Free Love Hippie Chick (2020)

by - April 09, 2020

Starring: Indica Flower // Johnny Castle
Directed by:
Runtime: 35 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Indica Flower, walking along the sidewalk, as she is seemingly looking for a ride.  While it would seem unfortunate that she has now reached the end of the road, it is in the same instance that she is approached by Johnny Castle, who pulls up alongside her on his bike. Indica seems to have caught his eye, as it turns out that Johnny is a fashion photographer.  He says that unfortunately, he has just lost his shoot for the day, as his model has canceled. This would explain why Johnny is out joyriding on his motorcycle. However, he says that if Indica is willing to shoot with him, for the day, that he would of course, pay her for her time as well as provide some images from the shoot for her to use on social media. Indica is interested in the idea, as she says that she has some extra time on her hands. And so she hops on the back of the bike, as they are off to Johnny's place. Once they arrive, Johnny welcomes Indica, as he starts to go over plans for the shoot. He explains that the shoot that he has in mind is one of the music video variety.  He says that he says that he already had an outfit for the previous model picked out, but he believes that it should fit her just fine. Johnny then leaves Indica for some time to allow her to get dressed in privacy. It is then that Indica takes her time to squeeze her curves into the all black number, which includes both a pair of earrings as well as black shades. After this, Johnny comes back and he does like what he sees. he does however, go on to add one key ingredient for the shoot, and that is oil.  This, as he would go on to oil up every inch of Indica's curvy young body. It's following this that the planned shoot occurs, and it is one that consist of Indica teasing, and essentially making love to the camera.  Indica remains on the kitchen island, as the day's shoot soon comes to a close. However, it appears that Johnny in Indica are not in any way finished after all.  As they go on to reward one another for a job well done, via a spontaneous sexual encounter.

The encounter kicks off with the two of them exchanging passionate kisses, before Johnny then takes it upon himself to briefly suck on his model's big tits.  Next, Indica is on all fours, with her legs held tightly together. It's from here, that Johnny goes in to tongue at her ass and pussy. It is also during this that Indica proceeds to rub Johnny's dick with her two bare feet. Things next continue with Indica on her back, Johnny also oils up her tits, as he continue to lick the pussy and ass. Following this Johnny has indica get on her knees to suck his cock, before he go on to slip it between her tits to fuck them for a time. It is after that Indica finds herself on her knees up in the chair as Johnny takes her from behind for doggy where he keep a steady pace following he oiling up her ass. Missionary from the chair follows, before we next take to the floor. It's from here that the action is reverse cowgirl, as we have a straight on POV view of Indica's ass as it bounce on the cock. Next up we have another moment of doggy from the floor only this time Johnny fully straddles the ass to pound the pussy deep. It's after this that the action goes to spoon, following Indica giving Johnny a footjob in close-up. This goes to front facing spoon next before returning back to standard, until Johnny must cum.  The scene ends with Johnny hitting Indica's face with his load.

The Review //
For today's review I chose to take a look at one of the latest offerings from the team skeet website "Teen Curves", and it is a scene that has me fairly frustrated, upon my viewing.

The scene which stars Indica Flower, and Johnny Castle, sees the latter as a fashion photographer who is able to turn a negative into a positive when while out joyriding on his bike, he manages to spot a cutie, in the form of dredded babe, Flower.  He strikes up conversation with Indica as he goes on to tell she about his work, and also the unfortunate fact that the model that he yet scheduled to shoot with that day has canceled on him. It is with this said he approaches Indica with the idea that she stand in.  He offers to compensate her for the time, as well as allow her to use photos from the shoot to promote herself on social media. It sounds like a good idea to her so, they leave out, and later set up shop at Johnny's house and get things done.

Things get off to a great start, when after the two of them arrive at Johnny's place, as he leaves her alone to get dressed for the shoot in question. It is at this time that the camera gives us an exposé, as we watch as the curvaceous young Indica dress down to then step into the outfit which Johnny has picked out for her. It is during that the camera treats us to very nice views in close up, as she slips in to the all black and all tight outfit, which is partially fishnet. I have to say that I really enjoyed this moment in the scene, as the camera in remaining in tight view, all the way until the time that Indica's tattooed feet go into the shoes. It is after Indica gets dressed for the shoot, a music video type shoot, carries out with a montage, which features accompanying music, and later some oil.

The action for the scene, begining after, as the two decide to wrap it up. The sexual content begins with, Johnny going down on Indica.  And though I have confidence in Johnny's cunnilingus skill, it is during that I come to take note of the quality of directing that I would be getting.  That's because as Indica lie on her back, having her tits oiled up by Castle, who is in the midst of going down on her, the camera goes into closeup on her breasts, but is at times blurry. My initial instinct was that the camerawork was pretty careless. But what can I say?  Sometimes during shoots things such as this happen, and so I was willing to look over this. However, at the time little did I know that there would be a number of these little instances sprinkled about. It is during the initial blowjob that I would also find something to gripe about here. So, here we have Indica administering a very nice blowjob.  She is sucking his cock, and making good eye contact with Johnny.  To me, eye contact, is one of the key ingredients to a good scene. Well it is unfortunate that during this time the camera decides to instead pan down and focus on Indica's jiggling tits. Now, I understand that this is for a site called "teen curves", but come on now. There are times when you should and should not do things, and it is my opinion, that you do not zoom in on tits when priceless eye contact is being made between two engaging performers. It is the connection to the chemistry, which keeps things flowing. Why would you want to divert from this, to get a shot that you're going to show during the scene, a countless amount of times anyway? But, not only this. Not only did we miss a good deal of the eye contact, we also miss the beginning stage of the titty fucking that would follow after said blowjob.  Yes, the titty fucking gets up and goes while the camera is still low to the ground. Luckily it finally pans up, in the middle of the act. Without mentioning every instance that frustrated me as I watched the scene, I will simply say that there were too many occasions which saw the camera focused in closeup, when it should've gave us his full view of what was happening. There were times here that Johnny was really giving it to Indica, like say from behind.  However, here's the dumb camera on Indica's tits or face.  What about Johnny pumping away?  It does eventually give us a full view, but yes again, that time is again partially out of focus(!).  Again, there are many instances where the camera is just focused on the wrong thing, and for too long.  There are closeups on Indica's face when there shouldn't be, and non-closeups when their should(Indica's reaction to things).  The most frustrating of all of the "don'ts", occurring during the lead-in to the cumshot.  The camera is on Indica's face, when it should be on the fucking, while Johnny build himself to climax.  As a result, the camera is still right there on her face, as Johnny flicks his load onto it.  It's sloppy, and not in a good way, unfortunately speaking.

So, when it comes to this scene, I judge it by not the performance by the two talents, but instead by the scene's overall execution. This is simply the equivalent of a movie that is good in parts. The scene definitely does have its moments. But overall, I found that the scene technically leaves a lot left to be desired. I see it as a blown opportunity.  Because, both Indica Flower and Johnny Castle are great performers.  Indica herself is without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous women in all of the industry right now, and has a great sexual presence.  While Johnny is both a reliable, and consistent male talent.  I have seen him do lots of great work over the years. But unfortunately, in this case, we find a scene hampered with lazy and fixated camera work. Honestly, I hope to see these two paired again, and to review them again, in the future.  I feel that this scene just did not give them an adequate opportunity to shine.  So with this said, yes I did enjoy the setup with the bike, and then the subsequent music video shoot.  Both of which, got the scene off to a good start. I also enjoyed some of the moments, during the sex as well. However overall, it just felt haphazard for the majority. I really like these two performers.  But in this case, I just would not recommend the scene as being "good".

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