ExCoGi.com: Blake Blossom (Part 1 & Part 2) (2020)

by - May 16, 2020

Starring: Blake Blossom // Jake Adams
Directed by: Steve (ExCoGi)
Runtime: Part 1 - 1 hr. 22 mins // Part 2 - 1 hr. 20 mins


Scene Breakdown //
Part 1
The scene begins with Jake Adams pulling into a community in a Porsche driven by director Steve.  They have arrived to pick up their latest next exploitee in curvy newcomer, 20-year-old Blake Blossom.  They then call her up to notify her of their arrival. It is during their conversation that Steve complements Blake on her nice neighborhood, all while asking if her mother, with whom she lives with, knows what she will be doing today. And it is to the guys' surprise that Blake says that her mom knows all about it, and is actually cool with it. They finally spot Blake outside, as they pull up to her house. Jake gets out to greet her, and he cannot believe how hot she is. It is a fact that Blake seems genuinely surprised by. Blake is excited to get into the Porsche. She says that she has never been in one.  This, as Steve invites her into the right side. Blake who is looking extra cute as she sport a pair of braids, and a cropped hoodie, asks if it would be ok for she to eat on camera, as she snacks on some protein waffles. She has a fear that she might look fat on camera, however it is all for naught, as the guys assure her that she is looking hot. This, as both of the guys are quick to complement Blake on her great tits.  Blake takes the complements with a little bit of shyness, as she says that she is not used to people saying such. But you could tell that she enjoys it. Jake then goes on to ask Blake if he may see them. She's a bit surprised but not hesitant at all. She is actually down. In fact, she seems excited to show herself off in front of the camera, as she mentioned several times that doing this is fun. Jake does not stop at wanting to see her tits.  No, he also goes on to have her remove her tight workout pants as well. He has her go ahead and strip down completely, as she also removes her matching black bra and panties.  Jake is then quick to play with her pussy, before using his mouth to go down on her.  Jake then asks Blake if she feels naughty, To which she gives an enthusiastic "yes!" Jake follows up his question by asking if she wants to get even more naughty.  This, as he then removes his pants. It's then that Blake returns the favor, by going down on Jake, sucking his cock. Blake seems to enjoy it, as she soon asks Jake if he likes to have his balls sucked.  Jake is excited about Blake's initiative to do so.  After this we see Blake go on to climb on top, as the action go to cowgirl in the back of the car. After Blake rides steady for a time. as Jake fuck her, he then takes the action missionary. It is from this position, that Jake plugs away at Blake's pussy, good and steady, as she allows he to apply a choke on her while doing so. This is then followed up by Jake deeply fingering Blake's pussy. It is eventually that Blake goes on to once again ride the cock, but this time in reverse cowgirl, where she momentarily looks into the camera, making eye contact with it. Jake is then content on ending things until the scene takes place. However, Steve wants them to continue, and they do so, as the action once again takes up in reverse cowgirl, with Jake repositioning himself, while Blake is face-to-face with the car window.

Part 2:
Things begin with Blake being on her back, which allows Jake to go on to finger her pussy hard, as Blake's pussy becomes wetter and wetter by the second. It's then followed up by Jake putting his cock into her mouth, as he then fuck her face. This carries over to she sucking his cock, with he on his back. From here, Blake attempts to take the cock as deep as she can down her throat. Meanwhile, Steve comes around the back, and proceeds to use the Hitachi on her simultaneously, giving to her, her very first experience using the toy. It is apparent that she likes it, and eventually is brought to orgasm with it. Some hard missionary involving some choking, soon follows before the action then go to cowgirl, with Blake climbing on top of Jake. Here, the action lasts for some time, seeing Jake fuck, and Blake grind, all while at times, she reach back to spread her ass during the process. Reverse cowgirl follows next, as we see more the same. This is as things become even more interesting, as Jake pulls back on Blake's ponytail for extra leverage, as he pound his cock in hard. He would also again use a ponytail to his advantage in the next position, doggy. It is here that Jake gives another round of hard pounding to Blake's rookie pussy, and it would all take them to climax soon after, while he goes on to oil up, and jerk himself off over Blake's face, ending her first porn experience with a nice facial finish.

The Review //
Today, I take a look at the porno debut of a young newcomer named, Blake Blossom, coming to us by way of EXCOGI(Exploited College Girls).  The scene, which is co-directed by Steve, and performer Jake Adams, being so big, that they have presented it here in two parts. Both running about an hour and 1/2 in length. They just did not want to leave anything on the cutting room floor, so to speak. After seeing this scene I can't say that I blame them at all.

