HobyBuchanon.com: Lily Glee Returns & Gets A Throat & Pussy Pounding (2020)

by - May 28, 2020

Starring: Lily Glee // Hoby Buchanon
Directed by: Hoby Buchanon
Runtime: 1 hr. 20 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Hoby Buchanon starts things off by welcoming back Lily Glee. When she is asked why she has come back to see Hoby Buchanan once again, Lily says that she is looking to be roughly fucked, and to be submissive, just like last time. Hoby does agree that last time, he dominated, and roughed her up.  He also makes note that he made tears come out of her eyes.  He fucked her hard, he boasts.  It is then that he promises to do the same and more again today. 

Hoby approaches Lily, who is on the couch.  The two of them exchanging kisses, as Hoby slap her.  This followed by he having Lily kiss up and down his stomach, as he lifts up his shirt.  This making his cock hard, as he then have Lily suck him off.  Following this he goes on to finger Lily, before putting his cock in as the action go to missionary. It's after this that he returns to fucking her face. It is then back to missionary, but this time Hoby goes even deeper as Lily's legs are pinned back. This is followed up by Hoby once again planting fingers deep into Lily, as he is nearly able to put his entire hand into her. A footjob then follows. It  in itself is followed by cowgirl, and then standing cowgirl after. More pounding in missionary follows, as Hoby straddles her from the front. After this, Hoby continues to fuck her straight in missionary. Lily is then on her back, while she hangs off the edge of the couch, facing the camera. She then go on to eat Hoby's ass for a time, before he himself goes on to fuck her face from here. Reverse cowgirl would follow, as more deep throating would as well. It is followed by 69, prior to the two continuing things in the bedroom. Things pick up from there, as Lily once again administers a foot job, prior to Hoby taking things back to missionary. This position soon see Hoby half straddling her.  Missionary leads to doggy, and that to the dead dog position as Lily lie flat on her stomach.  Hoby from here, pounds it in deep before having Lily climb on for cowgirl, as we have a POV view of things. After Lily rides for a time, Hoby follows it up by going on to full on straddle, and fuck her face.  This as he fuck it, until he cum directly into her throat for the finish.

The Review //
With this review, I go back to HOBY BUCHANON.COM to check out his latest offering, a scene involving performer Lily Glee, who makes her return for the second time. Prior to my taking time to review the scene, seeing as I didn't see the first time around, I went back to check out the scene, which saw these performers meet for the very first time. During the first scene, Lily did seem a bit nervous and shy, when it came to performing with Hoby. Coming away from it, it was something that I went to look for when viewing this scene. 

One who has seen said scene, will be quick to notice that things here are much different.  It's clear that Lily has a much better trust in Hoby, as the vibe though out is a much more relaxed one. Lily is all smiles from the very start.  You've gotta love that smile!  Another thing is that Hoby was happy to be reunited with Lily as well.  When at the start of the scene Hoby fingers Lily's pussy for first the time, it's like a long-awaited reunion. The reunion further commences, as playful kissing results in Lily going on to suck Hoby's hard cock. It is then that we get something else that was a bit disconnected during the first scene between these two, and that is Lily's undeniable ability to connect with the camera, using her eyes. It is something that I have always touted when talking about Lily, as she has some of the most beautiful, and pouty-est eyes in the business. During the first scene, it is as if she was so concentrated on remaining comfortable, that she forgot to "perform". But in this case she has it back, as she essentially includes the camera as basically, a third member of the scene. It is during the blowjob that Hoby goes on to further test Lily's throating skills, and she is more than up for the task, as she takes him balls deep into the back of her throat. Hoby tells her to give herself a sore throat for him during this process. Additionally, it is a process that makes tears began to stream down Lily's face. This being the exact result that Hoby was looking for.  The action officially gets underway, when Hoby takes things into missionary forcefully, as Lily is on her back. I really liked the look of this as Lily has her legs spread wide, while Hoby is in between them, to fuck at his increasing pace. This brings me back to the first scene once again. I have to tell you that, one of my very favorite things about that scene was indeed the hard pounding missionary that occurred in the bedroom. It was where he just stopped at nothing as he pound it in hard, deep and fast, all in one. It was the type of thing that I wish the first scene had more of. Luckily for me, the missionary to start this scene, would only be the start of much more hard pounding sex in this manner. As the missionary continues, Hoby goes on to work himself up to a faster pace, slamming his dick into Lily hard, going balls deep. We again see Lily throat the cock. This, is as Hoby goes on to cram it in deep into her throat, as he lets Lily have charge as he tells her to "give herself a sore throat for daddy". After this, they would once again return to missionary, as Hoby seems to like the position when it comes to going deep into Lily. Eventually, during this time out, he soon have a Lily folded up like a pretzel, as he goes on to completely drill her pussy hard. This occurring for some time until Hoby goes on to once again finger Lily's pussy, prior to he having Lily do something that she has never done before, according to she. What is it you ask? That would be giving a footjob. It is something new to Lily, and initially it is obvious that she doesn't exactly believe that she will be good at it. But a surprise to no one, it is actually something that she excels in, and Hoby loves it. This is evident during the three separate occasions that he has Lily play with his cock using her feet. She is really good at this, full on stroking the cock between both soles. She even gives it a little twist during the process. I really liked seeing her face during this to get her reaction, as well as her beautiful pussy, while the camera is aimed between her legs.  When it comes to Lily's pussy.  Hoby loves it as well.  He even at one point during the scene, tells Lily that she has the tightest pussy in porn, and reiterates just how he cannot get enough of it. He would go to further test it out in the next position, which happens to be cowgirl. quickly followed by a standing variation. In my previous review for him, I had pointed out how the female performer's head was cut off during this particular position, due to the camera's positioning. Well it would appear that Hoby took what I said to heart, as in this scene, the position is much more better prepared, as Lily is in full view, as she gets her pussy pounded. On this, it means a lot to me that someone like Hoby would take my critiques into consideration, in an effort to improve his product. Not only did he seem to listen to me when it came to the standing cowgirl position, but also we could see these efforts all throughout the scene, as the cameras and lighting give us much better looking views than the previous. I feel that here, the viewer was included in a much better way when it comes to the action at hand. Following the standing cowgirl, Hoby places Lily on her back, where she would once again be folded up in a piledriving position as he slam his cock in.  This is followed up by Hoby once again asking Lily to administer a footjob. He does so with a chuckle, letting us know just how much he liked it previously from her.  They then make a return to missionary.  It's during this round of missionary, that I enjoyed it as Hoby is seen giving long strokes, as he is in and out. In addition to this, Lily, as I said prior makes great eye contact with the camera, as this happens. Hoby takes things into 69 as he cockslam Lily's pussy.  This, as he simultaneously eat her pussy. And speaking of eating, Lily does some of her own, when Hoby goes on to straddle her face for she to eat his asshole. It is here that Lily is impressive, as while doing so, she goes on to spread apart Hoby's ass with her hands. I have to say that not all girls do this during scenes. But Lily proves that she is all in.   This would seamlessly go to Hoby also proceeding to fuck Lily's face well. While she is in an upside down hanging position, off the edge of the couch. Lily's pussy would then work the cock during a time of cowgirl after.  It is during this position, that we both have a POV view as well as one from the front. Hoby would then put Lily through what he calls "Deepthroat Training" as he often does in scenes. Here, that he urges Lily to take his cock as deep as she can down the back of her throat.  This, as he wants to see tears coming down. And that they do. This also includes she sucking on Hoby's balls, followed by she once again tonguing at Hoby's asshole. This time, as he is on his back. You have to give it to Lily here, who does this with abandon. Though her eyes are bloodshot at this point, they are still very much enchanting. This is to be followed by even more deepthroat, although forced, as Hoby hugs his legs hard around Lily's neck as she does so. During this act, lots of spit piles and strings.  Before the two of them move on to a different location to finish things off, there is a little bit of toy play involving both a pair of handcuffs as well as a mouth gag to keep Lily's mouth open, as Hoby shove a few fingers into her mouth to gag her deep.

