: Lily Glee Tries Hard To Take All She Can Gapes (2020)

by - March 30, 2020

Starring: Lily Glee // Charlie Mac // Rico Strong
Directed by: Jacob Jewel
Runtime: 51 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Lily Glee sitting peacefully at a piano with her head down. However, her attention immediately turns to the camera and essentially to us, the viewer. Lily is then playful as she gets to her feet. She is wearing a pair of cut off shorts, with a lacy red bra, accented with tiny little hearts.  Hearts, which happen to match her large gold earrings. It is during this that Lily go on to bend over and spread her ass in her tight shorts. She soon makes her way over to the window, through which the sun beams in hot. It is then that soon, the somber bass tone of the accompanying music which overlays the happenings, transitions to a more upbeat tempo. It is timed with the moment in which Lily drops her shorts, to reveal that she is wearing underneath, a matching pair of red panties. As Lily continues to tease.  First to come off is the bra, and then the panties next. It's after this that, she slowly rub and spread her pussy as she fingers her clit. Soon, her attention turns to her ass, as she spread it with both hands for the camera. Here she goes back and forth between fingers as she digs deep into her ass, sometimes also rubbing her pussy in the process. However, as things continue on, she slides two fingers simultaneously into her tight asshole.

We then move on to the next segment as Lily sits on the couch with her legs spread wide. It is during this that she is busy pleasuring herself, as she steadily rubs her clit.  Lily maintains a pouty stare, as she keeps eye contact with the camera. The rubbing soon graduates to deep fingering of her love hole, before she has both of her hands occupied.  This as she also toys with her asshole. This does not last long, as she is soon joined by her scene partners Charlie Mac, and Rico Strong. Charlie is the first one into frame, and he wastes no time in going down on Lily.  He briefly sucks on her clit, prior to easing his cock into her pussy.  First in missionary, and then spoon.  During which, Rico Strong joins in to stuff Lily's mouth with cock as well.  After this, Lily goes on to suck off Charlie who is seated.  Meanwhile, Rico goes for the ass in doggy.  This continues until Lily goes on to ride Charlie's cock as he again fucks her pussy.  Rico keeps Lily's mouth busy during this time with his dick as well. Following this, Rico finally gets Lily's pussy after some ass to mouth, as she is on him in reverse cowgirl.  Here, he fucks the pussy briefly, before switching to Lily's ass. From the positions Lily is leaned back as Charlie soon goes on to join them, entering, and fucking her pussy simultaneously. It continuing as Charlie, half-straddles to go deep. The next position would be spoon, this is Charlie takes the ass, and later, Rico, the pussy, effectively seen Lily again double penetrated. Next, Lily is on her back, as both men have a turn fucking the ass, with Rico coming second. He would continue doing so next in doggy for a time until Lily is to work the men up to climax.  Here. She jerks both cocks, as well as trade off on sucking them, until they must cum. Each of them going one by one onto her face.