The first part of this two-part presentation sees both guys introduced to the eager, would-be starlet.  Steve drives Jake around in a nice Porsche, as they soon pick up Blake. She is at first a little nervous.  However, unlike most, we come to notice almost immediately, that she is actually excited for the unexpected. This becomes very apparent, when Jake has the urge to see the 20-year-old's very nice, natural tits.  Once she gets them out, it isn't long before she obliges to get fully nude, even allowing Jake to touch her, and go down on her. She's actually quite welcoming to the idea. The next thing we know, things have progressed to full-blown sexual activity in the car!  Yes,  Blake not only sucks on Jake's cock, but rides it as well, in both variations of cowgirl. All while mentioning just how fun everything is.  Honestly speaking, I'm not usually a fan of scenes taking place in cars, but I have to say that this occasion was actually pretty damn hot.  Making it so, was first Blake's overall general enthusiasm for the whole thing. She was down for whatever, which was nice to see. Not only is she extremely gorgeous, she enjoys sex. In addition to this, the way that the guys have things set up in the car, with multiple cameras; a couple of them being strategically placed, along with another small handheld camera operated by Jake himself, making a world of difference. It's almost as if they captured Blake's body from every angle imaginable. It's a rather enjoyable experience. I also have to say that I enjoyed the spontaneity of it all, as well.  Here, we have Blake and Jake, just banging inside of a moving car, which is steadily getting passed by other vehicles, with the kicker being that, at one point Steve even rolls down the car window, as the cars pass by, in a purposeful attempt to possibly catch someone's attention. They are unsuccessful, but hey, it's the risk of it all that counts.

After Jake has tried Blake's pussy out in the car the gang finally reach their destination.  Once in the hotel room and set up, is when we reach the next segment of the scene, which sees Blake in the makeup chair, as she is done up. It is during, that both Steve and Jake have a conversation with Blake, as they ask various questions pertaining to herself. Again touched upon is the fact that her mom knows what she is doing. The guys comment on just how unique that situation is.  They ask her about her ideal guy.  To which she says her taste varies.  It can be someone who is dark skinned, and tatted, or someone older.  It depends.  They also mention things such as sex toys, to which Blake confesses to never have used.  This, as Jake teases her about possibly using an Hitachi on her.  Blake is curious, yet somehow nervous of the magic wand.  She says that she does masturbate, and her favorite subject of thought?  Abella Danger.  She says that she has never been with a girl, but she's obviously curious.  They then go on to talk about the details around Blake losing her virginity at 14 - the when, whos, and wheres of the situation.  She says that around her Sophomore year in High School, was when she began to sort of experiment, as she found herself influenced by the other girls her age. Another topic of discussion being the best sex that she has ever had. She saying that it came from a guy that she met on Tinder, of all places. The interview segment is really fun and in-depth. I found it to be really informative, when it comes to getting to know this blonde beauty. Not only is she very intelligent(she studying to be a lawyer), she has quite the sense of humor, as well.  She's funny. After the makeup, and the questions are all done, we then move into the next stage, which is wardrobe, as Steve wants to snap some photos of Blake for the site. It's here, that Blake goes on to try on various pieces of wardrobe which she has brought with her. These including a crop top, a onesie, and a pair of tight dresses. One of them gray, and the other pink. Blake looks great in everything, agrees the guys. However, in the end, Steve opts for the gray T-shirt dress. During this dress-up segment, Blake's great personality once again shining through. After Several pictures are then taken, the only thing left, is of course what they have all came for: the sex. But before all is said and done, another order of business must take place.  Blake does exactly what she told her mom that she would do when she chooses to Facetime her, right before the scene begins. This was actually a great thing to see, because we do not see it often, though we do often hear of parents readily excepting of sex work.  We never actually see or hear it. Blake's mom is initially confused as to what is going on, as she is understandably, and cautiously concerned.  However, she soon warms up to the unexpected call, giving Blake her blessing. And like her daughter before her, she makes everyone laugh with her responses. What a very nice way to introduce a promising young talent.  And likewise, Blake's call to mom, being an amazing way to end part one.

