EvilAngel.com: Angel Invades America - Jane Wilde: Squirting, Anal Gaping (2020)

by - April 14, 2020

Starring: Jane Wilde // Ramon Nomar // with Angel Long
Directed by: Angel Long
Runtime: 48 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with director Angel Long welcoming Jane Wilde. Angel says that she has come all the way from England, and not only did she pick Jane's outfit for the scene today, which consists of a pink top and bottom, along with neon yellow fishnets and platform heels, she specifically picked the young starlet. Angel just cannot resist getting a look at Jane's plump ass from the very beginning, as she has her turn around, while she get a feel of it. It is after this, that she goes on to ask Jane, what type of sex she enjoys. Jane says that she likes the rough variety that is messy, sloppy and dirty. It is after, that Angel goes on to soon finger Jane's butthole. It is action that eventually gets Angel herself turned on, as she goes on to lift up her skirt, revealing her furry pussy, as she touch herself. As this opening segment continues, we proceed to see Jane's elastic asshole stretched, not only by her fingers, as well as Angel's, but also via the use of a pink popsicle dildo. A dildo now which Angel shoves deep inside of her hole. In addition to this there is also some spit play. Jane spits into Angel's hand, and it is spit, which the director soon rubs on her pussy, as she has Jane assist her in lifting up her skirt. It is then soon after that Angel wants Jane to eat her pussy. From here Angel lies back, as she goes on to shove Jane's face down into her crotch, as we the viewer then enjoy some breath play, mixed with moments of Jane licking Angel's meaty pussy. After this, with Jane's face now covered in spit, Angel asks her if Jane is ready for some cock.  She indeed is. It is then that we quickly cut to the next stage of business. Jane is then on her knees, as Ramon Nomar, her male scene partner, proceeds to shove his cock into her mouth. 

This blowjob continuing with Ramon taking a seat on the couch. This before Angel goes on to instruct Jane to lie on her back over the edge of the couch, as Ramon go on to straddle her face to fuck it. However next it is on to missionary. But first, both Angel and Ramon have fun stretching Jane's asshole open with their fingers. Ramon goes on to steadily fuck Jane, while eventually also applying a choke as he does so. This leading to Angel going on to plant fingers into Jane's ass. This leading to Jane, pushing out as she prolapse. This causing her to squirt. Following this we go to missionary from the opposite end before it is to doggy. Doggy leading to Angel once again fingering Jane's asshole. After this, we have more cocksucking. Ramon then goes on to straddle Jane in reverse, and perform push-ups while his cock goes in and out of Jane's ass. This is followed up by Angel once again getting involved as she lie back, and instruct Jane to eat her out. Something that she readily does. The next position is reverse cowgirl. Here, Jane is leaned back as her legs are held up high, and spread. It is here, that Ramon fucks the ass at a quick and steady pace. This, once again, producing Jane's prolapse as she goes on to show off her ability to do so. And once again it, brings her to squirting orgasm. The action then goes briefly to doggy, before ending up once again in reverse cowgirl. It is during this reverse cowgirl that Angel, goes on to rub her pussy at the sight. It is action between Jane and Ramon, that lasts until we cut to the cumshot. The scene coming to an end with Ramon jerking his cock, shooting his load all over Jane's face.

The Review //
Today, I look at a scene from director Angel Long, which is from her latest release from EVIL ANGEL. The release which is titled "Angel Invades America" is as such, as it sees the England-based director/performer shooting for the very first time in the states. The scene I have chosen to focus on, featuring one Jane Wilde, as she is paired with Ramon Nomar. However, it is no ordinary one-on-one pairing. That's because Angel long herself, just cannot resist, literally having a hand in the proceedings.

