The Bratty Step-Sister!

by - April 15, 2020

Starring: Allie Addison // Mr. POV
Directed by: Billy Watson
Runtime:  33 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
At the start of the scene, teenage Allie Addison narrates, as she says that the very first time that she met her stepbrother, she just couldn't believe how hot he was. Being aware that she is not to think such thoughts about her stepbrother, she says that she is just naturally horny and cannot help it. She even goes out of her way to push the envelope. She says that once she and the family moved into their new house, that she would purposely wear skimpy tops and little panties, just to get a rise out of him. She says that she just loved to watch her brother try to hide the big boners that he always grew, because of her. She goes on to further explain that one of the things that her stepbrother hates the most, is when she would play one of the records from his massive vinyl collection.  He just hates when she would look through them, and even more so when she would play them. In fact, he said that if he should ever catch her doing so, that he would not take it up with her parents, but instead take matters into his own hands. For her, it was only something that she didn't quite believe, as she says that she would often times urge him to prove it. It is then in the narration that she goes on to describe a time which saw her brother do exactly that, this as we watch it play out on-screen. She says that her brother was meant to be away on a road trip with a few of his friends. But when they ran into some drama along the way, her brother instead unexpectedly came home early.  Allie says that, it was about the same time that she went on to discover, a very obscure, yet fitting record from her brother's collection. It is an old spoken word record with a subject matter having to deal with a pair of stepsiblings, who happen to have eyes for one another. It is a risque relationship which parallels in comparison to that of her own taboo fantasies involving her stepbrother. Allie says that just listening to such a dirty story unfold on the record player, made her cunt tingle, and it is with that, that Allie, just cannot help but touch herself. This, as she sits spread-legged on the couch, moving her panties aside. And it is from there that she goes on to both touch and rub her clit as she spread her pussy. It is in the heat of this action however, that Allie finds herself startled when she is approached by her brother who is returning home. It is a discovery that already has her brother's cock at the ready.  As he catches her, Allie knows that she's in trouble.  It's then that we see the brother move into punishment mode, as he lays his sister across his lap for a round of spankings, for which he pulls her panties down midway.  It's during the swats, that we also see him finger her pussy.  At this point, we find Allie willing to make a compromise.  This being that she'd suck his cock if he would give up on the spanking.  It's from here that, Allie goes on to slowly work the cock with both her hand and mouth. Following this, Allie goes on to slip out of her black panties a she proceeds to bounce back on the dick, while also rubbing and grinding on it. Next, Allie cleans the cock with her mouth, as she taste herself. The next position being cowgirl as Allie faces the camera to ride upright. After this, it is then back to reverse cowgirl.  This time, as Allie moves more steadily with her bouncing, as well as grinding. Next up, a time is spent in missionary, before it is finally to doggy. Doggy begins with a close up on Allie's face, this as her brother moves on to a pounding pace. We do finally get a few shots from behind as the action soon wind down. That's because lastly, Allie jerks his cock hard. This causing him to cum, blasting her face with his load for the finish.

The Review //
For this review, we have a first for me and the site. This, as I review my first scene for the website, MR. POV, the website from director Billy Watson, formerly of DOG FART. With that said, there are a couple of things that make MR. POV, as well as the other sites in the network, THE DICKSUCKERS, and MANO JOB unique. The first being that, all of the sites belong to a network titled FINISH THE JOB.  As it's name would elude, the sites consist of a particular key feature. That being that, at the end of the scene, the girls themselves actually "finish the job".  Yes, more times than not, it isn't the guys jerking themselves to a finish. No, it is instead the female talent who do the deed, as they make striking eye contact, with the camera, and essentially, we the viewer. And lastly, the other thing is that Mr. POV, is more than just the title of the website.  It's a whole character. What I mean by this is that, instead of identifying the male talent at all during the scene, and away from it, in any form of text. The site just simply allows them to exist, sans identity. Basically, they are a stunt cock. Truthfully speaking, this type of approach isn't exactly my favorite, as I usually like to know who it is I am dealing with when, it comes to male and female talent. However, this is one of the site's gimmicks, and they roll with it. Honestly, It really isn't all that bad once the action gets up and goes.

