Rebel's Glorious Gapes (2020)

by - April 11, 2020

Starring: Rebel Rhyder // Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano
Runtime: 54 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Mike Adriano welcoming back Rebel Rhyder, a young anal enthusiast from Phoenix Arizona. Both Mike and Rebel are excited for the scene today, as this marks the first occasion that he has she for himself. Rebel says that, prior to porn she was an engineer. She says that she decided to make the transition because porn looked fun, and she likes to have fun.  She also likes to have sex. Rebel says that she believes that anal is viewed as being taboo, because people are just now seeing it more. Whatever the case may be, she says that she loves anal, and that doggy is her favorite position for it.  She likes how full it makes her feel she says.  She likes being stretched out.  She likes looking at her gaping butthole, too. Mike has her stand, as he first get a feel of her tits, shortly after she lifts up her black top. Following this, he has her go on to pose with her butt sticking out for the camera. It is during this, that he instructs her to peel down her tight purple shorts, and then spread her ass and wink it from there.  Mike then asks Rebel if there is anything she'd like to say to the people watching.  She says that she is ready to get her asshole fucked again, and that it is hungry for more.  Prior to the scene getting underway, Mike briefly has Rebel lie back and spread for the camera.

Rebel says that she is ready to have the cock in her mouth, as she gets right down to the matter, as she administers a blowjob.  It's here that she works over the cock well with her mouth as she simultaneously stroke it with her hand.  This beginning with Mike seated, before he then stand.  Rebel from here, is consistent as she doesn't stop, as she essentially fucks the cock with her mouth.  It is next that Rebel goes on to ask permission to sit on Mike's cock. It is permission granted, as next, anal commences in cowgirl. It is from here, that Rebel go on to bounce on the cock at a steady pace, soon making way for several reveals of her gape, as Mike pull his cock out. Things make a seamless transition to reverse cowgirl next, as Rebel face us. As the action continues from here, Mike improves his pace going even faster than before, as Rebel's gape grows. This is followed up with ass to mouth for the first time, prior to things resuming in doggy. From here, it's a combination of both fucking and tonguing, as Mike also proceed to taste Rebel's asshole, as well. The action next resumes, as Rebel is positioned on her knees, with her legs and feet held tightly together. Like before, it is also in this position that Rebel's asshole gets attention from both Mike's tongue and dick. Mike would also tongue the ass as Rebel is on her back, soon after. From this position Rebel holds her legs up high, as they are close tightly. Mike tongues the ass, before again going on to fuck it at a steady pace.  The side fuck soon however, moves to missionary. It is from this position that for a time, Mike switches holes as he briefly fuck the pussy, and then return to the ass.  It's a moment that lasts briefly, as Mike is soon led to climax. It is then that Mike goes on to jerk his cock prior to unloading into her mouth for the finish, as Rebel quickly swallows.

The Review //
For today's review, I review a scene from TRUE ANAL, and director Mike Adriano, as Mike welcomes back performer, Rebel Rhyder. It is Rebel's first solo experience with the director after she had previously performed in a three-way scene with the director, alongside Lexi Grey. Being that the scene is for TRUE ANAL, Rebel seems right at home, as she admits her love for the sexual act, during the pre-scene interview.  And speaking of which, the said interview isn't long, as both Adriano and the Phoenix Arizona native, Rebel seem very anxious to enjoy each other.