Yes, with that said, I will first say that this scene differs from the usual that I see, as Angel Long as a director, has a first-hand approach. It is unique in that, one: she does not shy away from getting involved herself, and also, she is very vocal in her instruction to her performers. Angel is a director that is not afraid to touch herself as the camera is rolling. This first occurring during the pre-scene introduction of Jane. Seeing as I had never seen, or reviewed any of Angel Long's work, I just figured that it was something that would occur just in this particular segment alone. However, little did I know, that at some point during the boy/girl pairing, Angel herself would get involved. Now, I won't lie, though, this approach is somewhat foreign to me, as I am used to the director just stepping back, and letting the scheduled performers go at it, I have to say that I did quite enjoy Angel's involvement.  Not only did her hands come into play, as she shove her fingers down Jane's throat, but so did her pussy as well. The latter in this case, as Jane go on to bury her face into Angel's beautiful bush. And as for Angel becoming vocal, during the scene, it just so happens to just be the way she directs. Instead of drawing out the scene beforehand, and letting the performers act it out, she instead, verbally directs the performers as it is occurring before her. There was one point during the beginning where I felt that Angel's vocal involvement was getting in the way of the action a little. Fortunately however, I say that I grew more and more to like it as it were. It's not necessarily a bad thing per se, it is just something different than what I am use to seeing - or hearing rather.

But with that said, I will now go over the scene. When it comes to this sex scene, it is one that was set up prior via the mentioned introduction segment. It is an introduction segment which we hear Jane confess that she loves rough, and nasty sex. And speaking of this, that is exactly what we see once the scene involving Ramon Nomar gets underway. It is a scene that begins with a blowjob. One that both sees Jane's face fucked.  This, as the spit piles on thick.  Jane goes on to deposit the spit into Angel's hand, which leads the director to smear it onto Jane's face like a thick saliva mask. It is from there, that Ramon soon go on to penetrate Jane's stretchy butthole to both the happiness of not only Jane, but also the director herself.  This occurring via positions like missionary, doggy, and reverse cowgirl there were a number of things about this plethora of action that I quite enjoyed a lot. Here we see Jane go on to squirt.  However, what is unique about it, is that she only comes to squirting orgasm, when her rosebud just so happens to protrude. Now this won't be for everyone, I know. But some people will find this to be extremely erotic. I must admit that, I kind of liked it! I haven't quite ever seen a performer squirt strictly on the presence of their prolapse. We come to realize later in the scene when Jane does it once again, that it is actually a trick that she is able to perform.  The dick comes out, she pushes out herself. The prolapse shows, and she erupts like a geyser. It is quite the visual. And in speaking of things being visually appealing, so are the positions that Miss Long's camera is able to capture. The colors are vivid, and the sexual positions picturesque. I will point out a particular moment in the scene. It is one also unique. In this moment we see Jane in a doggy like position on her knees. It is from here that Ramon goes on to reverse himself, putting his feet along the arm of the couch as he proceeds to perform push-ups.  Only, the unique thing is that his cock proceed to steadily pump into Jane's gaping asshole. It is so hot. Of course, it is following this that, Angel once again get involved. Particularly, her fingers do. There are even times during missionary in doggy, that Angel is able to successfully stick four fingers into Jane's butthole. It truly is a real big gape.  Jane seemed proud of it and rightfully so. It is pretty impressive. Things come to a close sooner of later, as Jane once again finds her face covered with a bodily fluid. Only this time it is a mixture of both saliva as well as Ramon's cum. It is to further add to things that Jane, after the fact go on to further smear her face with even more drool, before we soon draw to a close.

As I said, this was a scene in particular that took a while for me to warm up to, due to the difference of styles that I am most used to seeing/reviewing. There is of course, lots of dialogue from the director herself. But the good thing is that, once things got well underway, it grew on me. I liked the fact that Angel herself got so horny, that she just couldn't help herself, but to get involved. Both, as she go on to have Jane eat her pussy, and ass, as well as she soloing, and rubbing her clit. Towards the end we even see her take aback as she rub one out. This was actually pretty sexy if you ask me. In the end, this scene turned out to be one that is really good. Here, we see Jane Wilde, who is roughed up a bit, and she's loving it.  I love Jane a lot, her smile, as well as all of her holes are pretty.  And here, they all get worked on.  As mentioned, we have both prolapsing seen, as well as squirting, two elements that are definitely key highlights during the scene. Technically speaking, it is one that is well presented. I also made mention of how it is one that is very visual, and nice to look at. As for the presentation too, I also really enjoyed the way that the shoot was edited, as the cuts dissolve via a shaking effect. It looks nice, and most of all unique from anyone else. Things come together nicely altogether.

So, with this in mind, I would definitely recommend this scene to you. Though some of the content seen here, will not be appealing to everyone. There are those particular fans. You know who you are, and this one would definitely be for you. A nicely shot scene, with more than a little bit of messy filth. If you enjoy this type, then don't be afraid to wear it well, like a mask of caked-up saliva!

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