Natalia Is A Little Teen Stepdaughter Queen (2019)

by - February 28, 2020

Starring: Natalia Queen // Stirling Cooper
Directed by: Eddie Powell // Paul Woodcrest
Runtime: 35 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Natalia Queen, getting dressed in the bathroom, as she prepares herself for a trip to the mall. This, before coming downstairs, where she is confronted by her stepfather Stirling Cooper, who happens to not take too kindly to what his stepdaughter is wearing. He is opposed by it, and believes that Natalia is actually going to the mall to meet boys rather than to meet up with her best friends Gwen and Sarah.  Natalia, is of course, quick to plead her case, saying that her mother actually encourages her to dress in this manner, as she says that it is becoming of her young daughter. However, even still Stirling is still not having it, and demands that Natalia change into something a little less revealing, prior to leaving out of his house. We then see Stirling come up to Natalia's bedroom, where he finds his stepdaughter obviously disappointed, after he welcome himself in. Stirling goes on to explain the situation from his point of view, as to ease the tension between he and his daughter. Stirling then goes on to apologize to his daughter, saying that it is not she that he does not trust. It is instead the boys. He says that they do not know how to treat a woman properly. Stirling says that a man should take a lady out to dinner, buy them flowers, and tell them that they are beautiful. And if all goes well then, Natalia knows what comes next. It is of course Stirling's humble opinion on proper etiquette. It is also something that Natalia, obviously enjoys hearing.  Because this soon leads her to lean in to kiss Stirling. This, as the two of them go into a round of passionate kissing, one that Stirling says that the two must keep from her mother.

The two first go into passionate kissing, as Stirling feel up Natalia. However, after this, Stirling continues things by going down in between her legs, as he tongue and suck at Natalia's pussy. This leads things into doggy next as Natalia, is on her knees. It is here that Stirling maintains a steady pace of fucking, prior to he next taking things into missionary after. It's from this position that Natalia has her legs held high, as they are pinned back. With this, Stirling then goes on to plug the pussy deep and hard. This which makes Natalia soon cum on the cock.  A cock that she next cleans with her mouth. The missionary continues for a moment more before we see both reverse cowgirl as well as standard cowgirl, before a return to missionary is made, as Stirling half-straddles her from the front.  Next up, Natalia once again finds herself fucked from behind by Stirling.  However, as she lie flat on her stomach to take the pounding, it is a pounding that soon leads Stirling to his own climax, this is the scene ends with Stirling jerking off to spray Natalia's ass with his load for the finish.

The Review //
For this review, I pull a scene from the NEW SENSATIONS DVD release titled "Daddy's Little Secret". A scene involving platinum, and petite starlet, Natalia Queen, and male talent, Stirling Cooper, as stepdaughter and stepfather respectively. Here, the two of them find themselves in a scenario that is fairly routine, and fairly simple.  One that, in the end, of course, gets them entangled in the risque passions of taboo relations. As for the storyline itself, the setup, as I mentioned, is simple. Natalia Queen, is an 18 year old, who is just looking to have some fun. And she's looking to do so at the mall. However, Stirling Cooper, her stepfather is a rather strict parent, who stops Natalia dead in her tracks. when he gets one look at what she would be wearing out. There is just no way that Stirling will allow his stepdaughter to wear such, as he believes that it will do nothing but attract the wrong kind of boy. He of course then orders Natalia to change out of the questionable outfit before she can leave. Of course this angers, and upsets Natalia, as she sees nothing wrong with what she has chosen to wear. After all, she says that her mother approves. It is then that Stirling soon go to have a talk with Natalia, when he finds her up in her bedroom. Stirling goes on to better explain himself, saying that he trusts her, but he does not trust the boys that she might likely meet along the way. He of course, does the fatherly thing by explaining the gentlemanly way to do things for a lady. The kinder side of her stepfather must've done something for Natalia, because she soon goes in for a kiss, and although first hesitant, Stirling ultimately does not give in, as it would be the start of the sexual encounter between the two.