But, enough of that. Let's get into the scene in question. It is a scene that begins via a storyline set up, in which young starlet Allie Addison narrates in order to set the stage, and the mood. It is during her dialogue that she goes on to explain just how she came to be attracted to her stepbrother. How she found him to be attractive upon their very first meeting. And how she teased upon that attraction once his dad and her mom moved in together. She knew exactly how to tempt him it would seem. Whether it be wearing skimpy clothes, or sifting through his prized record collection. It is the latter which would be the catalyst for the sexual encounter between them which follows.  Things begin, when the stepbrother just so happens to come home earlier than expected. It is at that time that he not only finds that his sister has gone through his record collection, but also, the fact that it is at that moment which he arrives home, that he catches her sprawled out on the couch as she masturbate to the tune of the old record, which itself was based upon taboo.  it tells a story about two siblings, who fell into attraction, during one Christmas season. Brother arrives home, and he is not happy with what he sees. This as he goes on to deal out a few spankings. This of course leads to more, when Allie begs him to stop, saying that she will go as far as to suck his dick for him to do so. This in itself, is actually the start of a whole pace, or vibe for the scene. It is playful in that, Allie goes on to barter with her brother, once the blowjob occurs. It is from there that, Allie's horny cravings grow, as she has the desire to move on to the next step, this happening one after the other. Whether we see her ride the cock, fucked in missionary, or pounded from behind in doggy, going back to the blowjob for a second, it is here that we see Allie take a calculated approach, as she do so.  This, as she kiss down the head and shaft, as well as suck it. I found this blowjob to be most effective, in that Allie maintains good eye contact with the camera. It is as if she is making eye contact with us directly.  Her big beautiful eyes are just piercing. Immediately following this, we see Allie go on to tease the cock, as she stroke it, by rubbing it between her ass cheeks. It is of course, followed up by first reverse cowgirl, as she simply bounces back on the dick before reversing her position to standard cowgirl. It's here that we see her bounce upright briefly. The moment in which Allie is seen teasing the dick with her ass, was really nice. I do admit however, it is during the initial moments of cowgirl, that I wish that the male talent would have reciprocated with the fucking a little more. It's following the standard cowgirl, that Allie again go on to suck the dick, cleansing it of her pussy. This lasting briefly, as Allie goes on to assume the position for reverse cowgirl once again. Only this time, it is a much more proper ride, as she goes on to bounce on the cock steadily.  This, as her ass is the camera's main focus. Following this, we finally go to missionary, during which, Allie says that she wants to be fucked in doggy next. It is during the sex act, that the camera, for the majority, focus on Allie's face, particularly her reaction, as she takes a heavy pounding from the brother  Who here increases his pace, going faster than ever before. It is during this, that Allie encourages him with some dirty talk. It is this, that only makes him go that much harder. It is then that this action from doggy which soon leads to the scene's conclusion.  This, as the brother must cum. Next up, POV focuses on Allie's cute face, as she proceeds to jerk off the cock in a vigorous manner. This, as the brother has no hands involved.  The end result, being a facial, as soon, a big load blown, and Allie's cute face is covered. As this scene is from the network, Finishes The Job, I say that Allie Addison, definitely made good on that promise.

Overall, the scene itself is a pretty decent one. Billy Watson admittedly shoots on a smaller budget. However, with that said, I have to say that I really enjoyed the opening setup. It seems to have been an instance, where objects were already there, and he making use of them. The objects of course, being the vinyl records. As a big music fan, I liked seeing such a collection. The majority seeming to be classics of all kinds. The sex itself is also decent, as I said, we get off to a good start with the blowjob, we also see Allie proving to be good at teasing a cock, as she rub her ass on it. However, for me the turning point here, I say, began during the second instance of reverse cowgirl. Here, we not only see Allie bounce steadily on the dick, but also grind on it, it's so hot. However, with this said, it is in my opinion that the absolute key moment here, meaning the standout, was of course the action seen during the doggy position. It is during this one position, that we see the male talent display the most energy, than at any other point in the scene. This, as he fucks at a quicker, harder pace. And as I said above, it is a position which spends a good amount of time, gauging Allie's reaction as, it gives us a close up of her face. I really enjoyed this particular position. I feel that it was a great way to end things, aside from the big facial that followed.

I will say this, that the young featured starlet Allie Addison, is just too cute for words.  She is youthful, with a very cute face. However, most of all she is not afraid to get down and dirty.  I felt that she really carried the scene overall.  First, beginning with her narration. When it comes to this, I feel that she actually did a very good job with the dialogue delivery, with what she had to work with. The narration is naturally stated, and to the point. Elsewhere, during the sexual content, she brings about a nice vibrant energy. All of this making for a scene that is for the most part, enjoyable. It's because of this that I do say check it out

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