ExxxtraSmall.com: Tiny Babysitter Thief Twat (2020)

by - February 04, 2020

Starring: Spencer Bradley // Oliver Flynn
Directed by:
Runtime: 34 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene Spencer Bradley has been hired on by Oliver Flynn to look over his young son, Tim while he is away. The scene opens up with Spencer showing up at the door a few minutes late. Regardless, Oliver invites her in and quickly proceeds to brief her on things, such as emergency contact numbers, as well as rules that he has for the house in regards to babysitters. These rules consisting of; no boys, no smoking, and no loud music. They are rules that Spencer seems to have no trouble abiding by. And as such Oliver leaves out soon after introducing Spencer to little Timmy as he sleeps in a nearby bedroom. Spencer then finds herself left alone to entertain herself with some TV. Although a few clicks on the remote finds her interested in a show which she has yet to catch up on, she soon finds herself growing bored. It is at this time that her mind begins to wander. She thinks to herself, that in a big house such as this one, that Oliver must have something valuable stashed somewhere. It is then that she gets to snooping around in the bedroom, and then in a nearby closet. It is there that she finds Oliver's stash of loose change in a container. It is with the use of the chair, that the 5 foot tall, Spencer is able to retrieve said container, located at the top of the closet. She then takes the container back to the couch as she contemplates and hesitates on whether or not she wants to go through with scavenging through her findings. She ultimately gives into the urge. As she goes on to find, not only change, but also a few $100 bills on top of the stash. Bills that she is quick to stuff into her purse, along with a good portion of the change found in the container. We then go to later on as Spencer awaits Oliver's return. When he does in fact return, Spencer does her best to play it cool. Oliver then offers Spencer a tip for being late as he thanks her for obeying his rules and so on. However, just as Spencer believes that she has gotten away with it, the jig is up. This, as Oliver is quick to confront her about what she has done. Though she denies it, Oliver makes it clear that he is on to her, saying that unbeknownst to her he happens to have cameras around the place that see all. Oliver is quick to then threaten to call the police to report her, and almost as quick Spencer tries to apologize for what she is done. After Oliver manhandles her lifting her up, while pressing her against the wall, Spencer finds herself on her knees, the perfect level to offer Oliver a compromise. She says that she knows that his wife is out of town. This is she offers to suck his cock as a means to get out of trouble.

Things begin with Spencer sucking Oliver's cock, nice and good.  She keeps nice eye contact while deep throating.  The camera during thing also giving us nice overhead POV.  During this, we get a nice look at Spencer's beautiful eyes.  Oliver then makes her get up, as he leads Spencer over to Timmy's stroller.  In which he has Spencer get in, in reverse.  Oliver comes around, as he first fuck her face, before coming up from behind to fuck her in doggy.  The action then goes to doggy for both variations of cowgirl.  Standard, followed by reverse.  The latter, also seeing Oliver fucking Spencer in a full nelson hold as he pounds deep.  Next, Spencer is on her back for missionary.  Initially Oliver applies a choke as he continues.  As things progress however, Spencer arches her back as the dick drills her deep.  This lasting until Oliver builds himself up to cum.  The scene ends with he instructing Spencer to again take to the stroller.  It's then that he jerks off to cover her face jizz, for the finish.

The Review //
In this scene from TEAM SKEET titled "Tiny Babysitter Thief Twat" we have a set up that is pretty typical for porn. You know the type. The type of story which see someone doing something wrong, only in the end, offering up their body as a means to getting out of trouble. That is what we have here in this story involving petite newcomer, Spencer Bradley, as she portrays a babysitter for hire. As very bad babysitter indeed, as she finds herself caught stealing by Oliver Flynn, the very man who hired her. Not only that, she stole from little Timmy's piggy bank(anything but that!).