This sexual encounter begins innocently enough, with passionate kissing.  However sooner than later, things which surely heat up. From the kissing things go rather quickly, as Stirling is first to go down on Natalia, as he suck and tongue at her clit. Natalia goes on to return the favor by sucking Stirling's cock. I just love the way that Natalia, concentrated on her cocksucking, as she essentially worships Stirling's cock. It is also during this that it is the true beginning of the dirty talking from Natalia, something that carries on throughout the entirety of the scene which I have to say that I loved. She continues to suck and slurp on the cock, while continuously talking about how big it is.  The cocksucking, leads to Natalia being on all fours as the action goes to doggy. Here, Stirling takes Natalia from behind as he pulls her in, going on to fuck Natalia steadily. The position then continues, with Natalia being pulled up on her knees as Stirling goes on to pound even deeper and harder. I just loved that during this position that Natalia continue to talk dirty, saying that Stirling was stretching her pussy, and as she also tell him to take it. Following this, Natalia eventually finds herself on her back as her legs up, and pinned back, and held wide. Stirling here continues his nice work as he slams his cock in nice and hard, and as a result, he brings Natalia to hard orgasm. It is immediately after this that Natalia eagerly goes on to taste her juices off the dick, prior to Stirling going on to continue. However, after this position, we go to spoon next, as we find Natalia folded up with both her legs held tightly, and then open wide, as she endure a nice pounding. This was a position in particular, that was nicely captured by the camera. We also see Stirling go on to keep up the nice quick pace from the next position, which is reverse cowgirl, as we see Natalia "squat on the cock" As she calls it. It's from this position that Natalia first set upright on her feet, but then she leans back to have better balance, as her pussy continues to take a pounding. We next see Natalia reverse herself as we go to standard cowgirl.  However, not without Natalia, first going on to clean the cock, as she again suck Stirling off. It's from this position that we have a great look at Natalia's copper-toned ass, as her pussy is fucked. This as she spreads her ass wide as Stirling drill, at a pace that is both quick and hard. I have to say again that, Natalia has a beautiful, beautiful ass!  There is just something about her tanlines that I find extremely attractive.  Not only this, but she also has a great looking pussy as well! It is following the cowgirl position, that it's back to missionary, as Stirling half-straddles to go deep.  After this, comes one of the scene's most alluring moments in my opinion. The moment which sees the action go to a position sometimes known as "Lazy Dog". You know the position. The position which sees the receiver lie flat on their stomach, as the giver go on to straddle them, and pound it in from behind. Yes, it is the final position seen in the scene, that we see Natalia and Stirling take to this more relaxed version of doggy, as Natalia lie flat on her stomach, and Stirling go on to pound his hard cock deep into her pussy. Things soon finishing up, as Stirling from here continues, until he must pull out and shoot his  load, not onto Natalia's pretty holes, but also onto her back as well. I will admit that it is a pretty hot finish, if you asked me.

I'll be honest with you at the beginning of this scene, I was not really feeling the storyline. Why you ask? Because I just felt that it was pretty generic to say the least. I also felt that the reasoning for things ending up in a sexual encounter, was a little lame as well. But with that said, the good thing here is that the main attraction is not the storyline, but rather the sexual material. And I have to say that it is this content, that is good. In fact I would call it really good. That's because once things got started between Natalia and Stirling, boy did they ever heat up. The passion in this scene is high, as we essentially never see things let up between these two, once the fucking begins.  The pacing is brisk.  This, as the viewer's attention is maintained. As I said above, one of the key elements of the scene, was definitely Natalia Queen's dirty talk.  Man, this girl is so good at it. This, as she surrenders her pussy fully to her "Stepfather" Stirling Cooper. I really liked how she told him to "take it", and to fuck and stretch her "tiny hole". It was just fucking hot. Especially coming from someone as sexy as Natalia. I was into it the entire time. Also, Natalia has the mind to stay in character for the remainder, as she referred to Stirling as her "Daddy", while he fucked her pussy. What a great performer she is!

So, with all of this said, though I wasn't a huge fan of the opening storyline, I will say that the scene ended up going very nicely in the end.  As the sexual encounter which followed, was one of much energy and passion, showing both performers in good form. Especially Natalia Queen, who owns it. She is a performer who definitely excites me in a good way! I highly recommend checking out this scene, should you get the chance.

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  1. Natalia is a real cutie, there's an scene with she performs with Zac Wild in ''I'm A Nymphomaniac Like Mom #4'' i was thinking that she could have a review. thanks for this one.