The action then picks up in the bedroom. Here, we see Lily on the bed, positioned on her back, once again, as she go on to give another footjob.  It is during this, that we get to see just how petite Lily actually is, as she stroke Hoby once again with her bare feet. Missionary is once again seen after this, and yet again it is another position that gets increasingly harder as it progresses. I really liked the moment during this, which saw Hoby half straddle Lily from the front to pound it in hard. It just looks really good in front of the camera. Not to mention that during, Lily still has her wrists handcuffed. The next position is briefly doggy, before we see everything end up in a dead dog position, as Lily lies flat on her stomach to endure a heavy pounding, as Hoby slams his cock in.  Following this, finally comes the conclusion of the scene. A conclusion which sees Lily once again on top, as she climb on to ride the dick in cowgirl. It is from this position that Lily's pussy grips tightly around Hoby's cock, as it move in and out of her. It is during this, that Hoby mentions once again that he loves her pussy so much that he just does not want to stop fucking it. This sees Hoby picking things up, as he goes on to straddle Lily's face, as he work himself up to climax. The scene comes to an end with Hoby shooting his load directly down Lily's throat as a result of the face fucking. It is a finish, that once again leaves Lily being all smiles, as she laughs and giggles. The offering comes to a complete finish with Hoby of course catching up Lily as she shower. He checks on her well-being to see if she is ok, and if she enjoyed herself. She says that she did. However, Hoby is still not yet done, as he says that he has a surprise for Lily. He of course wants to pee into her mouth. But it is something else that she has never experienced, just as the footjobing before. It is then that Hoby attempts to get the job done.  However, Lily is far too giggly. This, then ending things on a rather happy note.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  As the viewer, it was easy to take in, because one could tell just how much of a good time that both Hoby and Lily were having here. Hoby seems to treat her well during the sex, and that sex in question was nice and hard.  It is here that we saw Lily's pussy take a nice pounding. When it comes to improving things, I saw that Hoby is indeed trying. As I said, the cameras were here better placed, giving us a much better view of the action for the most part. It does however, still retain that amateur feel that Hoby is always striving for, and I see that as being a good thing. Also, I took notice that, when it came to he blurring his face, a usual staple for his brand, that things were left at a minimal this time out. It seems as though recent times have had a bit of a say in that as well. He could easily change things up without having any effect on his product should he see fit in my opinion.  So who knows? Only he would I suppose. When it comes to Lily Glee herself. She is one that I respect a great deal as a performer. Sure, she is young, however that does not stop her from being well aware of what a great performance means, and is in the eyes of a viewer. As I have said before about Lily, she is a performer that simply engages with the viewer as she is doing so. With that said, here she puts in a great performance under some rougher circumstances. Which is the exact nature that she was looking for when she came to Hoby Buchanon in the first place. What can I say, I truly loved her youthful presence here. Her bright smile.  Her energy, along with her sexy, tight and petite body. She's wonderful without a doubt.

So, it is with that said that I would not hesitate to recommend this scene to you. At about 80 minutes in length, it may be a little bit overlong for some.  But it is in my opinion, that it is a scene that is well worth the view.

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