The Bush Is Back (2020)

by - March 06, 2020

Starring: Bunny Colby // Tyler Nixon
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Bunny Colby is a realtor who is looking to close a deal on a house with would-be home owner, Tyler Nixon.  She first shows him the outside space, before the two make their way inside the house.  Once inside, it isn't the allure of the open floor plan of the 27,00 square foot, or the 4 bedrooms, and 2 and a half baths that happens to catch Tyler's attention,  No.  It happens to be the original stone fireplace, that is the center piece of the house.  Tyler, a retro aficionado, finds himself captivated by the fireplace which is straight from the 1970s. This, as he goes on to state what else in addition to it, would make it the ideal space.  This including lava lamps, and shag rugs. Caught up in nostalgia, Tyler goes on to say that another thing that he wishes would come back into vogue, is indeed the bush. He says that there is nothing like burying your face into a nice pussy bush. It's Tyler's admission, that cues Bunny into action.  She goes on to ask Tyler to just imagine a beautiful woman pressed against the retro fireplace, rubbing her hairy pussy.  This, as she goes on the lift up her skirt, pulling down the front of her lace panties, to reveal to Tyler, a nice, furry bush.  It is a sight that immediately sends Tyler into a tailspin, as he clamors to sign on the dotted line.  But as he is doing just that, Bunny continues to tease him, by touching and rubbing her pussy.  After, it is just something that Tyler just can't help but to help himself to.

Things begin with Tyler quickly going on to bury his face into Bunny's bush.  Here, Tyler buries his face in, as he takes it all in. He goes on to not only tongue at Bunny's pussy, but also her bush.  Following this, Tyler continues to go down on Bunny, as she sit back in a chair to take the tongue lashing. It's during this position that we get a POV look at Tyler eating the pussy. This is followed up then by Tyler getting is cock out.  More bush play follows, as Tyler rubs his dick in it, prior to things going into missionary. In this position, Tyler continues at an increasing pace, beginning slowly before picking up speed. It's after this that Bunny goes on to suck Tyler's cock, which leads to doggy soon after.  Bunny is then on another chair adjacent, as she props her right leg open to be pounded by Tyler.  As he continues, we are also treated with a view from behind, as Tyler straddles her to pound deeply. After this is all done, there is a brief moment of cocksucking, before we see Bunny go on to climb on to ride the cock in reverse cowgirl. It is here a combination of both bouncing and fucking. This, as Bunny eventually has her feet planted on Tyler's legs as she is wide open for the taking.  The action then goes on to the final position which is spoon. From this position, Bunny and Tyler keep close eye contact, as Tyler goes on to plug the pussy nice and good, until he build himself up to climax. It is at that point that Bunny knows exactly where she wants the load to be deposited. Right on her beautiful bush. Tyler is of course much obliged, as he goes on to drizzle his jizz onto her fur.

The Review //
From the DEVIL'S FILM series, "Hairy Undies" comes this scene titled "The Bush is Back".  In this storyline driven scene, Tyler Nixon is a potential home owner, who gets more than he bargained for, when he is shown a house by his hot realtor, portrayed by Bunny Colby.  Yes, in the scene, Tyler is a lover of all things retro, and not only does a sweet 1970s vintage fireplace catch his attention, but also does Bunny's nice little pubic bush, with which she uses to entice him, in order to close the deal. It is the kind of bush that Tyler dreams of. The kind that he wishes would come back into fashion. So naturally, he wastes no time in seizing the opportunity to bury his face deep into that luscious tuft of womanly fur. Tyler goes on to seal the deal, by doing more than just applying ink to paper, as he also go on to apply jizz to bush, as part of an energetic sexual encounter between he and Bunny.

And of speaking directly of the sexual encounter, as I said, it all starts with Tyler going on to bury his face into bush. In my opinion, it is very nice start. This, as Tyler goes right into work, not only licking the pussy, but also the pubic hair. During this, the camera has very nice coverage of the action seen.  As we have very nice close-ups, including a great view from underneath, as Tyler continue to lick, and also finger at Bunny's pretty pink hole. This is a scene that is very bush-sentric, and so there is a lot of bush focused content, and I loved it.  Not only do we have Tyler licking hair, we also get him rubbing his hard cock into Bunny's hair patch.  In this moment, he is essentially fucking the bush.  In addition to all of this bush play, we also have Bunny giving us dirty dialogue, as she mentions on several occasions, how Tyler is fucking her "hairy pussy" and so on. And on that - on fucking hairy pussy, Tyler does his work at an increasing pace throughout the scene. Here we see Tyler, fuck both slowly, prior to eventually picking up speed.  This we see in virtually every position seen here. Positions including missionary, doggy reverse cowgirl and then lastly spoon. For me, when it came to the positions, it was the last two which were the standouts indeed. During reverse cowgirl we see Bunny go on to straddle the cock, as she not only bounce on it, but also endure it as Tyler fuck her.  It's from this position, that Bunny looked great on the dick.  I just love her titties! It is in my personal opinion that Bunny Colby has a pair of the best looking enhanced breasts in porn. They are simply big and beautiful.  I could definitely look at them all day easily. Well in this particular position, they happen to look spectacularly nice, as Bunny has her pussy plugged.  I also failed to mention that we also see them fucked as well. And when it comes to the spoon position, which as I said is the final position of the scene, before Tyler unloads on to the bush. I happen to enjoy it because I liked the deep and engaging eye contact shared by the two performers during this particular sex act. It is a position that brought the scene to a very good-looking finish.

Overall, I felt that this was a decent scene, one that I enjoyed for the most part. When it comes to the storyline set up of scenes. I tend to go for the more outlandish and silly, as they are just so fun. Well, when it comes to this scene from DEVIL'S FILM, it is one that is indeed silly. However, it's not too over the top. The only thing truly over the top is that it ends up in a sexual encounter between a realtor and her client.  Yes, most of the time you are only to see that type of scenario play out in a porno environment. That is exactly what we have here, and it is nicely done and well executed. I felt that both Bunny Colby and Tyler Nixon did a great job in terms of acting ability. I mean not a lot is required in this type of scenario, but the two of them made it fun.  As did the sexual content that followed. It has been a long while since I last reviewed Tyler Nixon, but I have to say that he is indeed a very good actor, and in my experience, I know him to be one that quite enjoys the acting aspect.  And as for Bunny - she is more so required to portray the alluring "vixen of bush", if you will and that just comes natural to her.  Bunny is just so sexy, and extremely nice to look at. So with all of this said, I would recommend this scene for viewing. It is harmless and silly fun, and above all else, it is a scene that pays the bush it's respect in a proper way.

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