Macy Meadows Seduces Roommate's Dad (2020)

by - February 19, 2020

Starring: Macy Meadows // Johnny Castle
Directed by:
Runtime: 33 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Johnny Castle arriving at the college dorm, to pick up his daughter Samantha, as it is the end of the semester, and time for summer break. However, when Johnny arrives he finds not Samantha, but instead her hot roommate, Macy Meadows, who also happens to be packing for her own departure. Macy, of course, greets Johnny, as the two of them make small talk, as she clues Johnny in on his daughter's whereabouts. All of this, occurring as Macy continues to pack up her things into a suitcase. But, it is during this, that something fairly awkward occurs. when something rather intimate falls to the floor. This, as Macy packs away a shirt.  It's Macy's pink vibrator. The shy and naive parent, Johnny, picks up the sex toy, unaware of what the object is. It creates a surely awkward moment for the two of them, as Johnny first believes that it must be something used for a class project.  However, on the contrary, Macy is outright honest about it, saying that it is for her pleasure. Even still, Johnny says that he had no idea that such thing existed. A fact that very much surprises Macy, as she goes as far as to offer to demonstrate to him just how it works. Johnny is first extremely standoffish about the situation, and would much rather avoid it. But with that said, he finds that the temptation is too much to bare, when Macy offers him one last chance before she packs it away, along with her other belongings for her trip. Macy assuring him that they do have time, as Samantha is not due back to the dorm for another hour. It is then that Macy begins to slowly undress, as she sit upon the bed.  Johnny cannot believe what he is seeing, but nonetheless, finds himself quickly caving, as the two of them soon go into some passionate kissing.

Passionate kissing leads to Johnny then going down on Macy. First as he suck and tongue at her pussy, prior to he planting fingers deep. This, as Macy's pussy is audibly wet. Macy then goes on to suck on Johnny's cock, as she drop to her knees.  She concentrates as she sucks it good, while maintaining eye contact. This would include she also sucking on Johnny's balls. The blowjob then continues with Johnny lying back on the bed, before he eventually has Macy bend over, as he takes her from behind in doggy. It is from here, that he plugs away at a consistent pace, soon causing Macy to come to squirting orgasm, as it drips down onto the hardwood floor. It's following this, that the doggy continues, as Johnny half-straddles Macy's ass, as he from here, continue at a pace that is fast, as he plugs away hard. Following this, we see Macy on her back, as the action then goes to missionary, as Johnny maintains a steady pace, prior to the action then going to spoon. Johnny goes hard from this position, while he once again causes Macy to squirt. However next, the position is cowgirl, as Macy is seen climbing on to ride the cock.  Macy rides hard here, as she slams and grinds on the dick. This, before Johnny takes over to again fuck hard and fast.  Again with Macy letting out squirt.  It is then to front-facing spoon. Like before, Johnny here continues fast and hard, as more squirt is produced. This then leading things to reverse cowgirl after.  Then it is back to missionary as a return is made. However it is here that, Johnny continues at a steady pace, going deep into Macy's pussy until he must cum. During the position, Macy says that she wants Johnny to cum on her face, and that he does. This, as Johnny goes on to jerk is cock over Macy, and as a result, shower her young face with a big load, for the finish.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from the NAUGHTY AMERICA series titled, "My Daughter's Hot Friend", the series which sees dads getting lucky with their daughter's attractive friend. In this scene, Johnny Castle, finds himself once again playing a dad who is ever so lucky. And it all begins innocently enough as he shows up at his daughter's dorm room to pick her up as the semester ends.  Blame it on the dildo, as that is all that it takes, as a situation that could of been embarrassing for the friend, Macy Meadows, and Johnny, the dad.  instead, it all ends up in an an unexpected sexual encounter that the two of them are likely never to forget. Storyline-wise, Johnny is initially required to portray an extremely hesitant and nervous dad-type. Yes, at first, he is firmly thinking with his dad-goggles on, as he is in character. However, as we would find, once things got underway, Mr. Castle would go for broke. And opposite him, we would also find that Macy Meadows would be more than game.

The scene begins with passionate kisses which soon leads Johnny to go down on Macy. It is here that the veteran Johnny, eats pussy with the precision of a skilled professional.  This, as he both lap his tongue around, and suck on Macy's clit. I mention this because, I wanted to make mention of just how much I really loved hearing Macy's little giggle, as Johnny was going to town on her. It was really cute! It's following this that, Macy goes on to of course return the favor, by tending to Johnny's cock. Both, as he is first standing and then as he lie back on the bed. It was during this that Macy was sure to make good eye contact with her scene partner, and also suck on Johnny's balls, at his request. I also liked the fact that once Johnny was on the bed, Macy again went for the balls, and made her way up. The first order of business, in terms of positioning, was Johnny taking Macy from behind in doggy. It essentially sets the wheels in motion for what type of scene that this would be. That's because after Johnny plugs away at Macy's pussy for a brief time. He pulls out, as the camera goes on to show Macy squirting all over the floor. It is this, coupled with the fact that during the position. Macy encouraged Johnny to go harder, that I believe influenced the way that Johnny approached things from there. And from this point, there was virtually not a dry thing in sight, as Macy would go on to squirt everywhere, as Johnny himself, would fuck her nice and hard.  In just about every position seen here, there is never not a moment in which Johnny doesn't dig his cock in deep, as he completely nails the pussy.  And likewise, Macy erupting in squirt. Yes, the action in this scene is hot and heavy.  However, in the same breath, it is also a wet and wild affair. Macy Meadows is definitely a Southern belle who could quench the thirst of the thirsty!  I really enjoyed the rough action seen here.  It is definitely the type of energy that I look for in just about every scene that I hope to enjoy. This is a 33 minute scene that I felt had a very nice pace, as the editing moved things along rather nicely. Here, we see a concession of positions, this including; two spells of doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, front facing spoon, and then lastly missionary. The two positions which stood out the most for me, were both standard cowgirl, and the reverse spoon, as Macy's back faced the camera. Firstly, the cowgirl stood out to me, because I really took a liking in the way that Macy rode the cock hard.  This girl can definitely ride a dick.  The way that she slammed down hard on that cock so vigorously, also with a moment of grinding, was definitely a sight to see!  And when it comes to the front facing variation of spoon, it is simply because, we do not see the position everyday in scenes. I personally enjoy it whenever I see it, especially when the female talent is being fucked as hard as Macy is here. Not only that, Macy can again be heard encouraging Johnny to go even harder from said position, as she yell out the dick-hardening words, "fuck me!".  It's so fucking hot! I just loved Macy's energy here.

Speaking of energy, to sum it up, I felt that this scene was an ultra-passionate one. It's one filled with high energy, hard fucking and an immeasurable amount of girl squirt. I actually lost count of how many times Macy squirted here, although I did initially try to keep tabs. All I know is that it was a hell of a lot. This was actually my very first time ever seeing Macy Meadows perform, let alone reviewing her. But I must say: what a way to make an impression! I actually cannot wait until I get a chance to review her again.  I just love a squirter, especially one that looks as cute, and has the amount of energy as she! In my opinion, I felt that this was a truly great scene, and would not hesitate to recommend it to you for your viewing pleasure!

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