Stunning Hot Newbie Macy Meadows Fucking Live (2020)

by - February 27, 2020

Starring: Macy Meadows // Donnie Rock
Directed by:
Runtime: 59 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open up this "Wild on Cam" live show, which was recorded on February 10, 2020, with Macy Meadows and Donnie Rock, as they welcome everyone into the chat room. Macy wonders out loud, if she should introduce herself, as Donnie goes ahead and does the honors. The first question pertains to Macy's feet, this is as Macy eventually goes on to show her new black heels to the camera.  Donnie opens up conversation as he goes on to ask the audience what they would like to see today from the two performers. One audience member would like to see the two of them kiss, so that is the first order of business.  While others want doggy facing the camera, another wants 69, along with Macy swallowing. During the kissing between the two, Donnie is quick to complement on Macy's kissing abilities, after which a small grin forms on Macy's face, hinting at the starlet's inner-shyness.  Following this, the two of them go over Macy's limits for the scene. Macy says no anal, and no choking but, then the two of them agree to some light choking. Other things mentioned is that Macy enjoys morning sex, over sex at night, and that she prefers to cumshot to be on her face. Something that everyone seems to be happy with, even Donnie himself. After discussing some standing variations of positions such as standing 69, and standing missionary. Donnie then goes off to relieve himself, as well as relieve Macy, as she is left alone to entertain the audience as a precursor to the scene which is upcoming.  Macy then chooses to start with her feet because she says that is what the audience wanted. This, as she goes on to unzip her heels and remove them. She then goes on to show off her feet, as the camera zooms in on them. When Macy is asked if she could suck on her toes, she says that she guesses that she can. This as she soon attempts to do so briefly. It is then that she goes on to pose on all fours, as she shows off her beautiful pussy, as she spreads it apart with her fingers, we would soon see Macy also shove fingers into her love hole. However, soon she is on her back as she goes on to work her clit with a small vibrator. Soon she has two vibrators however, as she briefly goes on to train one of them on her cllt, while using the other to fuck herself. But it is during this, that she is then approached by Donnie who again reenters the frame. He then instructs her to come over to the edge of the bed. It is then that we see Macy with her legs spread, as Donnie goes down on her to lick her pussy, nice and slow.  The first sexual position here is doggy. Macy first faces the camera head on, before Donnie repositions her to the side, as things continue from there. Doggy is then followed up by Macy going on to climb on and reverse herself for reverse cowgirl. It is here that we see Macy ride the cock, nice and good. This, as her bouncing, as well as Donnie's steady fucking, soon causes her to squirt. It is next to standard cowgirl after this, as Macy puts even more work into her grinding and bouncing.  During this, the viewer has a very nice view from behind. 69, standing 69, and then reverse 69 all follow after this  Before more vibrator play by Macy, leads to Donnie fucking her and spoon and side fuck next.  After this is missionary as we see Macy on her back. Donnie then pulls her to the edge of the bed before slipping his cock into her tight pussy. From here, Donnie pumps his cock in steady for a time.  Briefly Macy is again lifted up, this time for standing cowgirl. It is after this however, that Donnie begins to talk about how the scene will come to an end. This, as he reference Macy mentioning that she wanted the cumshot to be on her face. And so the scene shall end, as Johnny goes on to jerk his cock, before eventually dropping a load onto Macy's face as she awaits it.

The Review //
Today, I review a live scene from the CHERRY PIMPS live series, "Wild on Cam". In this scene, we see a newcomer in starlet Macy Meadows, go one-on-one with Male performer, Donnie Rock, in this live chat setting. Macy joins Donnie here as a replacement, as Donnie's originally scheduled scene partner was unable to make it.  However, the two do not miss a beat, as they are able to create a laid-back environment for the onlooking audience. One that begins first with a casual chat between the two of them, as well as the audience themselves. We also see a brief solo performance by Macy, prior to the main attraction getting underway between she and Rock.

I have to say that I really did enjoy the opening segment which sees the two chat with the chatroom audience. It is here that we come to know Macy Meadows a little better, as she demonstrates both shyness, as well as nervousness in front of the live cameras. It is here that we get to know her as a gentle, easy-going girl, despite her mild timidness. It is during this brief chat that they not only get requests from the audience, they also take the time to go over Macy's do's and don'ts, as well as her likes and dislikes. Prior to the scene. As it turns out Macy does not have a lot that she is against other than anal, and being roughed up. Macy also seems to be a little bit scared when it comes to sexual positions that require her to be lifted. However, later in the scene, we would find Macy having to face her fears, as we not only see she ifted up in both standing 69, but also standing cowgirl, by Donnie, who surprises his young scene partner on the spot.