The Review //
Today, I review  a scene which comes from LEGAL PORNO and AMERICAN ANAL.  Here, The scene finds starlet Lily Glee, as she further indulges in her love for anal sex, as she takes it to another level.  This, as she takes on not one, but two big black cocks.  As they fill not one, but all three of Lily's holes.  Yes, for the scene, Charlie Mac, and Rico Strong are appointed to treat Lily's holes right, as double penetration is the main course.  Needless to say, the two pros get the job done, no sweat, as part of a well-organized three-way.  Now, the reason that I make mention that it was a well organized scene is that it is one that was well paced. Meaning that, things were balanced out as there was equal time spent between one on one, as opposed to boy/boy on girl. Following the tease/masturbation spot which began things. Charlie Mack is the first on the scene in his the first one to enter Lily, as he does so via her pussy. However, it is not long that the two find themselves joined by an eager Rico Strong, who seemingly cannot wait to take her butt. It is simply via Rico's reaction to Lily's asshole, that we get a sense of just how tight it is. Multiple times does he mention just how tight the fit is, and visually we see it as well as he struggle several times to get his cock in. This happening mostly during cowgirl as Lily's pussy rides Charlie's dick. Soon enough though after a moment of ass to mouth, she then climbs on to ride Rico in reverse. First it is the pussy, and it's the ass. This positioning works up to double penetration, as Charlie occupies the pussy, and Rico the ass. I really like this moment in the scene because, as the action progressed, we see Charlie go on to half-straddle Lily's front, as he drill the hole.  My favorite moment of the scene would follow this. And it is a moment which begins with Charlie Mac steadily plugging away at Lily's ass from the spoon position. It is a position which sees Lily hold her legs tightly. Things get extra interesting from here, as Rico goes on to join them, as he proceeds to fuck her pussy. It's from the spoon position that Lily finds herself plugged from both the front and the back, as the guys effectively fill her to the brim with cock.  This moment and particular is a very nice visual, as it is excellently captured on camera, as the petite Lily willingly finds herself sandwiched in between the much bigger men. It's really hot, I must admit. It's also the act of sex that has us come to realize the true evolution of Lily's gape. Remember how I made mention of how in the beginning of the scene Lily's butt was so tight that Rico could barely get it in?  Well, it is after this that, as things go to missionary, and as the guys take turns fucking the ass, that we take notice of just how much the butt plunging has opened her up. From the position Charlie is first. This followed by a solo spread from Lily, as the camera briefly zooms in on her now gaping asshole.  This just before Rico again takes it with much excitement. After the missionary, things follow up with Rico continuing, as the action goes to doggy soon after. Rico maintains a steady pace from this position, as he is in and out of the ass. But with this said, it is soon that we arrive to the setup to the finish for the scene. In another moment that looks great in front of the camera, Lily first sucks one dick after the other, before finally settling into a nice back-and-forth between the two hard dicks. It is also during this, that we see Charlie go on to straddle her face, and subsequently cram his cock deep into Lily's throat. Eventually, the scene comes to an end with both of the guys popping onto Lily's face as they stand over her. The order is first Charlie, then followed by Rico. This of course growing a close to the scene that was fairly eventful.

When it comes to the scene I have to say that I enjoyed this one overall. We of course begin the scene with a tease segment which is not unlike a lot of the type. However with that said, I enjoyed the segment which was bookended with Lily masturbating on the couch. I felt that the segment did a very nice job of showing just how much of a natural beauty Lily Glee is. She is one who can not only be cute, but also sexy in front of the camera, as she teases. As I have made mention in other reviews pertaining to the starlet, Lily is a performer who is truly expressive. she is one who knows how to get a viewers attention with her eyes, and facial expressions. She puts the viewer right there with her. I enjoyed this brief segment, because it gave us one-on-one time with her as she once again proves just how charming she is. The passionate performer would go into the scene with much eagerness as well. Aside from key one-on-one moments in which Lily demonstrates incredible riding skill(preferably the moment of reverse cowgirl with Rico. - Just look at it how those hips grind on that cock!), The key moments for me were when Lily of course found herself double stuffed. Because, it is during these times that we can tell just how much Lily is enjoying herself as she cries out in pure pleasure. It's such a turn on to see such a small girl take so much dick. Not only that, but to love it as well. On the other side of the scene there is course the guys; Charlie Mac and Rico Strong. These are two male performers who are regulars when it comes to working with American Anal, and director Jacob Jewel. But with that needless to say. the two of them are basically pros when it comes to boy/boy/girl scenes. They know what works and what doesn't when it comes to the type of scene. This is readily apparent when they would set up for particular positions. They knew exactly which positions would best benefit the camera, and altogether the visual. Because of this there is less hassle and more overall fluidity in the action. It's a scene that as a whole, is technically sound.

This is a scene that I for sure would recommend to you, as it is one of nice energy showing three performers come together to work well between them.

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