The sex scene begins, with Rebel administering a blowjob, and it is during this, that Rebel impresses right out of the gate. She clearly brought her A-game, and that "A" stands for more than just Anal. The beginning blowjob that she gives Mike here, is just simply amazing. As I was watching this go down, I couldn't help but notice that it was almost machine-like, which is a coincidence, because Adriano himself would go on to say that Rebel is like a fuck machine, mid-fellatio. It is here that she sucks the cock with abandon. Sometimes using her hand, and sometimes not. But no matter what, she stops for nothing. It is a complete miracle that Mike did not cum right then and there. When it comes to sucking dick, Rebel's mouth does the perfect pussy impression.  It is after this however, that we would go on to realize that Rebel is a performer who in particular, fucks like she sucks, and sucks like she fucks. That's because things go right into it, as she makes sitting on Mike's hard cock, the very first order of anal business. When it comes to the scenes from TRUE ANAL, a lot of time, the sex tends to begin with Mike warming things up in the position of missionary, as the female performer is on her back. However, not in this case. Because in this scene, Rebel begins things with her namesake as she rides the dick.  She asks Mike's permission to do so, as she goes on to sit on the cock. It is from here that, Rebel steadily bounces on the cock, and as she had done everything else up until that point, she here also goes fast and hard.  I love the way that she just got right in there and went for it, as she bounce on the cock at a quick pace, proving that yes indeed, she is not want to mess around when it comes to the pleasures of anal sex. It is action here, which prompts several consecutive gape reveals, as her ass is stretched by cock. It is with each one, that her gaping hole grows more and more. It is after this initial cowgirl, that we see Rebel reverse her position in front of the camera as reverse cowgirl then resume, this as Rebel faces us. Briefly, she bounces upright, before being leaned back for her ass to take the dick. Though we do see another gape reveal, it is in this instance that Rebel's asshole endure more of a pounding, as Mike's pacing is quicker, as he goes harder. It would be what would set us up for the first showing of ass to mouth, and it is something that Rebel performs without hesitation, as Mike lie back. The action continues on next in doggy, as Rebel is now up in a chair, and on her knees. It is a position that allows Rebel to stick her ass out for the camera. It is one in which Mike seizes the opportunity to oil up Rebel's plump ass, shortly before he go on to again take the plunge with his cock. Mike is consistent as he takes up a steady pace, as he plug away deep into Rebel's ass.  Mike's cock is a gape maker. as he goes on to again pull out, revealing a nice big gape. It is something that must have looked good to Mike, as he next would trade off fucking the ass with his cock and then his tongue, the cock would go in, he would then pull out. This would be followed with his tongue going deep into the rectum, and so on. Next up, we would have more action from behind. And it is a moment in time during the scene that just so happens to be my favorite.  I just liked the visual.  Rebel's ass just looks delicious. It's a time when Rebel takes to another chair. She is again on her knees from here.  Only this time out, her legs and feet are held tightly together, and are more drawn in.  This of course, causing her ass to stick out more, while creating a much tighter squeeze. It is a tight space that Mike goes on to first test out with his tongue, before then going on to again penetrate it with his cock.  It just looked so hot from here, as Rebel's tight asshole hugs around the dick, as it goes in and out of it. Of course, after this instance of fucking, it's time for more gapeage, as the camera has its eye on the gape.  We would then see Rebel take the same stance next as well, as she go on to once again sit on the cock.  It is again reverse cowgirl.  This time, having her back face us.  It is a round, during which, she trades off with having her ass fucked, as well as sucking cock, as more ass to mouth is witnessed. It is next, that we see Rebel take to her final position, which is on her back.  Her legs are positioned to the side, as she hold them up. It's here that Mike once again goes on to bury his tongue into Rebel's gaping butthole, before resuming with his cock.  He fucks steadily, before finally getting the urge to fuck her pussy. Rebel grants Mike permission to fuck it without hesitation, and he does so at a steady pace, likewise to the previous. After a brief time with this hole, he switches back to the ass, which he then fucks until he must cum. It is then, that we finally bring things to a close as he has Rebel get down on her knees.  This, as he jerks his cock to shoot his load into her mouth. It's a load which Rebel quickly swallows, as the scene soon comes to an end, concluding the spirited romp.

When it comes to this offering from TRUE ANAL, this scene was a very good one without question, with my only wish being that it would have ended with a creampie.  Other than that, it's great. I recently reviewed Rebel Rhyder for the very first time, and it was before that, that I had become a really big fan of her. Even before having seen her perform in one scene, via clips alone, I just admired how dirty, and sexually free she is. Well it is with this scene that she, not only made my cock grow, but also my already pre-existing admiration for her! Not only is this girl, so beautiful to look at, she is one hell of a dirty performer. The act of anal sex, just comes natural for her.  As if her asshole was made for it.  This, as she takes a big cock up it, with absolute ease! It is because of this that I do not struggle to recommend it to you. Watch this girl and be amazed.  She can suck a dick, and take one in each of her holes, with the best of them. If she is not already, Rebel Rhyder is surely destined to be a fan favorite among the industry's most loyal fans.

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