Following the brief solo session with Macy, which includes a pair of small vibrators, we then go into the sexual encounter between she and Donnie Rock. It is a sexual encounter, during which the pacing is fairly laid back, as I said above. Things begin slowly as Donnie goes down on Macy to tongue at and then suck on her clit. This is something that drives Macy absolutely crazy, as you can tell this is one of her favorite things. To have her clit stimulated. I just love the way which Macy can be seen and heard squirming, as Donnie put in work on her clit. I just love the little noises and yelps that she makes during sex. Macy then goes on to return the favor afterward, as she goes straight into sucking on Donnie's hard cock. Macy is so good at this. This is actually confirmed by Donnie, who goes on to complement she on her cock sucking skill shortly. Again Macy's shyness shines through here. The thing about Macy is that she is just so cute, as she wears her shyness on her sleeve. Here, when Donnie compliments her at any time, her face just lights up, as she gives us a beautiful smile. You can just tell when she is nervous. It is so cute. We then have a moment of doggy following this, during which Macy faces the camera as she looks directly into it with her eyes making contact with us the viewer. It is at this moment that we get a view of Macy's big beautiful eyes, as Donnie pounds her pussy from behind.  They then change position, as we get a side view of the positioning, as Donnie continues plug away. This continuing for a view minutes more before we change positioning. This, as the next position is reverse cowgirl. One of the positions that Macy said was her favorite during the conversation beforehand. And it is here that she shows us as well. as she goes on to ride Donnie's dick. I had reviewed Macy one time previous to this, and in that review, I made note of just how well that she was versed in riding cock. Boy, can this girl ride! Here, we have very nice hip movement, as well as some somewhat hard fucking from Donnie. It is also during this position that we see Macy eventually come to squirting orgasm. This, before the position is reversed, and she continues to show her great skill at riding cock. It is just great stuff.  From the standard cowgirl position.  First as we see Macy for grind on the cock slowly and surely, before going on to full on bouncing. I really enjoyed the way that she gyrated on the dick. Oh my God, I'm in love. Okay but that is beside the point. They eventually end up in 69 after this, and in the laid-back fashion of the scene overall, as the two were setting up for this, there was a pretty funny moment during which Donnie happen to get a cramp in his back, and had to stop momentarily, before he could resume treating Macy's pussy. The action then somewhat seamlessly transitions over to standing 69 next, as Donnie lifts up Macy as they go off to the side of the bed. This is as Macy is upside down while she is sucking Donnie's cock, as he is busy eating pussy, following this, that briefly leads to reverse 69 shortly thereafter. The action then goes to spoon, and then side fucking during the latter Macy is both sprawled, and also seen with her legs held tightly. During this we also see Macy use a vibrator on her clit. Next up, is missionary as the two eventually find themselves at the edge of the bed. It is here that Macy holds her legs up high, as Donnie goes on to drive his cock in deep and hard. Some standing cowgirl soon follows, and It eventually leading to a facial finish, following a break, which sees Donnie jerk off over Macy. to sprinkle a load. Ending the scene just as they discussed in the pre-scene chat.

Overall, this was a decent enough scene. As I said the general nature of the scene was a laid-back environment. It is a scene that ended up being very paced. Meaning there are quite a few breaks here and there between the positions and whatnot. When it comes to the technicality of the scene, while I enjoyed the playful, and natural chemistry between Macy and Donnie.  There were moments here that I just kind of wish that the action could have been at a more faster pace. There are times that Macy even asked for Donnie to fuck her hard, and though he increases his stance, the action never truly becomes hard. Donnie is a pro, in fact I feel that he is probably one of the most underrated male performers going right now. To his credit he treats Macy well here. Yet at the same time, I feel as though he might have been a little too gentle with her. This as the standout moments of this live sex show come when Macy herself is able to control the pace all her own. This being the blowjob, as well as both variations of cowgirl. Again speaking of the latter, Macy's biggest show of skill comes during these positions. She is just fucking great grinding on a cock. I could say that a million times. However, aside from this other complaints would be that something about Macy is that she is both shy and honest. But with this said, at the beginning of the scene when the audience was making their requests, the shy Macy was ultimately honest about things such as not being very good at dirty talk and so on. While this is commendable, I think that maybe she should have exaggerated a little bit.  Because, after all, this live sex show was about the turn on for the viewer.  Because, in their dreams they want to hear that you're good at talking dirty, and they want to hear that you like being spanked, and so on. And though she may not enjoy those things, it's all about the chase, as a fantasy.  But then again, I know she was nervous.  This is not me nitpicking here, because personally, I love Macy the way that she is, and I would not have her any other way. This is just me being the observant critic that I am. After all I am here to critique, aren't I?

So, to sum it up, this was a decent enough scene with definitely some key moments, and aspects.  What I enjoyed about it most, was the personal feel that it had, when it came to introducing the audience to one Macy Meadows. A great girl. Here, she shows her strong suits, for sure.  However, I just wish that the action could have been a little bit harder. With that said, I do however, recommend.  If not only for the sole purpose getting acquainted with this undeniably delightful young lady.

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