this one.

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