Part two, is of course, the start of it all.  The main event, if you will.  The time that Blake Blossom finally gets to experience cock in a way that she has yet to experience it.  Things begin with Blake on her back, and spread.  This while Jake goes on to finger-bang her really hard.  It's an intense moment.  So intense it is, that it brings an unsuspecting Blake to squirting orgasm.  Something that she had never felt or done before.  It's a development that she is shocked by, but pleased with.  I loved this moment, and the thing is, it was only the beginning!  The way which Jake fingered her deep and hard, matched with the sheer wetness of Blake's pussy.  Wow.  And the best part being Blake's smile, showing us that she is having fun.  She's enjoying herself.  After this play, Jake goes on to feed her his cock.  It's during this, that we hear Jake complement her on just how good she looks with his dick in her mouth.  From there, the cocksucking continues, as Steve has she position herself on her knees.  It's from here that we see Blake attempt to deepthroat Jake all the way to the base.  Jake is like a proud dad, as he complements her for how far she manages to take it.  I really liked seeing her spit on the cock.  The great thing about all of this when it comes to this spot in the scene, is that, as Blake continues to suck on Jake, Steve introduces into play, the magic wand.  And lets remember that it is Blake's first time with an Hitachi. Needless to say that she really enjoys what she feels.  From here, the two guys essentially double-team, and dominate her. There is also a really candid moment here, which sees Jake have Blake stop sucking, so that she may stare into his eyes, as Steve forces her to orgasm with the vibrator.  It's so damn hot, as the two of them make an undeniable connection.   They both of course enjoyed the sensation that they felt during this, which brings us to the next position seen. It is missionary, as Blake is next on her back. From this position, I really enjoyed that Jake is a little rough with her, giving it to her hard, while applying a light choke to her throat. It is again from here, that he forces another out of her. It's great stuff. The next position sees the two of them work together, when Blake is next instructed to take the action into cowgirl as she climbs on top. It is a position that sees both Jake fuck steadily, as well as Blake grind on the cock for a time. It is during this, per Steve's direction, that Blake is instructed to reach back with her hands and spread her ass, as Jake plugs away at her deeply.  This, as we are treated to a split screen. One displaying a full view, while the other one up close and personal with the penetration, as it occurs in real time. The close up view here, is a very nice one to take in. The view of Blake's pink painted finger nails, up against the white complexion of her skin, as she reaches back to spread her cheeks, is almost an artistic one. It looks really nice.  Not to mention that she has a nice looking butthole, too!  During this, Jake is like a bounty hunter in search of an elusive orgasm, as he eventually fucks Blake hard, and with purpose.  And soon, he gets his man(orgasm).  Another first comes next for Blake, as the action then take to the reverse variation of the position. Yes next we see Blake bounce on the cock from first an upright position. It also goes on to show Jake pulling back on her ponytail for extra leverage, as he puts it hard into her. It is a hot take.   However later, the position sees Blake leaning forward, and popping that ass up and down. It is another, very nice view I think. Blake is eventually once again in the upright position, that she prop herself up by her feet and hands, which are positioned behind her. My favorite moment during this particular position, is when Jake basically stabs and jabs the pussy, as he gives it a round of slow and quick thrust. It's especially good seeing as at that moment, we have a split screen, which  details us with the close-up on the left of screen. The next position, is one that Blake would later go on to say was her favorite of the experience. That being the position of doggy, as she is on all fours, as Jake takes her from behind. Blake would also go on to say later that Jake was really good in this position, and it shows, as Jake eventually works himself up to a quick, and hard pace, as he drills the pussy.  At one point, even pulling back on her ponytail, once again for that valuable leverage. It was clear that Jake had found himself lost in the pussy at this point in the scene. Jake continues on ever so quickly, until he finally reaches the moment in which he must unload. It is when asked, that Blake says that she would like him to shoot all over her face, and it is with that said that Jake does exactly that, as we see a countdown.  The countdown, counts down from 10, until he pops. After receiving the facial, and after Blake waves her goodbyes to the camera, we then catch up with her in the bathroom where a camera has been set up, for she to talk about the details of the experience first hand. The biggest reveal being that Blake is very happy to learn that she is a squirter, as she had previously not been able to squirt. Overall, she just seems to be genuinely pleased with her overall experience with Jake, whom she calls a "pro". It is after this that we go on to watch her shower, again under the watchful eye of a couple of cameras, that have been carefully placed. It is a time that Blake again, chooses to have fun as her bubbly young personality shows. The scene finally comes to an end with Jake showering as well, and again, Blake as fun with him, as she shows, and bounces her big, beautiful tits for us one final time.

As a whole this was a great scene, serving as the introduction to a young female performer, who I just know, will be doing some very big things in the industry, just you wait and see. Though, over the course of this two part scene, Blake Blossom's "new-ness" shows, as there were a number of times that she approached everything with a bit of caution. Her biggest fear was being that she may look "stupid" on camera. She was indeed at times, very timid here.  However, one must give her a lot of credit, because with that said, she never really, and truly turned anything down here.  There was even a moment that saw Blake go down on Jake, and eat his ass. Initially, she was a bit hesitant. Not because she found it gross, as often many of the girls do.  But because she simply did not believe that she would be good at doing it.  She is a trooper and should be applauded for her willingness and eagerness to do it all. I mean, at the start of the scene when she was being interviewed, and having her makeup allied, she also mentioned that she had done anal before.  Now, I'd love to see her do THAT at some point! That's if she is willing to do so, of course. But yeah, her willingness and her enthusiasm, is likely to take her far with fans. And as you may know, if you go far with fans, you go far in the industry.  My biggest complaint here  would be the times that she had to be coached a little by Steve or Jake as what to do/how to position herself. But hey, this is indeed something that she will get over in time.  But that's the thing. If she does this well already, then just wait until she reaches the full potential of her self-confidence, when it comes to performing in front of the camera. It's going to be fantastic.  Blake Blossom is destined to be a star, should she be so determined. She has the right attitude and personality.

This is a scene that I highly recommend. It is one that comes in two parts, both of them about 80 minutes in length. Now I know that this might be a bit taxing for some people to watch in full, however I truly encourage it.  Because watching the scene as a whole, is the almost-equivalent of being on a porn set for a day. Here we live it, just as Blake Blossom does for the very first time. It's great. Both Steve and Jake Adams are an excellent collaborative team.

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