So yes, when Spencer finds herself caught red-handed by Oliver, she resorts to doing any and everything to get out of trouble with him when he threatens to call the cops. Spencer is quick to take note that his wife is out of town, and that she just may very well be able to offer him something that his wife will not give him. This in turn sets the stage for a sexual encounter between the two.  One that is filled with energy, and fueled by revenge, as the storyline carries over into the activities.

Honestly speaking, my reason for seeing the scene to begin with was to check out Spencer Bradley, who is been coming up quite a bit on social media lately, and I have definitely taken notice of her indeed.  Long story short here, I am definitely glad that I took the time to check out this scene.  It was well worth it.  In fact, I felt that the scene was pretty amazing! As I mentioned, this scene is from the website titled EXXXTRA SMALL, from TEAM SKEET, and it is with this scene that they make use of that idea tenfold, as they pair the 5 foot Spencer Bradley with the tall Oliver Flynn. It is a size difference that is immediately apparent. It is also a size difference which Oliver uses to his advantage during the sex. The idea here is revenge, as Oliver looks to punish his babysitter for what she has done, and so he goes on to manhandle her.  It's a rough vibe that carries over for the majority of the scene. Yes, following the petite Spencer showing off her immaculate deepthroating skill, it is the start of a high-energy round of sex, as things take an unexpected turn, as Oliver brings a nearby baby stroller into play. This is he has the small Spencer get up into the stroller in reverse. This as he goes on to fuck her face, as well as her pussy from behind. It's here that we see Oliver's big hard cock driven deep into Spencer's tight pussy as she take it. The action then moves to the couch, as we see Spencer go on to ride Oliver both in cowgirl, and then reverse cowgirl. It's during these positions, that we see Spencer riding enthusiastically, as her pussy swallows the dick.  We also from this position see Oliver place her in a full nelson to hammer it in. Missionary then follows that. It's also during this position that we see Spencer arch her back as Oliver continues to drill deep and hard making Spencer eventually climax. It's a short time later after that Oliver too must cum. The scene ends with all of her continuing the humiliation, as he makes Spencer once again take to the stroller, this time setting in it as she takes a cumshot to the face.

As I said, the scene as it unfolds between Spencer and Oliver, is full of energy. This as Oliver goes on to deliver a heavy pounding to the truly extra small Spencer. The good thing however, is that Spencer is able to endure it. Not only that, she enjoys it. This is as she encourages Oliver, and urges him to fuck her harder. I absolutely enjoyed her overall enthusiasm here. After all, it is not every day that you come across a newcomer in the business who possesses this level of energy, and who brings about this much excitement. I love her! I will go out on a limb and say that Spencer, just may very well be the next big fan favorite.  She has the look, and she has that energy that will have fans anticipating her next scene, one after the other. I have to say that I really liked the moment which Spencer mentions that she can feel Oliver hitting her cervix, as he fuck her in cowgirl, and that she loves it.  What a trooper(Fuck yeah!).

Overall, this was a great scene, and an overall fantastic introduction to a whole lot of sexual dynamite in a small package named Spencer Bradley. Boy, is this girl sexy! From her looks, her short stature, as well as her overall attitude when it comes to sex, she's absolutely amazing. When it comes to this scene, technically everything was done as it should have been. Much is made of the height difference between Spencer and Oliver. This, from having he manhandle her, by doing things such as lifting her us in the air, and drilling her pussy as he may. The scene also employs the use of cameras which are set up at a distance, to simulate the use of Oliver's surveillance cameras in his home. It's from this particular view during the sex that Spencer's entire petite body is in frame. She looks really small on Oliver's big dick, and it's awesome! Again, going back to the rough nature of Oliver's punishment, I again loved the use of the stroller. I honestly did not expect it, but then again it is another way of showing up the size difference. It's a clever touch, that's for sure.  At least this had a mind to keep itself within its storyline, rather than abandoning the idea of the thieving babysitter once the sex began.  With that said, I really enjoyed this scene, and do not hesitate to highly recommend it!

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